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  1. russin22

    Frog drawing done with coloring pencils

    it's too beautiful!
  2. russin22


  3. russin22


    MAYHEM_!!! is a challenging WAD With 8 maps, and 6 challenging bosses. compatible with GZDoom and ZDOOM ports. Play Info recommended to play with GZDOOM or ZDOOM Credits Mapping, testing, art and other things were done by russin thanks to Arakane Studios for texture Thanks to jimmy for fonts and huge thanks to web site realm667 MAPS list map 01: castle map 02: underground map 03: moloch halls map 04: the focus (garbage) map 05: Arachno queen map 06: heavy guard map 07: spider cave map 08:final battle map 09: the end THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING! https://www.dropbox.com/s/y2ja2r3gecpl1nn/MAYHEM_!!!.zip?dl=0
  4. russin22

    just doing a new doom wad

    just working ... Even nothing to say
  5. Just working

    MAYHEM.wad (MAP02) - Ultimate Doom Builder R3754 (64-bit) 15.04.2021 10_59_21.png

  6. russin22

    DOOM -

    Thank you
  7. russin22

    DOOM -

  8. russin22

    DOOM -

    this is my first doom mod. So don't be too judgmental as I'm new to doom moding. Description: this is a new simple mod for doom. With new maps. Kill all the alien assholes and save the earth. Engine: GZDoom 4.4.2 Instruction: Download the WAD file (You need an original doom 2 wad file) Download source port GZDoom Select the Doom - wad, and run with doom 2 enjoy IWAD: DOOM2.WAD the programs that were used for the mod GZDoom Builder Doom Writer Slade WhackEd4 anvil studio Tux Guitar Adobe photoshop GZDoom ATTENTION! It is recommended to play only on gzdооm DOOM - STANDALONE WAD.zip