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  1. Bigbad75

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Your god damn right
  2. 8 6 2022 UPDATE: The second secret level is literally unfinished there's no way to leave the first room after you kill all the enemies Did no one test it? Of all the names you could have chosen for a mapping jam. We finally got some new square content but at what cost. I will still play the wad when I find the time to. I'm not gonna discard the wad right off the bat cause of a stupid pun name, I'm better than that. Adding it to my playlist for sure
  3. Bigbad75

    Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Reloaded

    Great work on this remaster, is there any chance of modding tools being released for this game so we can make our own maps?
  4. Bigbad75

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    "Now this is more my colour"
  5. Bigbad75

    What are your favorite type of maps?

    Slaughter map's can be fun sometimes but my Favourite wad's are ones that use features introduced by modern source port's like Zdoom. Though I still enjoy Vanilla and limit-removing wad's from time to time. Just as long as it's not a full 30-map wad cause I'll probably get burned out.
  6. Bigbad75

    What inspired you to be a doom mapper, mod maker ect.

    Your getting paid for this?
  7. Bigbad75

    Good idea but no skills

    I have an amazing idea for a commercial game in the GZdoom engine. It's called Delexuis's Wrath It take's place in an alternate history where Wales rebel's against the UK and destroys London with nukes allowing them to create a new nation known as the New Wales Union. You play as a content creator living in the welsh-occupied West midland's five year's after the civil war when cultist's invade the town looking to sacrifice as many people as possible to the elder god Delexius. It's up to you to escape the city, stop the cult and defeat Delexius once and for all, with nothing but your video game skill's to keep you alive. The game will have Three main episode's and an extra 4th episode showing the event's of the welsh civil war from the perspective of D4rk-L. The Russian hacker responsible for hacking into the Nuke's mainframe and turning them on the British. I will be handling the writing, Level design and voice acting. I just need people who can Code in Zscript, Draw Sprite's and textures, and Compose the soundtrack. We had someone in mind who could make artwork for the game but he turned out to be a toxic Stan and he spread rumour's about me that completely derailed the project. Here's my spritework as an example of why we need someone to do the art for us. In the meantime I'm working on a smaller scale map set for Doom II.
  8. For your next Zdoom inspired wad you should do a spiritual successor the Zdoom Community Mapping project. There two of my most favourite Wad's and I've always wanted a ZDCMP 3, official or not.
  9. Bigbad75

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    I know tonnes of obscure doom trivia, for example According to TV tropes, Doomguy is canonically a virgin. making him the first Asexual protagonist in an FPS, to my knowledge at least. In the beta of Doom, ID software added a few vulgar quit messages for some reason. They removed them for the final game thankfully. Since Bobby prince was a lawyer, he knew exactly how much of a song he could copy without getting into legal trouble. This is why so many song in Doom's ost sound similar to heavy metal song's from the time.
  10. Amazing job with this wad Jimmy. You should make more Wad's in this early 2000's Zdoom style. It's really nostalgic for me cause some of my all time favourite wad's are from this era.