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  1. FireWarden1000

    Putrefaction Labs (my first map)

    I tested Putrifaction Labs maelstrom.wad with PrBoom-Plus on Hurt Me Plenty, well designed map, 76/100. Excellent texture placement compared to several Doom II mods that I have tested. The flickering lights, the changes in lighting values, and level variety improves the graphics of the mod. This is a map that does not use the same rooms, over, and over again which contributes to better graphics. The combat was lightweight, which is fine for the first map of a mod. I had plenty of ammo near the end of the map, and I used the shotgun through most of the map. My recommendations, have enemies ambush the player instead of appearing in front of the player. In the map, after you open a door or press a switch, all of the monsters in the room will be in front of you. Enemy ambushes will slow the player down, and increase the difficulty of the map.
  2. FireWarden1000

    Well here it is; my first level -- Absolute Zero

    I tested Absolute Zero absolutezero_v0.9a_edited.wad with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, well designed map 81/100. In the first area, I waited for the Imps to shoot fireballs at the soldiers, and then I would take the pistol ammo. I would grab the shotgun, use the pistol to take out any enemies after me, and search around the map for shotgun ammo. Clear the outside area first then enter the building. This is a map that reminds of the maps that I design myself. You cannot enter the next area without being prepared or you would be ambushed. The Chaingunner ambush in the building was well designed, and enemies were around every corner. I recommend moving the Imps on the cliff closer to the player, and have the Specters chase after the player instead of being trapped in the pond. Add more detail to the map, the hallways, and outside area feel very empty.
  3. FireWarden1000

    Demons Incoming: First map for a 9 map episode I'm making!

    I tested Demons Incoming e1m1.wad with PrBoom-Plus on Hurt Me Plenty, there is room for improvement, 64/100. The map design is well designed, and the monster placement in the rooms will catch people by surprise. The secrets in the map are in good hiding spots, and people should be able to find the secrets. I noticed the random monster guts all over the map, and the monster guts do not make any sense. The monster guts should be branching out from 1 location instead of appearing all over the map in random locations. There is the room where you have to travel past the toxic pool to move into the next room. I waited for the monsters to attack each other, then I would enter the room. You should have the monsters ambush the player after the player enters the room after moving past the toxic pool to increase the difficulty of the map.
  4. After I was teleported to the starting area of the map after completing the last room, I found the teleporter that leads to the Yellow Key. Search for the secret door with the opening on top of the wall. You should consider changing the last room teleporter location to the Yellow Key room instead of the starting area, because secrets are hard to find. I know there are maps that require you to find secrets. There are no strategy guides for user made mods. If you are stuck in the map, usually this means there is something wrong with how the map is programmed. The original Doom had civilian locations in the episodes, there are more than 2 themes to choose from. MAP E2M2 in Ultimate Doom has a variety of themes, and MAP E1M4 in Ultimate Doom is a military themed Doom map.
  5. I tested Underground Toxicity Remake.wad with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, huge improvements over the previous version of this map, 78/100. Underground Toxicity Remake.wad becomes significantly more difficult near the end. I was actually surprised I survived the enemy ambushes near the end of the map. This was a map that was full of surprises, and suspense was around every corner. The map consisted of several random rooms, and I recommend using a theme with map development. Should you build a military base themed map, or a ruins themed map, or a combination of both? My recommendations, add textures to all surfaces of a room, ceiling, floor, and walls. Add light sources to a room, and the room will appear more realistic. The lighting values in the rooms were the same, even though there are no light sources present in the map.
  6. FireWarden1000

    Stiletto Chronicles Demo Release

    The first storyline I developed was more similar to Doom, and Quake compared to the storyline that I have now for the Stiletto Chronicles. My original storyline was about monsters travelling through gates that were appearing at a military base. Similar to Half-Life, and monsters were appearing everywhere. Doomguy fights his way to the gateway, and fights the monsters past the first gate. Doomguy travelling through the gate will transport him to mysterious locations. These locations would have a resemblance to the original Doom maps, except more modernized. Instead of going with the gate travelling storyline, I went with a even cheaper storyline. "What if monsters took over the mall, what are we going to do? Imagine a building that does not have any decorations or furniture, the building would be completely empty. I wanted to add broken furniture to the maps.
  7. FireWarden1000

    Stiletto Chronicles Demo Release

    I see people playing Doom mods with gameplay mods. Are you telling me people have moved on from the base Doom game? I would agree. Doom doesn't have aim down the sights or regenerating health. I have played Freedoom, I know about height variation, and tech bases. The original Doom consisted of the same building blocks, which includes repetitive textures, and unusual door placement with small hallways. Doom has 10 enemies, and 2 of the enemies are boss enemies. To me, Doom is supposed to be repetitive, and there is nothing wrong with repetition. Games are supposed to be repetitive, and that is why games last a long time. Doom mods are free software.
  8. I am not able to reach the Yellow key, I do not see any switches. I would rate your map, but I am not able to finish the map. I am stuck.
  9. FireWarden1000

    Stiletto Chronicles Demo Release

    Stiletto Chronicles looks better with DOSBox, I prioritized DOSBox over any other source port. The source port you are using does not have the right light values. The first version of MAP1 had height variation, and keys. I do not have a copy of STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.01 to prove what I am saying is true. Usually buildings are flat with no height variation, except for second floors, and scaffolding. I do not have plans to add custom textures or music to Stiletto Chronicles. My only plan was to add a title screen, and change the level names. Zombies soldiers shooting each other is unavoidable. You have to play the maps people made to see the truth. You will have large maps with at least 4 enemies in each area. I give reviews to maps doesn't mean the author of the map will respond to my comments.
  10. FireWarden1000

    Stiletto Chronicles Demo Release

    UPDATE JUNE 13TH 2021: STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.08.wad - Updated STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.07.wad to STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.08.wad - MAP1 was redesigned to involve more action instead of infiltration - MAP1 has completed 10 Hours of development - All locations in MAP1 were replaced - MAP2 has completed 20 Hours of development STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.08.TXT - Updated STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.07.TXT to STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.08.TXT - Added link to the PrBoom-Plus - Doom Engine Source Port on the Raspberry Pi Zero Build Guide - Added link to the Brutal Wolfenstein 3D and GZDoom 3.82 Legacy Doom Engine Source port Linux Build Guide - Miscellaneous improvements - Added new screenshots for MAP1, and MAP2 STORYLINE.TXT - Adjust MAP1 Storyline - Added a Gameplay Tip for MAP1 - Adjust MAP2 Storyline DEVELOPMENTTRACKING.TXT - Added Adding Actual Hours to Build Schedule explanation in Map Layout Definition - Added Completed Area Development explanation to Map Layout Definition - Added PATCH4 Build Schedule to DEVELOPMENTTRACKING.TXT - Miscellaneous improvements I decided to move away from adding stealth features to Stiletto Chronicles, because building stealth maps requires larger maps. Stealth games are games that will use large maps. My plan for Stiletto Chronicles involves building small maps or maps that are developed at faster rates. Easy to build maps reduces development time, and I would be able to build more maps over time. Building larger maps, and placing resources all over the map adds to the budget that I have in place for the development of the Stiletto Chronicles. Stealth maps are not easy to build, and enemies do not patrol locations or use base alarm systems, which takes away the immersion of stealth. MAP1 was redesigned from scratch to be more action based instead of infiltration based. I removed the classrooms from MAP1, and all locations of MAP1 were replaced with long corridors. The decision to build all long corridors for MAP1 was actually a bad idea, because I was not able to add Keyed Doors to MAP1. I was not able to add any mystery or investigation features into MAP1. I decided to release MAP1 after 20 Hours of development of PATCH4, because MAP1 is a completed map. Not adding any investigation features to a Doom map will decrease the amount of time to complete the map. MAP1 is a short map, and MAP1 has only completed 10 Hours of development. MAP2 has completed 20 Hours of development. I have improved MAP2 considerably, and MAP2 is close to reaching the final version.
  11. FireWarden1000


    I tested Disintegration.wad with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, well designed map, 80/100. I completed Disintegration.wad in 22 minutes, and I had to restart the map at least 4 times. The restriction on health & ammo in the map increases the difficulty. If you ran out of ammo in a certain part of the map, you would need to restart the map, because ammo is provided in minimal amounts. Consider adding more enemies to the map to increase the difficulty of the map. Fighting the Imps, Soldiers, and Shotgunners was not challenging. The lower end enemies are more dangerous when these enemies are ambushing the player. Enemies appear in front of the player in the map instead of ambushing the player. Revenants need a better view of the player to shoot rockets at the player.
  12. FireWarden1000

    Underground Toxicity remake.

    Are you telling me you would rate "Underground Toxicity Remake.wad" a 50/100? That doesn't make any sense to release a very low quality map, and tell people to play test the map. If the map is in early development, and the map does not have many features, this means you need to add more features to the map. Instead of providing you a list of ideas to add to your maps. Increase the build time for the map to 1 month instead of 2 weeks or 2 months instead of 1 month. I do not see a reason to rush a map out the door unless you are participating in a map building challenge. Take your time, and build a better quality map. I build maps in 20 Hour or 30 Hour development cycles. Which is about 30 days. Read the user manual to understand how to use the features of the Doom map editing software.
  13. FireWarden1000

    Underground Toxicity remake.

    I tested out Underground Toxicity remake "Underground Toxicity Remake.wad" with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, you need more practice with Doom mapping, 60/100. I did not see that much monster in fighting in the map. This means the map has a balanced monster placement system. I did not find any part of the map over filled with monsters or missing monsters. The last part of "Underground Toxicity Remake.wad" was the worst part of the map. Past the Red door, you fight the powerful monsters. All you need to do is retreat to the hallway, and shoot the monsters with the rocket launcher. To complete the last room in the map, all you need to do is hide behind the wall, and use the plasma gun. After the arena fight, you destroy the barrels, and all of the monsters are dead. There was ammo everywhere in the map. Reduce the ammo amounts in the map to increase the map difficulty.
  14. FireWarden1000

    UAC Storage Station - a fairly large new map

    I tested out UAC Storage Station STORSTAT.wad with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, this is a entertaining map, 71/100. This is a very large map, and there are many locations to explore. Great attention to detail, and nice lighting effects. I completed STORSTAT.wad in 30 minutes. The first part of STORSTAT.wad was the best part of the map. After the first part of the map, the enemy placement becomes more predictable. Enemies will appear in front of you, and you will have at least 4 enemies in each area. There was plenty of ammo to find in the map. The map was large, and I do not consider the map to be challenging. I recommend adding more enemies to the map, and the enemies should ambush the player to increase the challenge. There are many dark areas in the map, but the monsters actually do not ambush the player. The monsters are always in front of you.
  15. FireWarden1000

    Demon smelter - a WAD in the works

    I tested out Demon Smelter map01m.wad with GZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, this is a very empty map, 46/100. The map design is a higher quality than many Doom 2 maps that I have seen before. Excellent attention to detail. To improve the graphics, I would add more lights to the map, and reduce the brightness of the areas of the map that do not have lights. My biggest complaint about map01m.wad, most of the fights with the enemies are 1 on 1 fights. The pistol will take out soldiers in 3 shots, and I used the pistol through most of the map. Enemies would appear in front of you instead of ambushing you. Enemies that ambush you while you are using the pistol will increase the difficulty of the map. Add Imps or Demons for the head on encounters, and use soldiers for ambushes. Imps, and Demons have more health compared to soldiers.