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  1. Uncle 80

    Did Nukem 3D have freelook originally?

    No, there is freelook in Duke3d.exe. You can even choose between having a "mouse aim toggle button" or just plain freelook through the setup program.
  2. Hahaha ohmygod it was actually made! Congratulations on the release, I will be playaing this for sure. But didn't you forget about a couple of months worth of teasers with gray-scale stills from the project?
  3. Uncle 80

    Reccomend me great movies with Jack Nicholson

    I second "As Good As It Gets"... your mom will love it, maybe you will too. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Shining" would be my choice picks - but your mom will NOT like those (well, maybe the former, but certainly not the latter).
  4. Uncle 80

    favorite track in doom? (classic games)

    Easiest quiz ever. Doom 1 favourite track: E1M1 Doom 2 favourite track: MAP18
  5. Completed the original Doom (first 3 episodes) nightmare skill on a 386 16mhz
  6. Uncle 80

    Longest Doom break

    I don't think I've ever been away from the game more than a couple of months - then again, all my breaks from Doom are usually somewhere between a month or two, so in a year I sometimes end up being more "off" than "on" depending on what's going on in my life. These days, I'm on - mapping for and playtesting an episode which is around 90% complete.
  7. Uncle 80

    Buying music nowadays

    Still buying CDs, new and second hand. I occasionally use the streaming services as a means of checking out a band or an artist to see if I like them or not. If I end up listening to the same artist/album repeatedly, I usually buy any album(s) I want, rip the CD to MP3 so I can listen to it at work, and enjoy the CD and the cover/booklet at home. Buying digital just isn't the same, but I do that sometimes when physical media is not an option.
  8. Uncle 80

    help!! my wad became corrupted!

    XWE is fine and very functional in theory, but in practice things like getting corrupted files do happen. I can only echo the others in this thread recommending Slade - it's vastly superior!
  9. Uncle 80

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I made a new email account that uses my full name and home adress, and changed the password to be the numbers of my credit card. Hope this will be sufficient!
  10. I'd show them Eternal Doom. It was released only 4 years (?) after Doom, meaning the tools required to make it were not on the level of today's DB2/RenderLimits/ZokumBSP work method - which means they [teamTNT] did optimization/bug checking Ye Olde Style - building a sweet level, getting a 150+ vpo at a given angle, deleting half the level and trying for someting else. And the visuals; compared to Sandy Standard they are Someting Else!
  11. I have shelf upon shelf upon shelf's worth of comic books of all kinds - graphic novels, "regular" comic books (Donald Duck et al) more artistic stuff, historical/political, all the classic belgian/euro 70's stuff and more. The only kinds of comics I don't collect is the super-hero stuff, save for the odd Batman book. It's a wonderful hobby, and it's an intrest I can introduce to my kids which they are more than happy to share with me. Sitting in the couch with both of them swapping Carl Barks books is a very nice way to spend a few hours together on a Saturday morning, for instance. Also, I'm not in the slightest ashamed to admit that my collection includes around 10 to 15 collected volumes of Transformers comics - and I've got my original Transformers toys from '84 on the shelf "guarding" that particular section of my comics collection :D I still buy CDs and have no intention to get rid of them either. Owning a personal copy of an album I like kicks ass, and I don't have to listen to it on a stupid phone or with the noise of the PC in the background. I love putting on a CD and looking at the booklet/lyrics while listening instead of just lazily putting on a Spotify playlist as a distraction when doing something else. That sucks! Now, computer games - that's the only hobby I've kind of lost interest in - meaning, I don't care about new titles, and rarely purchase new games, but I love playing games from my childhood, youth and early adulthood over and over again. Be it either Doom(2), or anything from the C64 days, amiga stuff, the odd N64/PS(2) game - I've got emulators for all that stuff installed. One thing I don't have in my collection is anything by Bill Maher. I also very rarely watch TV, as most of it is crap. Movies are great, though. EDIT: In support of OP's worries that these kinds of hobbies aren't for "real men" - I have a job (at which I happen to be one of the highest-skilled employees, and I'm also the union representative), I have the aforementioned 2 children (and I'm still together with their mother), and I/we own our apartment. All "grown up" - at my own terms.
  12. Uncle 80

    gamer quiz

    3) I remember when GTA 3 was new. I loved just driving around, without making an effort to progress. Sometimes I would just park my car somewhere to listen to the talkshow radio channel. 1 and 2, no. 4, maybe. But I generally stopped doing Doom demos a long time ago.
  13. Uncle 80

    What do the different like / reaction buttons mean?

    Should get a rad suit like for posts that are totally rad also
  14. Uncle 80

    What do the different like / reaction buttons mean?

    Soul: Regular like Mega: very much like Invuln: extremely much like Blur: I don't understand or I like a little or Ha ha veeery funny or That's almost a good point.
  15. Uncle 80

    So, how old are you ?

    Happy 18th, Yoshi