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  1. I like Ministry, Sepultura, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and a whole lot of (dis)similar stuff. That includes a bunch of metal, some rap/hip-hop, jazz, electronica, whatever.. Good music is good. But the aforementioned bands are my all-time favs.
  2. Portal of Praevus was so easy to get through that I don't remember a single map :D Haven't played it in 10 years, maybe I should dig up my CD and give it another run. I remember it as a bit bland compared to base H2 though - and the new music was dull...
  3. Hexen is booooring. Also, the enemies look stupid, and the map design sucks. Hexen 2, on the other hand - that's one of my fav fpses. That one has atmosphere! And all the other things the first has not.
  4. My home life and Doom life is separated by a 2-sided line marked impassable with a midtexture on the right side only.
  5. What if it was made in Egypt? An Egyptian Doom? Wonder what that would be like.
  6. life: complete. I'm hoping for a version for the build engine games next.
  7. Me oh my, this looks like a tasty wad! Must... wait.. until.. final... release..
  8. Does this qualify as a total conversion? :D Looks really cool, first comparison my brain made was "jazz jackrabbit with the world geometry of abe's oddyssey". Must remind myself to check this out when released.
  9. Cats are cool but me-me, I'm a pig person
  10. My only remaining gaming community is me and my brother's Worms games via the 'net. That is a great gaming community, and the only one I care to be a part of after i ditched Starcraft (2). Single player 4 lyfe!
  11. Trey's map was crap, I remember playing it. Also, regarding his love for Quake, Morbid Angel does have a song called "Place Of Many Deaths" :)
  12. Asking money for making mods is a bit shady, having a "tip jar" on your page, I really don't see the problem. If you think asking money for a mod based on someone else's work is the same thing as asking money to make original artwork for somebody/something - regardless if you have made free artwork or not for someone else in the past - then you are wrong.
  13. I love Hexen II, especially the egyptian episode. 'nuff said? :)
  14. Great releases this year (yeah, mostly all metal) Sepultura - Machine Messiah (another great album by the "new" line-up) Obituary - s/t (Obituary are better now than in their "classic" days) Order - Lex AmentiƦ (death/black metal from ex-members of Mayhem, Cadaver, etc) 3teeth - Shutdown.exe (LA industrial, classic sounding but with a strong identity) Atrox - Monocle (Avant-garde metal with great vocals & an industrial edge) Not so exited about Dead Cross - s/t (Debut from another Mike Patton/Dave Lombardo supergroup. Missed the mark for me)
  15. Worst tracks ever: MAP08 and MAP04. I will take this opportunity to nominate the worst track of Duke 3D as well, this being E3L3.