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  1. Brick | 4 wads | 5 maps Silver Edge (2022) by Paolo M. aka Paul977. 2 SP maps for Doom II in Boom. I hope you like revenants, because I could swear they account for half the enemies in the wad. This pair of map is difficult to judge for me. Objectively they're probably well put together. I'm not a fan of the silver aesthetic but it's very purposeful and consistent. The palette and custom textures give it a unique look, with the yellows and greens looking quite striking. I don't even think the combat is bad, there's clearly thought put into the encounters, the enemy count is low but the ambushes are set up very precisely. I just did not care for the gameplay, I found the ambushes irritating, I kept going in circles trying to find where to go next even though the maps are not that large. I think it's a me problem, but unfortunately I didn't have a great time playing this. Porn (of which your mainstraem idea is laughable) (2016) RaphaelMode. 1 SP map for Doom II in Boom. This is not exactly the kind of wad title that inspires great confidence, so I walked in expecting the worst. Surprisingly this turned out to have nothing to do with porn (the text file's attempt at explaining the title anyway made no sense whatsoever), but it's still pretty bad. It's a series of branching paths, one path leads to death and one path leads to the next test, with a wall scribbling that's supposed to hint at which is the right path to choose. The problem is that there is zero context for the scribbles, nothing outside of them to even begin to guess what they say, no pattern that I could guess even after a few to try and decipher them, so the map turns into an exercise of pure trial and error. The stock music, the fact many of the "traps" involve standing on a moving platform and waiting for a full minute to find out if it was the correct choice or not, and the amateurishness of the "hints" do not add to a great experience. fred (1994) by Jeff. 1 SP map for vanilla Doom. Yes, it's a 1994 map, but honestly I like it more than the previous one. There's not much to it, it's very easy, short, nothing remarkable, and has the typical abstraction of those early maps. But it also has some fun secrets, progression that didn't make me want to pull my hair out, and for something so old there's a surprisingly good understanding of some of the basics of mapping, with extensive use of elevation and light level differences. It doesn't have the "I can't believe this is one of the first maps" impression of something like Stones, nor the wow factor of later 1994 gems like Doomsday of UAC, but it's still remarkably well put together for something made within a month of DEU, and for the whole 5 minutes it takes to max it it's a fun ride. Shrike (1995) Carlos Dwa. 1 SP map for vanilla Doom II. Another early era map, this time for the sequel. Right away I knew there was trouble when the wall right next to the starting door is tagged as requiring a blue key (I wonder how much it would mess up the map if it did work...). Opening the door reveals a completely different texture selection than the start room, with no attempt whatsoever at any sort of consistency or aesthetic. Around the corner and past some human and zombie enemies, there are a dozen SS. Carlos claims that the "purists" could complete the whole map with just the shotgun but I can't imagine many people would want to go through knights, cacos and then the barons with just that (though it seems there's plenty of ammo for those so inclined). The texture usage is utterly random, when it's not just plain absent. Then I hit a room with 2 archviles, trying to move around it sent me through a series of teleporters that ended in a dark room with no way out and a bunch of enemies that eventually shredded me.
  2. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    I have so completely and utterly missed those peeping skulls, in every single map... I feel stupid XD MAP26 - “Aka Desu” This is a hub-based map, it seems as if there will be 4 sections (one for each key and one for the exit) but the first and last are actually connected. The yellow key is easy to get, most enemies can be killed by poking around the corner and letting them come. The blue key has a clever secret BFG. The red key section is the most involved, looks the best and had the most entertaining fights, including teleporting in a couple of archviles. After that it's just one quick jaunt to the exit, guarded by a PE that is harmless in such a small room. Fun and quick-playing map. MAP27 - “Regenerations” I thought this map looks gorgeous, I'm shocked that this was done in just a single day. I love the way Doom sectors can be made to portray beams running across a partial ceiling with the sky visible above it, and this arrangement looks so beautiful in the main hall of the map. There's also a great-looking use of zigzag linedefs near one door, as if to show the grey metal of the techbase breaking apart or in an unfinished state. The red key requires some precise timing that surprised me, I think this is the first time in the wad that a required puzzle tests my reflexes, but the timing is relatively forgiving. There are some criss-crossing hallways in the north (using a lift to go "under" when they cross), and the goal is to open up the originally inaccessible one-third of the starting main hall/cavern. That final fight is epic, with pretty much every mid-tier teleporting in, but it's not very hard and infighting helps a lot. Probably one of my favourite maps, in a set where I've loved every map.
  3. Brick | 1 wad | 12 maps Adventure | 8 wads | 47 maps Lifetime | 240 wads | 1004 maps Bella (2003) by Paul Corfiatis. 12 SP maps for Doom II in ZDoom. I'm not sure about my calculations, because I know ICID and I have a different number for my total wads played with ER/IWA, but if I have it right then this wad pushed me over another milestone. It came on the heels of @pcorf releasing 2002ADO, which I really like alongside a lot his releases both new and old. It does feel a bit weird, Pcorf loves mapping for vanilla and sometimes for Boom, but this is one of his rare wads that requires ZDoom for more than just MAPINFO. It doesn't go all out mind you; no scripting, no overuse of slopes. Unfortunately Pcorf did find the stealth monster flag, and uses it for just about everything, including (especially) archviles. I admit it was the most irritating feature; getting constantly mobbed by stealth chaingunners is not what'll get me sold on the flag's existence being a good idea. The maps also like to spam cyberdemons (and I was playing on HNTR...), some are more like puzzles and require figuring out how to get past them, but others are just an exercise in BFG spam and dodging. The maps are short, with several interesting combat setpieces here and there to make them more interesting even if I don't think they're all set up very well. There's a lot of Dehacked to make variants of several enemies, including cacos that move faster and have more health, another bizarre caco variant that can land and shapeshift into a chaingunner and that explodes into lost souls like the PE. There are other oddities too, like one of the secret maps taking you back to the same map you reach it from, with everything reset since this is not a hub. All this combined with the ZDoom specials gives the wad a strange feel, it just does not play like a typical Pcorf. It does, however, absolutely look the part, lighting is beautiful, and there are some very nice looking rooms, all of it with nothing but stock graphics. It's not my favourite of Paul's wads but some of the maps are fun to play and I think it's worth a look for some of the interesting ideas.
  4. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP24 - “Epping” The Cyberdemon was definitely the most dangerous enemy here, he roams a wide platform and many times I thought I was in a safe spot only to find myself dodging a rocket that had almost hit me. The sound of that mechanical hoof is defintely unnerving. Much of the map otherwise unfolds uneventfully, apart from a surprise ambush here and there of course. The grove to the west looks lovely, with sector health and armor bonus trees and fruits that have fallen out of them. Awakening the undead from his eternal rest has a nice cinematic touch to it too. I really enjoy the playfulness that's present all over the wad. MAP25 - “Putrid” There's a long ride up a mine elevator or something at the beginning, and then the map proper begins. There are multiple moving parts to it with damaging floor being surprisingly more present than has been standard so far. I think the most heated fighting is early on, then it settles into a more incidental pace. The biggest surprise was the Spider after getting the blue key, but she doesn't have to be dealt with straight away. I don't have much to say about the map, but it's perhaps a testament to the wad's consistently high quality that the worst I can say about a map is "it's good and solid"! My Doom time will be limited in December so my picks will be either a quick-playing megawad, or a multi-wad pick so I can at least participate for one full wad. Much as I would love to play Hell's Bane, there's no way I'll be able to keep up. +++ 3 Heures d'Agonie +++ Operation Biowar & Equinox +++ Pagodia & 10 Day Vacation (DBP27) & Altars of Madness
  5. Brick | 1 wad | 10 maps Adventure | 7 wads | 35 maps The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over! (2002) by Cyb. 10 SP maps for Doom II in ZDoom. A while back when ICID rolled The Adventure of MassMouth, I tried playing it but gave up at the 4th map. When I rolled Do Over I decided to try again. I managed to finish it this time, which wasn't really difficult considering the maps are tiny, almost half of them are just cinematic interludes, and the whole wad can be finished in half an hour. Do Over is more update than remake, Cyb tried to polish the wad up a bit, added some fancy camera work to the cinematics, but the maps are identical from what I remember. Unfortunately this means that Do Over doesn't fix any of the problems of the original. Some are not really Cyb's fault, modern ZDoom doesn't like the wad, and while it doesn't spit out any errors some things clearly don't work the way they're supposed to, including both MassMouth's signature blaster and the Eye of Mahan weapon later on. This makes the wad much harder than intended, but gameplay is so weak anyway it doesn't really matter. Which is the problem with the wad: there's really nothing to it. Other than the fancy camerawork in the cinematics there's no story or lore or anything of much interest. Maps are tiny and incredibly straightforward, combat is either laughable or just tedious against some of the health sponges. There are a couple of cute joke textures in the early maps, but visuals are incredibly bland and it feels like the later maps are even more rushed, with zero interesting combat, progression, architecture, or anything really. I'll have to check out the sequel some day to see if it deserves its Cacoward, but this one is absolutely not worth even the minimal time it takes to play.
  6. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP22 - “Embedded” Another hot start, this time with a squad of cacos flying into view. There's a nice contrast in map architecture between the base corridors in the centre, the rocky rugged landscape outside, and the reddish caverns in the SE. The various bits are well interconnected and going all the way around the rocks to finally reach the yellow key is satisfying. I was not surprised when picking it up triggered a teleport ambush, but it still gave rise to some frantic moments, especially since that PE can do serious damage if not dealt with quickly. Getting the chaingunners and arachnotrons to infight at the end while dodging their fire with the blur sphere was another fun moment. MAP23 - “Tech Gone Naughty” I chuckled at the reference in the title. Then the map did get naughty when it unceremoniously tried to crush me when I blindly went for the BFG (my fault for not watching out for traps!). The map itself is one mostly-straight and not-too-long string that we cross all the way from one end to the other for the red key. The multi-archvile trigger when we pick it up is a nasty surprise, as each teleports to a different section of the string and they basically start reviving everyone, while I run back in sheer panic trying to get them before they cause too much damage. Having made it all the way back I go through the red door and one final archvile, which is so easy to dispatch with the BFG compared to how much the previous ones can cause trouble. Loved the map.
  7. brick

    Quality of Life Patches for various WADs

    @Devalaous can I make an easy suggestion for fixing all those impassable walls without editing any of the maps? I think all you'd need to do is force the correct compatibility on whichever ports you want to support. For GZDoom I think all you need to do is add nombf21 to a defaultmap section in ZMAPINFO. For DSDA-Doom and Woof, just add a lump called COMPLVL and put the word vanilla in it (nothing else). I think Nugget Doom and Doom With Love also support COMPLVL, so between this lump and the ZMAPINFO addition you'll cover pretty much all the ports that could be affected, with minimal effort, and like I said without any map editing.
  8. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP20 - “C Plus” I think this one gave me the most trouble with combat so far. Right away there's a Cyberdemon above, and while hiding from him is initially easy, there are several spots later in the map that are exposed to his fire without it being immediately obvious, he works well to put some pressure without being too aggravating. The keys are all next to each other separated by fences, there's a nice sense of progression every time I found myself back in that hall with one more key under my belt. I think I took the most damage in that central staircase area, partly because of the mancubus hitting me from above when I couldn't yet reach him, and partly from eating a Cyberdemon rocket near the blue door when I thought I was safe. Finally murdering the Cyberdemon after getting the red key was very satisfying, and the change to the starting area that gives access to the last room looks pretty cool. The finale is a fight against two Spiders, it's not the most exciting but getting them to infight is fun and that large hall looks nice. MAP21 - “Brisk” Once again the title fits, the map is short and indeed brisk. It's another one where we press a succession of switches, each peeling off another layer and unleashing another wave of enemies. Almost all the fighting occurs in that central arena downstairs, which has more striking texturing and those jagged edges that I'm starting to love so much.
  9. Hellmaker would introduce some weird flags on some linedefs, I'm not sure why or if there was a pattern to it. 20 years later when MBF21 was created it expanded on Boom/MBF by adding to these flags. One of the new flags is "block players" but not monsters, which happens to coincide with one of the garbage flags that Hellmaker introduces. I know Rudolph has complained about this before but I played through the original RoC not long ago with zero problems in GZDoom, you just have to make sure not to turn on the compat flag for "MBF21 features" (any of the Doom compat presets will keep it off). I'm sure the issue with DSDA-Doom is again that people are playing with the wrong complevel, I just tested the famous MAP04 line; on cl 21 it blocks, on any other cl it works fine and you can go through, I even tested it by switching cl mid-map from 21 to 11 and I could suddenly walk through no problem. Oddly, I tried the MAP01 red key and couldn't reproduce the problem. In both GZDoom and DSDA-Doom, no matter whether I had MBF21 compat or another compat, I could get the red key without any problem... very strange!
  10. Brick | 1 wad | 1 map Adventure | 6 wads | 25 maps The Hazard Variation (2003) by Karthik Abhiram. 1 SP map for limit-removing Ultimate Doom. I've played other maps by @Karthik but it's been a long time and I don't remember much of them. This one was meant to be the opener for The Ninth Gate, an episode replacement by a team that included and was I think led by Pablo Dictter (I initially thought this was related to Pablo's The Gates series, but it seems like the projects are different despite the name similarity). The Ninth Gate never materialized, so in 2007 Karthik decided to release his map as a standalone. The collaboration is obvious, the map aesthetics and lighting certainly call back to Pablo's own. The abundance of impaled and hanging corpses could be seen as cheesy, but if you can ignore it the texturing is beautiful, with some great contrasting colours and everyone's favourite orange sky visible through windows and ceiling openings. Lighting is impeccable, the small changes in consecutive sectors make it almost seem like "real" lighting and not just sectors. Combat is what it is, it's an Ultimate Doom M1 so very limited weaponry and even a baron to shotgun. For such a small map progression is surprisingly involved. One trick that Karthik uses and that I love is putting a small wall indentation next to switches with a mini-representation of the obstacle the switch is removing, it rewards paying attention while exploring and cuts back on pointless backtracking. It's a short map but I had fun with it and enjoyed the visuals.
  11. Brick | 1 wad | 10 maps Adventure | 5 wads | 24 maps Astrostein 2 (1998) by Laz Rojas. 10 SP maps for vanilla Doom II. I've played the trilogy out of order, but with this I've gone through the whole series. The most interesting thing about this outing is the custom PLAYPAL and COLORMAP, which did not come back in Astro 3 (I think it's the only WolfenDoom wad to do so in fact), and while I didn't see radical changes they do give the wad a different look. Otherwise the maps suffer from many of the same problems as the first Astrostein (and the later part of the third): too much fodder combat, too much backtracking, layouts are too symmetrical, too repetitive, and while it's been a while I could swear some of the layouts are lifted wholesale from the first wad. There are some memorable bits, and when looking through windows the lunar station setting looks very different from the spaceship visual of the first, but the majority of the gameplay is not very interesting and the flaws combine together and amplify each other. I think the later entry was a huge improvement, if you want to play the high points of the series I recommend The Portal prologue and Astrostein 3.
  12. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP18 - “Creep” A departure in gameplay, as the title implies the map goes for heavy atmosphere (Opening to Hell is a perfect pick for music). Lighting is suitably dark and ominous, with some good use of the light-changing linedefs. Most of the map is a techbase gone horribly wrong (complete with sector messages in blood). Enemy count is one of the lowest so far, but those few are used effectively, whether the archvile with a height advantage, or the arachnotron shooting across that loooooong corridor in the east. I'm not sure if the keys have to be found in order, if they do the map does a good job appearing less linear. With all 3 we head to the SW where the base melts away into something much more hellish and we have to dance with a Cyberdemon while waiting for the exit to open up. I keep being amazed at the unique take each map brings. MAP19 - “The Big Sad” A hub-based map, starting on a central island there are teleports to 3 others, though I think the west is completely optional. Enemy count is low but the arachnotron and mancubus turrets can be deadly, especially since the former gets replenished several times before running out. Otherwise combat is relatively easy, there's either space to dodge or walls to hide behind. I liked the sequence required to get the yellow key, and the secret BFG was easy but clever. Visually the map looks nice, a bit of Thy Flesh Consumed vibe with the marble and the sea of blood. Speaking of, I'm glad that the wad has been very consistent with damaging floors so far, and blood is completely safe.
  13. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP16 - “Tortured” The texturing in parts of the map reminded me a bit of The Spirit World, but that might also be because of the MIDI choice. As usual there's some incidental fighting along the way with a couple of trickier setpieces. The first one with the mancubi on all sides took me a bit by surprise. Later a whole lot of enemies teleport in after getting the red key, what makes this arena fun is that it's large but has multiple heights and walls to hide behind. There's a secret in the SE with a Hell Knight in it, and I couldn't figure out what the switch in there did. The exit ambushes are a bit too easy since they can be triggered one at a time. Still liked the map overall. MAP17 - “Map UAC” We're back to more traditional techbase look. This is another map where the path through can be a bit convoluted, but the small size and the helpful teleports (I love the arrow in front of each, basically telling me exactly where I'll be taken) make navigation very intuitive. I just realized the wad makes good use of shootable switches, there are plenty but they're not so hidden that they're impossible to see. The exit took me by surprise, I really expected the map to end and instead it threw me back at the start with a swarm of enemies to dispose of (though I guess I could've just made a mad dash for the now-open real exit). Yet another map that I enjoyed a lot. I did, though I saved first. I thought it was a hilarious troll XD I think it's one of my favourite Cybie fights period, I love that you've taken the very basic premise (just player vs Cybie, columns to hide behind, nothing fancy) and managed to create something so original just because of the way the lighting works.
  14. The Eternity Total Conversion was was an extremely ambitious project started in the late 90s, gathering together Quasar, Ebola, Adam Williamson, Holger Nathrath, and other big names of that era, with the goal of developing an engine and a TC wad that would run on it and take advantage of its advanced features. The engine survives to this day and is indeed advanced and impressive in so many ways. Unfortunately the TC ran out of steam and was never completed. A large number of its resources got published, in fragments that don't fit very smoothly and with maps riddled with missing objects; I don't know how much of the planned Dehacked work was done but none of it was included with the resources. Loading the maps and looking at the incomplete work, I would think of what could have been, and lament that no one seems to have had any interest in picking up the pieces. Then I thought, well, be the change you want to see. Before anyone's hope/outrage gets too high: I do not plan on finishing Eternity TC, or fill in the missing map slots, or even finish the incomplete maps. I do not have the time, creativity, or interest. What I'm trying to do is get what is already there to work properly and to fit together into a more or less cohesive whole, even if it'll still be missing much of what would've made the complete TC special. I also don't want to run into trouble with the permissions; the resource website seems to indicate they're up for grabs, but then the wad template explicitly forbids modifications ("absolutely MAY NOT"). My solution is to create a separate wad, which uses NO resources from the TC, but can be loaded alongside specific TC wads to patch things together. Despite the TC being made for Eternity, I'm making a wad that will require GZDoom. I had what I thought was a good reason at the time: I wanted it to run on something other than a custom engine version that hasn't been updated in 25 years, and modern Eternity doesn't support FraggleScript anymore, which the TC uses. This turned out not to matter much, since most of the scripting is either simple stuff that any mapinfo can do (including EMAPINFO), or specific extensions that will only run on the original custom engine anyway. Because of the way GZDoom runs the various games, and my familiarity with its inner workings, it still turned out to be a good choice, as it allowed me to re-implement many of the missing pieces quite easily between ZMAPINFO, ZSCRIPT and SNDINFO. Speaking of, let's talk about those missing pieces. A. The Things. The resource site has a long list of all the enemies, decorations and items that the team wanted to create and implement. Not all of them are used in the maps that do exist; I ran each map, made a note of what was missing, and compiled a shortened list of Things that needed implementing: Name Editor Number Dehacked Number Swamp Tree 1, tall -- 6002 -- 157 Swamp Tree 2 -- 6003 -- 158 Tree w/ Leaves -- 6004 -- 159 Destructable Tree -- 6005 -- 160 Roof Moss 1 -- 6006 -- 161 Roof Moss 2 -- 6007 -- 162 Cleric **, Human Enemy -- 6008 -- 163 Maulotaur Torch, lit -- 6009 -- 165 Maulotaur Torch, unlit -- 6010 -- 166 Fog Spawner -- 6011 -- 174 Horned Column -- 6016 -- 179 Wooden Barrel -- 6017 -- 180 Hanging Skull -- 6018 -- 181 Wall Torch -- 6019 -- 182 Chandelier -- 6020 -- 183 Meat Clever -- 6021 -- 184 Beer Stein 1 -- 6022 -- 185 Beer Stein 2 -- 6023 -- 186 Overturned Cup -- 6024 -- 187 Cup -- 6025 -- 188 Cauldron, unlit -- 6032 -- 195 Swamp Vine -- 6033 -- 196 Hanging Corpse, bloody -- 6034 -- 197 Sitting Corpse -- 6035 -- 198 Impaled Corpse -- 6036 -- 199 Hanging Corpse -- 6037 -- 200 Small Rock -- 6041 -- 204 Large Rock -- 6042 -- 205 Wind -- 7001 Water, babbling -- 7002 Water, rushing -- 7003 Dripping -- 7005 Swamp Sounds Collage * -- 7007 Big bubble sound -- 7008 Shlurp Sound -- 7009 Falling rocks sound -- 7010 Bubbling lava -- 7013 If some of these sound familiar, it's because they're either from Heretic or Hexen. This is where doing this for GZDoom was a boon: any custom object with an editor number in your pwad map can be assigned to an existing object from any of the games that GZDoom supports. I had to rewrite a few of them in ZSCRIPT because of renamed sprites in the TC, but for the majority of the listed Things I just had to find which existing Heretic/Hexen object they corresponded to and reassign the DoomEd number. Suddenly my list of missing objects became much shorter: Name Editor Number Dehacked Number Cleric **, Human Enemy -- 6008 -- 163 Fog Spawner -- 6011 -- 174 Dripping -- 7005 Swamp Sounds Collage * -- 7007 Big bubble sound -- 7008 Shlurp Sound -- 7009 Falling rocks sound -- 7010 Bubbling lava -- 7013 The cleric enemy has sprites that look like the class ones from Hexen. I doubt it was meant to be Traductus since there's so many of them, it looks more like a melee enemy. I think I've seen it implemented in another wad before but I can't remember where. The fog spawner and the remaining ambient sounds need some work. They're all from Hexen, but I think when they're used as map objects there they are controlled by ACS scripts, or by parameters unique to the Hexen map format (which the TC maps do not use). I think I got the fog spawner to work, but I'm not sure what to do about the cleric and the ambient sounds. B. The maps The resources have several map wads, along with a couple of planning files listing map orders. Some are very easy to figure out, others not as much. 1) Prelude map by Kurtis. It was meant to be purely cinematic, and was easy to turn into a GZDoom TITLEMAP. 2) Main level set, I think by Quasar. These are the easiest to figure out as they are already named for the slot they're meant for: MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP13, MAP16, MAP18. Some are complete but not all, notably MAP03 Swamp only has a handful of completed rooms. 3) Adam Williamson has 2 versions of the same map, using MAP11 but meant as MAP10 according to the level plan. Oddly, the version that seems more detailed and developed has an older date... 4) Holger Nathrath has 5 maps, all complete, probably meant for MAP11-MAP15. 5) 2 unsued maps by an unknown author. One is clearly an incomplete version of what would've been MAP06. The other is a ship with supplies and no enemies, not clear where it would've fit. 6) Mantra has 2 map sketches. One would've been MAP05, the other is unclear. 7) Ebola has one map sketch, not clear where it would fit. Many of these don't even have map titles but enough are complete that it's possible to reconstruct a wad with at least 10 maps that can be finished. Now that I've written all of this I'm having doubts and wondering if any of this is a good idea... I'm not even sure I can put the maps together without having to repackage them, which I would like to avoid if at all possible. For some maps it's possible to use what bits of them are done, MAP03 for example doesn't have an exit but I used ZSCRIPT to "insert" one and make it possible to finish it without changing the map file itself. I'm going to see how many of the maps are salvageable this way, put them into some order, and see what the result looks like. I also need to figure out how to get the missing ambient sounds to work, and what to do with the cleric enemy. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas if you want to share them. I thought about tagging Quasar in this post but decided against it, I wasn't sure if he'd appreciate being bugged about a project that he hasn't worked on in 20 years. However he would probably be the ultimate authority on what was planned for the TC. Quasar, if you see this and feel like sharing I would love to hear your take on the missing pieces. Either way thank you for sharing the resources with us and not letting them all fade into obscurity. I hope this was the right subforum to create the thread, I wasn't sure but none of the others seemed to fit.
  15. brick

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP31 - “Boom!” The enemy count made me wince, but it becomes immediately apparent that there will indeed be a lot of barrels going Boom! Yes, this is Barrels O' Fun The Way TheMightyWhoosh Did, and it is hilarious and indeed oh so fun. Just shoot the barrel in front of you without even moving and 100 enemies are already gone just like that (or even better... just wait for them to shoot I guess). I think it's possible to do almost every single fight using just barrels, if you're careful and don't blow some up too early. Sometimes the way the barrels are trailed all the way and then around and enemy just looks so humorous. There are other points of interest too, such as the "do not shoot" sign (I saved and tried; the sign is there for a reason!) and the entire path to the secret exit, which involves finding 3 sort-of-hidden switches. What a marvellous map! MAP32 - “Himitsu” I admit I was a little disappointed at first. Not that this is a bad map, far from it! It just felt more conventional after a streak of creatives one that just kept getting more unique. Still it looks good (fantastic lighting in parts), and while combat is not hard a couple of ambushes took me by surprise, namely the crescent-shaped stairs and the archvile teleporting with an army of imps. And then that final fight is now one of my favourite Cyberdemon arenas, it's just a one-on-one but the lighting is ingenious and makes it look like he's popping in and out of pure blackness. I think what amazes me the most about this wad is that in a collection of short speedmaps each one is so different from the others, and each is so memorable. I'm not disappointed after all, this isn't a conventional map but yet another great one.