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  1. Classytripper

    Lord Vile done!

    I'm not able to locate The Lord Vile Demon in the LORD VILE WAD. I'm Repeatedly Going in Circles Within the four Teleporters. Could any one help me in locating or Triggering the action required To Make The Lord Vile Demon Appear in The Doom Wad ASAP !!!!! Coz its Been Days withought Any Hope of locating the monster. !!!!!. I'm Using LZDoom 3.84 !! Thank You.!😊
  2. Classytripper

    Sl Fest Wads

    Thank You ! 🙂
  3. Classytripper

    Sl Fest Wads

    Could Anyone Suggest Any Great Sl Fest Wads With Good Texture and Fantastic demon Fights like Okuplok or So ?. Been Searching For Many, but Could not Find any Sl Fest Themed Doom Game that occurs in a big arena ! Could any one suggest some of those Great Sl fest level Asap ? THANK YOU ! 😊