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  1. Uncle 80

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    Yeah, keep taking things out of context to strengthen your "argument". I'm done here.
  2. Uncle 80

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    What does a video of Durst having a laugh with a guitar (which is not his instrument neither live or in the studio) prove against him being a supposed perfectionist regarding his studio work ethic?
  3. Uncle 80

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    If you read some recent interviews with Borland (who by the way re-joined the band multiple times since his original 2001 exit and has been a member again since 2009) he says aging and maturing on both his and Dursts side allowed them to overcome their "tumultous relationship". He also offered an insightful commentary as to how Limp Bizkit kind of stagnated making their new album, due to Durst being kind of a perfectionist when it comes to realizing his own performance on top of music which has been finished for ages, which kind of puts a dent in the notion that Durst is the dictator of the band. Borland also partly blamed Dursts problems on the media, who has blown his "asshole persona" way out of proportions.
  4. in '88, when Europe's "Final countdown" was released, my friend's cool dad played it for us - that was the beginning. A couple years later, my 2 years older other friend gave me a bunch of maiden tapes. Oh, and G'n'R was all the rage among classmates back in '91 when Use Your Illusion I was released. Then we heard Arise by Sepultura a year later...
  5. Uncle 80

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    I also like Michael Jackson, Miles Davis and Burzum. All great people artists/bands!
  6. Uncle 80

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    You're right on all points. Even though this band isn't quite my cup of tea, I can't deny they have some interesting stuff here and there. Also, I can't help but feel sorry for Fred Durst; he might be an asshole, but his "asshole persona" is probably exaggarated to a degree by the media. As you say yourself, it's "popular" to back up the "credibility" of your own music taste by dissing "the right bands" such as Bizkit, Creed, Nickelback or whatever - and the media / music journalists aren't any different from other people - they need to reinforce their own fragile little egos by taking pot shots at easy targets too.
  7. Uncle 80

    Favorite band?

    Can't choose one, so I'll pick five which are all my favourite, depending on the day I'm asked: Ministry Tom Waits Frank Zappa Chimaira Shpongle
  8. @Kyka Actually, I made it from scratch in 20 minutes after our little exchange yesterday, but I took the approach of making all dummies before the rest of the map, so there are a few extra that ended up unused, yes :) This exploit of line action 9 is indeed useful/powerful, and when I'm discussing mapping techniques with myself, I often playfully refer to action 9 as Vanilla Scripting, heh. I considered uploading one of my maps from my project, but the stuff I've done there is a tiny bit more complicated and I decided against revealing them too soon ;)
  9. And thanks for sharing your results! Workarounds like these are great for future reference when vanilla gets destroyed by an elaborate floor move setup. ;)
  10. Both mine and Kyka's projects are designed for vanilla doom 1.9, so source ports are not considered a solution to the problem discussed in this thread.
  11. @Kyka: Here's a really quick example map showcasing a simple setup - raising a pool of water while lowering a barrier, then later raising a bridge from the water (using your problematic line type 20, by the way). A setup like this actually uses two different dummy setups for the same sector - check the middle sector of the lava that becomes the bridge once you press the switch on the ledge above ;) heh, no - second swich uses the trigger model :P Anyway, this simple setup uses "only" 4 donut control sectors. :D kykdonut.zip The only "drawbacks" using this method is that unlike the other floor-changers, the raising part of the donut doesn't change texture until it arrives at its target height, meaning it's going to look strange if there's "solid ground" instead of lava in the central pit - the "ground" will raise and become liquid after unlike the other raisers which change their texture when the movement starts. But the sector special for the raising part will change, in this example stopping the lava from doing more damage after it changes to water. Also, the "donut hole" doesn't change neither texture or sector type unfortunately. But still, lots of fun can be had with this!
  12. You can abuse line type 9 just like all the others; the only catch you need to take into consideration is that its trigger type is numerical (gets target info from lowest numbered linedef) so you either need to make as many donut sector dummies as you need before starting your actual map, or - the easier way - making the actual map first, then creating a new map from scratch with just the donut dummies, then pasting your original map into that and join the sectors. In addition to the benefits I listed above, there's also the "added feature" that the "donut area" does not have to be tagged (like the steps beyond the first in a stair raiser) so with this approach you can make real elaborate setups, like having a section being "flooded" then raising e.g a bridge from the water again later. At the moment, I'm working on a map where a switch triggers 12(!) dummies off-screen, you can only imagine the havoc I'm making in the playfield, hahaha! I can probably whip up a small example map during the weekend if there's interest. I've always used the "Unofficial Doom Specs v666" by Hank Leukart when trying to figure out what I can and can't do with vanilla's trigger types, and his explanation of how the donut trigger works is very accurate; it just doesn't say you can use dummies, but they weren't well known in '94 i guess... :)
  13. Does this apply to all "move floor" lines, or only the category listed by @printz? I've never encountered this bug in Vanilla/Chocolate Doom, and I like to use changing floors a lot; however, I mostly use line type 9 ("donut") and set all my target heights through using donut sector dummies outside the playfield. (This method also has the benefit of allowing non-instant movement in both directions, as well as texture/sector special changes)
  14. Uncle 80

    Do you own any old game consoles/games

    Got a C64 GAMES SYSTEM in my basement. With a bunch of cartridges! Too bad none of them are Last Ninja III :(
  15. Uncle 80

    Hangar or Entryway?

    Hangar: Best visual style, best layout, best gameplay, best music, best nostalgia. Entryway: Best setup of secrets and soundblocking lines :P Hangar it is!