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  1. Uncle 80

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Oh, I agree 100%. That WAD started out so great with the cute scenery and custom graphics, cool effects etc, but gameplay? Blargh! I also agree with the Doom2016 soundtrack bashing. It's so basic it's hardly metal at all. In fact, it's closer to dub-step with a guitar tuned down in drop Z or however low you can get on a 7-string :p
  2. Uncle 80

    Compartmentalising for the sake of sanity?

    Was going to weigh in on 1) but Nine Inch put it pretty accurate. Also, consider stop buying stuff you don't need. Like a smartphone. People give away old phones left, right and centre, and what do you need a smartphone for anyway? Paying your bills? Use your computer instead. Reading while going somewhere? Get a book at the library instead. Listening to music? Find a second-hand mp3 player or something similar instead. Browsing social media while riding the bus? Stop that, you look like a retarded monkey trying to figure out how to peel a banana. I also despise streaming services and cable companies; somehow they've managed to make it the norm that all income from recorded music should now be divided between cable companies and streaming services, while the artists get almost literally nothing. Fuck'em, I'll rather buy cd's or downloads from the artists themselves. Morally, I can afford to aquire quite a heap of polyurethane discs before I start feeling guilty about the environment since I don't own either a car or a smart phone AND I NEVER INTEND TO DO SO EITHER #%/#%/
  3. Uncle 80

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    Beat Doom Eps. 1-3 on Nightmare! back in the 1.2 exe days, but I never bothered to try Ep. 4 after i got the update. Doom 2 is close to unplayable on Nightmare! as well, at least for me. It's a novelty feature, people.
  4. Uncle 80

    Good ways to make secrets

    Jumps. Maybe a wall you can jump over from running along a legde, a window you can jump through running off some crates, or even better, a window you can jump through jumping off a lift before it reaches the top and the main path.
  5. Uncle 80

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    I liked D2 map08. Ok, the exit room is unfair, but the rest of the level is cool. Shootable switches, the caco room, the original cyber infight setup, lots of heavy power-ups, love it... I would have said map24 is complete garbage, had it not been for that cool tech-secret room (the one with a rising stair entrance in the big cave you start in). Very inspirational texture work in there, a theme I have stolen for many of my own (unfinished) maps. I think the most unfun map in all of Doom II might be map12 - The Factory. There are about 0 funny areas. Feels so rewarding to explore a map with lots of optional areas where none of them are memorable. Gameplay is mostly bleh too. Great job! Map04 The Focus gets a dishonorable mention for having the most annoying BG music in all of Doom 2. Quite the accomplishment, considering how vastly inferior the Doom 2 ost is compared to Udoom's. All of TNT is garbage. I have never played through the whole thing, and I never will. Plutonia's worst offender is map26. Booooring. Doom/Udoom has no outright bad maps.
  6. Uncle 80

    Mountain Themed Maps?

    Oh, how could I forget Hoover! Not only is it a good map, it was even the first pwad I ever played :o
  7. Uncle 80

    Mountain Themed Maps?

    i like the volcano map (map29) from Hell Revealed 2. Not exactly over-detailed, but it plays pretty good. And it makes me think of a mountain more than the uglyness that is Mt. Pain from TNT.
  8. Uncle 80

    Share Your Sprites!

    ^^ Unholy macaroni, that looks sweet! I'm a sucker for "far eastern" themed maps.
  9. Uncle 80

    Is final doom worth playing?

    TNT is crap, Plutonia is decent. I like Doom2 better than both of them.
  10. Wow, that is indeed less known! I've been using Matt Fell's unofficial doom specs as an editing reference for making "hacky" tagged actions for 20 years, and even his document fails to list those types as monster activatable!
  11. The only W1 linetypes monsters can activate in vanilla are Teleport monsters only or teleport. The only other types they can activate are DR door and WR lift. So a lift would work in your example, but that's the about the only option.
  12. Ministry, Chimaira, Sepultura and Napalm Death are my absolute favourites. There's quite a bunch of bands in the same vein as these that come awfully close to being "also my favourite bands" :D
  13. Uncle 80

    Flash thoughts on Hexen: Deathkings' design

    Deathkings was mostly ass, like Hexen itself. Hexen II is where it's at! It even has a decent add-on episode in Portal Of Praevus.
  14. When monsters without melee attacks damage their own kind via barrels, then having e.g. Arachnotrons following each other around continuously firing at each other in an endless loop
  15. Uncle 80

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    The first 3 episodes of Doom are good for Nightmare, episode 4 and everything Doom II are not.
  16. Uncle 80

    How did you find out about Doomworld?

    Stumbled upon DoomWorld eventually after years of googling Yahooing the 'net for fancy wads. Something of a revelation after browsing I don't know how many home-made html pages of "Bob's best Doom WADS". Still waiting for the Ninja Doom TC, that one looked really promising judging from the screen shots I drooled over in '97.
  17. Uncle 80

    for how long did you lurk b4 joining?

    I lurked for something like 3 years from '99 until I registered my first account around '02. Lost my uni e-mail account due to dropping out and didn't re-register with a new account until '04. That said, I haven't exactly been spamming the forums during my 20-year stay on this site. :P (edit: approximately 21 posts per year the last 15 years, heh)
  18. Pass, I'll rather wait for someone to remake Keen 4 in Zdoom... or just play Keen 4. :P
  19. And in the secret room inside the church in Duke3D E1L3 :)
  20. Uncle 80

    unpopular retro opinions

    Hexen II is by far the greatest game in the Heretic/Hexen universe. Also, the puzzles aren't that hard
  21. Uncle 80

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    I should consider using a pack of zombiemen once in a while, they are fun in groups when 'zerked or having a lot of ammo for the high-slot weapons. If I don't plan on having encounters like this in a map, I tend to use a balanced mix of shotgunners and imps instead. Other than green zombie, the Arachnotron is my least used enemy because of A) size, and 2) the noise (especially in packs)
  22. Nokia 111, the un-smart edition. It can ring and send texts. Oh, an it's got fancy stuff like a calendar, calculator and alarm clock. I strongly dislike anything touch screen based. And on the bus I stick to my PORTABLE MP3 PLAYER thank you very much
  23. Uncle 80

    How are other people emotionally?

    I used to suck. After high school, I was a highly socially awkward guy, growing ever more depressed. Then I started, and subsequently dropped out of university. Thereafter, I became something of an isolationist and an unemployable alcoholic for almost 5 years, and my social network shrunk to a raisin. Eventually, I somehow managed to find the willpower to move to a different city and start a new life as a construction worker, which slowly but surely finally rid me of my personal issues, and I managed to get quite good at what I do, so now, after 10 more years I'm one of the most respected guys at my workplace, have overcome my social shortcomings, and have an apartment with a wife and two kids in it. I have some friends too. Hooray! The End. edit: This is a timespan of 18 years :) Last 10 pretty good :P
  24. Uncle 80

    What Do You Think of Wormholes?

    Love maps that does stuff like this, and I think E1M2 and E1M3 are prime examples to follow, even if they are more "many interlinked secrets" rather than "a major part of the map" - well, that computer maze is pretty big, and the hunt for the secret exit is pretty epic. Never shall I forget that rewarding feeling of standing at the imp's ledge looking over the outdoor pit first time I found the secret exit in m3.
  25. Uncle 80

    Anyone here as big a Duke Nukem fan as a Doom fan?

    I have only played Duke Nukem 3D, but I love it! If I were to rank my FPS favourites by time spent in them, it's probably something like this: 1. Doom 2 2. Doom 3. Duke Nukem 3D 4. Hexen II 5. Quake II 6. Shadow Warrior 7. Quake 8. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 9. Blood 10. Heretic And yeah, I haven't bought a new FPS in quite a long time haha Edit: The music in Duke 3D is top-top notch by the way! Only one stinker, this being E3M3. If you haven't done it already, I'd highly recommend listening to a Roland sc-55 music playthrough on YouTube... in Duke's prime, I was stuck with a SB16. What a revelation it was to hear the music the intended way years later!