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  1. I have been playing Doom since the beginning a looong time ago when I was a little git of 12 or 13. I got really into it but back then my family didnt have a PC and used to play at a friends place, which means I couldn’t really get far on the 1st episode. As time went on, I always wondered how the whole thing would finish up. Doom 2 came out and I knew I was missing out on some stuff. My families economical condition improved and a few years later while in high school, I got Doom for the SNES and around that same time the books started to come out as well. Man, I ate those up and it was cool cause I was progressing along with the levels on the game at the same rate as in the book...well, on the first doom game cause SNES wasnt Ultimate Doom. Doom 2 was never released for SNES so I didn’t get to finish that. Then Final Doom was relesed on the PC as the last chapter of the series. I told myself, sometime on the future when I get time to do a hobby, I am going to do Doom 2 and end it all with Final Doom, no cheats or codes. Time went on and I never forgot about my unfinished project.
    Now I am 24 year old man. Too big for video games? I don’t think so. I was at a small gaming store at the mall, and on the used game aisle I happened to glance at PS1 titles. Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 all in one game for the Playstation jumped out at me. I snatched it with a quickness, only to see that title directly under it was Final Doom. I snatched that quickly too, both games were just 9.99 It rocked! Now once or twice a week whenever I get the time, I do one or sometimes two leves. I went thru Ultimate Doom and im almost at the end of Doom 2. I was stuck for a little bit on Barrels of Fun and I did ask on this forum for a little help on it and I got thru it. Tonite I finished The Abandoned Mines, my hands were shaking at the end of that level.
    That in itself alone shows me that NO MATTER how limited the graphics were back then compared to now, and how awesome new gaming technology nowadays is, I doubt that any game will be able to recreate the eerie surroundings, fast moving action and the
    near-end-of-the-level suspense that the Doom experience brings you.
    I’ve reached Monster Condo tonite, I believe that the next level after it will be Redemption Denied, the last level on Doom 2. If you all want, I will keep you all informed as this adventure progresses to its inevitable end in Final Doom.


    PS: if anyone is wondering if I am interested on Doom 3, im not.

    1. kain


      cool. it used to scare the shit out of me, now everything bores me.