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  1. Dimension of the Boomed (BETA3 release)

    Great job! Loved the 4-level beta, I'm so gonna play this at first chance (weekend, probably..)
  2. How intelligent are various monsters?

    The Lost Souls are obviously the brightest of the bunch (always bright). The Cacodemon is probably not far behind. What's he grinning at? You don't get it, do you? So he's probably smarter than the player at least .
  3. What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Sepultura!! Aaaargh! Wraaaah!
  4. Most favorite level from Episode 3

    Tough choice indeed... E3M3 it is today. I dig the whole episode, well maybe except map 2 which is a little uneventful compared to the others.
  5. 2m tall Baron of Hell statue for sale...

    "Refurbishing? Oh, I like what you've done with the place"
  6. Deimos Anomaly

    Doomguy slays all the resistance in the dark room while you are reading the victory text of E1, then he wanders around a bit before the player is put back in his perspective at the start of E2. Simple!
  7. E3M8 is great when played from pistol start - a bit easy now after playing for 20 years, of course. But the design is pretty good IMHO. E4M8 is great - I love Shawn's maps, as they feel quite different from other iwad maps. I wouldn't have this one any other way. MAP30 - well, this one was never really good, to be honest. The "boss wall" itself is cool enough, but the layout is not. Lifts and poision, bleh. I think my favourite "classic styled" Icon map from the 90's would be MAP30 of Memento Mori II, except for all the monsters who telefrag each other. But Doom 2 should really have had a new "normal" boss instead of the stupid spawner/shoot a rocket into a hole combo. Like some kind of big, flying, terrifying bastard, as antaters031 kinda suggests.
  8. Best ending?

    I love the ending of BTSX E1. Tasteful! Oh yeah, and Ancient Aliens
  9. 2001 belongs to Russell Pearson for his fantastic Null Space single level. He also contributed a similar map to the very first 1024 project. Also, his Lego Base level from 2002 is totally boss! Do yourself a favor and play these two! Furthermore, Alien Vendetta v1 was released in 2001, so one could argue that Malde/Johnsen should win 2001 instead. Earth.wad and the sequel (Phobos 2) had some neat design tricks, but gameplay was unbeleiveably clumsy. EDIT: Replayed it just now, and gameplay is actually C-R-A-P. I agree with whomever above that nominated Richard Wiles for Crusades, I liked that far better than Slayer, even though I've played the heck out of that one too, despite the ugly pistol replacement sound. I also agree with nominating Björling for The Darkening 2 (One of the best damn episode wads ever!) and Iikka Keränen (for his works in Dystopia 3 and Requiem). The latter was really inspiring for me back in 97.
  10. 90s FPS Protagonists

    I love the bad, un-pc humour of the Lo Wang character, it's a tie between him and Duke. (And I'm talking about their original incarnations, of course)
  11. How do you make maps?

    I usually start out with an idea for an introduction, setting the theme and such, or an idea for a specific triggered event or scenario. If the start turns out good, then I get inspired and start adding lots of stuff. Then, I test the map in chocorenderlimits, and delete or rearrange half of it due to HOMS and VPOS. (Visplane explorer is a nice plugin, what about a hom explorer? =) After getting about 60-75% of the map done, I quit and start another one next time I feel like mapping. :D I probably got half a megawad by now, and that's not 15 levels, but 32 half-baked ones. And several "unreleasables".
  12. E1M1 Remake in Cube 2 Sauerbraten

    I like that new secret area :D
  13. I would want to be a Pain Elemental. I can fly, I can smile, I can flex my t-rex arms, and if I get bored or lonely, I can vomit companions for myself.
  14. (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    Prboom+ for me, after boom 2.02 stopped working :) I like having slightly better resolution than the original .exe, but I mainly play old-school wads, and exclusively map for doom2 v1.9 limits myself because that's what I started out with and I don't have the willpower to start learning scripts, decorate and whatnot. edit: For "other purposes" (i.e. Ancient Aliens, and similar), I have been using Zdoom. After checking out the screenshots from YukiRaven's latest project, I'm considering switching my "other" port to GzDoom :o) edit 2: I've also used ChocoRenderLimits/Chocolate Doom or whatever that off-shoot port is called for editing purposes. A+++ for getting rid of those VPOs and HOMs
  15. Retro PC circa 93/94 help

    Never the less, my friend had a GUS and my stepdad had a RAP 10. None of them were "loaded", and the year was still 1993. The Roland soundboards may have been costly, but the GUS was at least more affordable - the SB16 was not much cheaper. And OP is asking for the full experience. :) BTW, The RAP 10 is an internal soundcard, and as such probably a lot less expensive than the SC-55 external module.