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  1. E1M3 is a real showstopper, it's actually one of the hardest maps in Doom to play on Nightmare in my opinion. The fact that you have to revisit so many areas where all the pickups are gone after your first visit, but the 5 or so shotgun guys with no reaction time are all back. And too few bullets for the chaingun to mow'em down before they can get you...
  2. Holy matrimony! I remember the demo, it was in my "wads to keep" folder back in the day many computers ago. I'll keep an eye out for this!
  3. Uncle 80

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    Vanilla doom/prboom, no extra keys like jumping or mouse aiming (always run, no freelook) No action for double-clicked mouse buttons. Same setup for the build games with the addition of W for jump and C for crouch. A - strafe left D - strafe right S - Backpedal Mouse 1 - fire Mouse 2 - walk forward Space - use
  4. Uncle 80

    Frank Zappa's Death 30th Anniversary

    I've been a fan for about that long. I started listening to Zappa a little while before he died IIRC. I'd describe myself as a moderate fan, as I own only about 20 of his albums on CD....
  5. Uncle 80

    Do you have trouble staying awake?

    Hi Lee, this is a well-known "man 40+" problem. As our testosterone levels go from slow decrease to a plummet, our general energy level follows. I'm only 43, but I usually need to take a nap in the afternoon after cooking dinner and helping my kids with various stuff. Then I go to bed around ten or so. In the weekends, I sleep so much that I worry my family. And I am on no medication, with no known illnesses! That said, I also have another "man 40+ problem" - toilet visits during the night. Usually 2 or 3. I usually fall asleep right away when I get back to bed, but I guess it is a contributing factor to my need for naps and such. I generally avoid coffee, tea and cigarettes to not aggravate this as well - but I sometimes succumb to the dark lord of coffee at work to keep me "on edge". I've tried with various vitamin boosters, and D3/D6 and zinc seems to help a bit... But I forget to go to the pharmacy to re-stock all the time, consequently I'm without them a lot during a year...
  6. we had newstuff chronicles and flamewars. I loved checking in each friday or whatever it was to read newstuff and download/play the most favorably reviewed maps. (FP! Props to all logged-in trolls!)
  7. Uncle 80

    Art You No Longer Love

    I used to really enjoy Nine Inch Nails, and now I really don't enjoy them. But I was miserable in my late teens. Was I listening to NIN because I was miserable, or was I miserable because I listened to NIN? Same goes for a bunch of other "edgy artists" like Marilyn Manson, Korn, and some others. Crap redundant industrial like KMFDM. When I was in my late childhood / early teens, I collected Marvel Comics. Now I strongly dislike Marvel, and superheroes in general. Maybe it's because I eventually discovered that superhero comics and movies are total garbage? Except the 90's Batman Movies of course. And the "original reboot" or what the heck I should call those from 2006-ish, they were also decent. I must stress that a huge part of my dislike for Marvel stems from how society has incorporated the super hero aestethic into culture in general. It's everywhere - children's animated shows, TV, movies, clothing, blehhhh. Even all those "adult" american comics like the stuff from Vertigo is oversaturated with superhero influences except they're fantasy or supernatural/occult themed instead. Booooring
  8. Here's a serious answer; Some parents aren't equipped to care for children - like, they give them soft drinks or soda instead of water when they're thirsty from a young age "because they want it". I saw a horrible example when I worked in a kindergarden ages ago - siblings aged 4 and 7 or thereabouts, both with yellow teeth. And I don't mean "off-white", I mean actually yellow. Horrible!
  9. In ONE sitting?? Never - not even back in the day when Doom was "everything". I can make it through an episode in one sitting, maybe. I have of course beaten all the maps of (Ultimate) Doom, Doom 2 and I think, Plutionia. I have not finished TNT, as I lost interest in that one REAL quick.
  10. Map24 is tricky, and a little bit annoying if you play saveless, but I found it more fun than "unfun" so to speak. I kind of like "The Floor is lava" maps, and this one is also very nice to look at. I eventually made it through it on UV without saving, but it took quite a few attempts to do it :)
  11. Uncle 80

    How do you do secrets the "right" way?

    For me, "good secrets" usually involve something else than Ye Olde "candle in front of wall" or "slightly off-coloured texture". I've seen those one bazillion times executed the same way. Think outside the box; Crazy jumps, audible cues (remote doors/elevators you can hear but not see), timed [fair] runs, hidden switches changing a room to allow access to higher/lower places, etc. And like Baja Blast said; nothing is more satisfying than spotting a secret in plain sight - e.g. noticing you can run across a series of bookshelfs to land on a balcony or something like that.
  12. Yep, I remembered after making my post that the A1200 i played Doom on was upgraded as well :) Makes sense, as Gloom and AB3D, which are way less fancy than Doom ran on an umodded A1200.
  13. Doom on the Amiga 1200 (AmiDoom? Can't rememver) was something like playing on a low-end 486 (never tried Doom II on it, though). There was a Quake port for the Amiga as well, but that of course required a custom A1200/PowerPC build which brought the machine in question up towards a Pentium/Pentium II in performance. The CPU of the Amiga wasn't doing everything by itself. It had a graphics processor called the "blitter object chip" that did much of the sprite (or rather, "bob") work, that's why the Amiga had so many shoot'em-up games and platformers - it's basically designed for those kinds of games. Not sure how such a chip would help with rendering something like Doom [edit - or even Alone In The Dark, at 14mhz CPU] As for the CD32's "excellence" you can take a look at the Amiga's "flagship Doom clone" - Alien Breed 3D - it looks even grainier than Doom in Low-detail mode. Other titles, like Gloom and the like had more in common with Wolf3d than Doom engine-wise. Also, Doom isn't playable on a 286. I forced my way through Doom on a 386 16mhz with 8mb ram, at probably between 5-10 fps on low detail with a half-size window. [edit - I see, we are talking about Alone In The Dark on a 286, I haven't tried that :) ]
  14. Uncle 80

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    I'd love to see more vanilla compatible maps from the amazing Russell D. Pearson. If you happen to be a vanilla connoisseur, and you haven't played his maps yet, DO IT NOW! His most famous contribution to the community is probably NULL SPACE. But be sure to also check out his LEGO BASE. Total classics. Also, +1 for Anders Johnsen.
  15. Requiem map 13, and many of the Batman Doom levels. There were also some very neat-looking "real" places in Hellcore 2.0, allthough those weren't the best levels to play.