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  1. Had a ton of fun playtesting this WAD, I hope you guys enjoy it too.
  2. Bigbad75

    ZDoom Community Map Project II

    I would consider this map to be Tormentor's magnum opus. The scale and detail in this map is unprecedented. The custom weapon's are all have their place and feel great to use, I found myself using the rifle the take out faraway target's well into the endgame and turning a pack of imp's into vapor with a well placed grenade is supremely satisfying. I also appreciate how the flamethrower doesn't deal self-damage, that's a level of self restraint that you don't see very often in other Modder's work. My personal favourite new weapon would have to be the Soulrender, A soul powered weapon that fires a BFG-like projectile with a ridiculously huge area of effect. It's well worth backtracking for as it trivialises some late game encounters. Zdoom allows the use of contemporary music formats such as MP3 in place of Midi, and ZDCMP2 takes full advantage of this. The opening track scored by James Paddock still live rent free in my mind nearly a decade later. And if your still not satisfied, there are New Game + and New Game ++ version's of the map that will test even the most seasoned Doom veterans. It took me just under 3 hours to complete this Wad. I would highly recommend ZDCMP's 1 and 2 to anyone curious about the features Zdoom and it's derivative's have to offer.
  3. Bigbad75

    Brutal Doom Map WADs?

    Out of curiosity, does this mod require version 20B of Brutal Doom or can I use Version 21
  4. Bigbad75

    What color is your doomguy?

    This is the skin I'm rocking on GZdoom right now Mafia Former Human with lime green cigar
  5. Bigbad75

    Why do people say plutonia is hard?

    I think people remember plutonia being hard because it came out early on in Doom's life. Before the slaughter map genre exploded in popularity. Back then people where way less skilled at the game and they were less accustomed to fighting trickier enemies like the Archvilles and Chaingunner's that plutonia made such liberal use of.
  6. Bigbad75

    The City of The Damned Apocalypse

    Definitely some of the best atmosphere I've seen in a Doom Wad, few mappers can splurge on detail like Tormentor and back it up with challenging and fun gameplay. The mod takes heavy inspiration from the Survival horror genre. As a result ammo can be hard to come by, I was playing on the normal difficulty so I only started running low on ammo near the end of the map. Fortunately picking up a speedloader gives you 20 rounds and Tommy gun wielding cultists have a habit of dropping drum mags that give you 50 rounds to use on either the Thompson or the revolver. Don't ask me how that's supposed to work. The reused blood assets were also adjusted to be more scary and less comedic. The cultists iconic voiceline's where pitched down slightly and they can now take a lot more punishment before buying the farm. The Axe wielding Zombie's are a lot taller that they were on the build engine and the Bloated Butchers projectiles now home in on the player, That coupled with the slower movement makes them a formidable foe. It took me about and hour and a half to complete this WAD. I would highly recommend City of the Damned: Apocalypse to any fan of Doom, Blood or Survival horror.
  7. If I'm playing an old Zdoom or Vanilla wad I like to turn on software rendering to get a more authentic experience. If it's something modern I'll use OpenGL to prevent graphical glitches.
  8. Bigbad75

    What are you playing now?

    I've been on a nostalgic kick lately so I've been playing through some older wads such as Winters fury, Knee Deep in Zdoom and Interstellar Enforcer.
  9. Bigbad75

    Things about Doom you just found out

    If you shoot an Archville pointblank with the Super Shotgun while there casting it will cancel the attack. It's not always consistent but it might save you in a pinch.
  10. When I saw this question Eviternity was the first WAD that came to mind. Tormentors Wads are also a great showcase of what the Doom engine can do, Just like Arcane Dimensions.
  11. Bigbad75

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    I'm pretty sure eternity engine has that
  12. Bigbad75


    Hanger but Awesome
  13. Bigbad75

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    Perhaps maybe some quality of life features for Zandronum. Like a streamer mode that hides Chat and Custom names. Everyone I've mentioned this idea to has brushed it off as unnecessary, but it would only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch If you know what I mean. I've seen what these bad apples are capable of and I'll just say streamer modes are industry standard for a reason. It's Something that's definitely worth considering if people are gonna be hosting public Deathmatch session on stream.
  14. Wow this was a crazy wad, round of applause to everyone involved. Would have been cool if the Icon of Sin was replaced with Krampus.
  15. For singleplayer my Sourceport of choice is GZdoom, that is my 100% honest answer It's got everything you need to enjoy all of the amazing, breath-taking and ground-breaking mods and maps Doom has to offer. New and Old. It also has support for the entire library of ID tech 1 games And for Multiplayer I go to Zandronum.