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  1. Kyte

    In Flames

    I like it. Much better than what I can draw :P
  2. Kyte

    Hm, yet another sketch...

    I like it :D. Not bad, not bad at all.
  3. Kyte

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Hmm, I think it could be both but, Im thinking Cyber Demon.
  4. Kyte

    online players in zdaemon

    [color=yellow]Like Rellik said, it all depends on the time of day. I went on at 10:00am- few people on and 1 bot. 2:00am-More people on and 5 bots 7:00pm- lots of people on and 3 bots. 2:00am- Many people on and bots are refreshed off the server. All these time are in EST. It all depends when your on and how many people feel lke playing that day.[/color] [color=blue]For me,[/color] I go on on the weekends 1:00am(13:00am) to 2:00am-4:00am in EST. But, Im not in a game all the time and it depends whats on my scedule for the day. Dinner and lunch comes in too. Also some clubs I am in and after school things. For schhol- 6:00pm-9:00am or 5:00pm to 1200pm. It depends whats happening the next day or what things I have to do on that day. [color=red]Bots-[/color] Some bots disappear after awhile but, some bots can stay after 6 months or so. So, youll never know.
  5. Kyte

    Skulltag Tournament

    Hey, NOW I can join. Its been 5 months for playing online and Ive gotten much better. Lets see how good I am. Ill check out that information now.
  6. Kyte

    Hey you crazy kids

    I play skulltag and zdaemon and alot of people are on but, the most people that go on to play are using zdaemon. About 100 of them!
  7. Kyte

    Internet Deathmatch Doom FAQ

    Im about to play my first online game! Im still downloading though. Hey so, which dowload do I click on to get to play doom online. I have Windows 98. Im getting skulltag now. (Dont worry. Im an expert at lots of dooms but, is skulltag any different?) I was also wondering how to get to play zdoom online. The link to your help page doesnt work. edit- I just played doom and I won pretty good. I now have internet doom explorer, Skulltag, and Zdaemon.
  8. Kyte

    Skulltag Tournament

    I would join you but, Im getting skulltag now. Im in 101 place for the internet access thing. Ok, how do I join?