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    I tested CHAIN25.wad Complications (demo) with LZDoom, I was not able to complete the WAD. The maps are very difficult, and I had to give up. I can save the game after clearing each room. I am not a person who is interested in a DOOM map where you have to count every amount of ammo you have. There is not enough health in the maps. How would someone clear out entire rooms of enemies with a shotgun with a low amount of ammo? I had to fight a Baron with a pistol. I had to melee attack Lost Souls. I had to use melee to save ammo, and most ammo will only appear in Ammo packs. My recommendations, add more health, and ammo in the maps. For more powerful enemies, provide the player with more powerful weapons. I had to complete MAPE2M1 to start MAPE2M2, and I stopped at MAPE2M5.
  2. FireWarden1000

    2 mini slaughter maps : Furoncle - Boom Format

    I completed Furoncle.wad with LZDoom, acceptable DOOM II maps, 65/100. Is it Furuncle or Furoncle? I had to look up the term, it is a French term. MAP01 was way too easy, most of the enemies in the map will destroy each other. Way too much health, and ammo in MAP01 with not much to shoot at. MAP02 was an overall well designed DOOM II map, and is the star of the WAD. The maps are overall flat with not much detail in each map. My recommendations, increase the length of the maps or add more maps to the WAD. Add more obstacles to the map or damaging floors to slow down the player. Don't forget about adding height variation to a map. If you provide large amounts of a ammo in a map, add more powerful enemies to the map, because more powerful enemies have more health. I found an exploit in MAP02. 1 time the exit area was completely open, and you would be able to exit MAP02 without completing the Final Room.
  3. MAP TITLE: STILETTO CHRONICLES VERSION: 1.09 LEAD DEVELOPER: FireWarden1000 RELEASE DATE: 11/28/2020 LAST UPDATE: 07/25/2022 DOOM ENGINE EDITOR SOFTWARE: Eureka DOOM Editor Eureka DOOM Editor website: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/ Eureka DOOM Editor GitHub website: GitHub - ioan-chera/eureka-editor https://github.com/ioan-chera/eureka-editor Free image hosting provided by the ImgBB website. Upload and share your images. ImgBB website: https://imgbb.com/ The STILETTO CHRONICLES was made using data from The Ultimate DOOM. The STILETTO CHRONICLES was uploaded to the MOD DB website. Games and mods development for Windows, Linux and Mac. MOD DB website: https://www.moddb.com/ STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09 file download location. STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09 addon - Doom - Mod DB https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/stilettochronicles Watch the development of the STILETTO CHRONICLES on the Doomworld forums. Forums: Doomworld https://www.doomworld.com/ STILETTOCHRONICLES - Version 1.09 Release - WADs && Mods - Doomworld Compatible with DOSBox MS-DOS X86 emulator. DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS. DOSBox website: https://www.dosbox.com/ Tested STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09.wad with LZDoom source port version 3.88b Linux PC version. ZDoom website: https://zdoom.org/index Tested STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09.wad with PrBoom-Plus source port Linux PC version. PrBoom-Plus GitHub repository website: GitHub - coelckers/prboom-plus https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus Map Description: Single player Doom episode with coop, and deathmatch spawn points included. Episode includes Easy, Medium, and Challenge difficulty levels. Medium difficulty, and Hard difficulty are the same for most maps. Only MAP1 supports Challenge mode. Each map supports Pistol start, and continuous play. Read STORYLINE.TXT for Gameplay Tips to beat a level, and to read about the next plot in the STILETTO CHRONICLES Episode. Storyline: Maps Included: Planned Updates: The STILETTO CHRONICLES is updated when new maps, and map patches are released. Map patches include expanding maps, bug fixes, and adjusting map difficulty. 9 maps planned for release, including adding a title screen, and adding in game text. Deathmatch item locations need to be implemented to maps. Challenge difficulty will be added to map updates. The STILETTO CHRONICLES Episode will be a 9 map Episode for Ultimate DOOM. The final release of The STILETTO CHRONICLES will be a mod for Ultimate DOOM. 2 hours of gameplay to complete The Stiletto Chronicles. Installation instructions: STILETTO CHRONICLES replaces Episode 1 in The Ultimate DOOM. Start Knee-Deep in the Dead Episode to load STILETTO CHRONICLES after loading STILETTO CHRONICLES with the source port of your choice. Read the user manual included with the DOOM Engine source port software of your choice to load custom DOOM maps. STILETTO CHRONICLES was tested with all listed source ports. STILETTO CHRONICLES does not use custom content, and should be compatible will any DOOM mod. MS-DOS users: - Texture alignment issues will cause graphic glitches (tutti-frutti effect). - If any engine errors are found in the maps, feel free to report the map bugs. Files included with STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09.7z - DEVELOPMENTTRACKING.TXT - STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09.wad - STILETTOCHRONICLESV1.09.TXT - STORYLINE.TXT Screenshots: UPDATE JULY 25TH 2022:
  4. FireWarden1000

    STILETTOCHRONICLES - Version 1.09 Release

    After searching through the Modb DB website for Ultimate DOOM maps, I noticed a number of DOOM maps were sitting on a shelf in the back for a long time. These are DOOM maps that were uploaded over 10 years ago, with at least 10 downloads a year. There are well designed DOOM maps from a long time age that barely have any downloads. DOOM II maps will have over 4 times the download rate compared to Ultimate DOOM maps. DOOM II contains a much larger resource count compared to Ultimate DOOM. STILETTO CHRONICLES was sitting at 120 downloads for about a year, until I noticed the download count finally reached 125 downloads. I feel obligated to release a new PATCH after I have enough file downloads.
  5. FireWarden1000

    STILETTOCHRONICLES - Version 1.09 Release

    STILETTO CHRONICLES has finally reached 125 downloads on the Mod DB website. I last updated STILETTO CHRONICLES on 06/13/2021, and finally there are enough downloads to release a new update. This means people are still playing The Ultimate DOOM maps, even the low quality maps, because the download count will take a long time to increase. When STILETTO CHRONICLES reaches the next download threshold on the Mod DB website, I will release a new PATCH. INTEGRATED has reached the download threshold for a new PATCH, and this includes my other DOOM2 map project. The "CAVE" map has reached the download threshold, and will be updated when I have the opportunity to build the map from scratch. INTEGRATED will take a long time to update. This will be a busy DOOM mapping year for me. MAP1 in STILETTO CHRONICLES has been updated to INTEGRATED map development standards. This means more 3D environments, and moving away from blocky map design. When I was developing STILETTO CHRONICLES before I developed INTEGRATED, the maps were running fine on my main computer. The development of INTEGRATED made me invest in a computer with a workstation graphics card. The workstation computer cuts through the DOOM maps like butter. Well at least my DOOM maps. My daily computer can only start the development of a DOOM map. Adding additional features to a DOOM map will require a more powerful computer. Remember, Maps E1M2 - E1M7 are early release maps, and are not complete maps. Only MAP1 had completed development. You can choose to skip Maps E1M2 - E1M7.
  6. FireWarden1000

    New to mapping!!

    I completed crypts.wad with LZDOOM, acceptable map design, 70/100. In all seriousness, the map overall was not the worst DOOM map that I have played before. You have all of the basic features of a DOOM map, height variation, enemy variety, varied level design, elevators, doors, keys, etc. The map is very rough around the edges, overall playable. This is a DOOM map, what more would anyone ask for. Build more DOOM maps. My recommendations, larger rooms are not always beneficial to a map. Smaller areas are easier to build, because larger map areas will require more development to fill up the empty space. Add enemy ambush locations to a map, and the enemies will ambush the player. Hiding places can include boxes, pillars, large rocks, walls, etc.
  7. FireWarden1000

    CHJBombay Episode 1 (update 05-18-2022)

    Okay, I will close down the project. I will use the remaining map designs for the CHJBombay-TEST project for other projects I have planned. If I were to build MAP01 in CHJBOMBAY 100%, I would estimate at least 30 Hours of map development to complete the development of the map. Not 8 Hours as I said before. I had to build a carbon copy of MAP01 using Eureka DOOM Editor, because CHJBombay is packaged in a PK3 file. If I made adjustments to the map size of MAP01, the map will not resemble MAP01 in CHJBombay, and will be a completely different map. If you change your mind or need help with any other projects, you can always reach out to me.
  8. FireWarden1000

    CHJBombay Episode 1 (update 05-18-2022)

    I'm about to throw in the towel on the CHJBombay MAP01 redesign, because there is way too much open space in each area of the map. To build a real DOOM map, I need to add details to each area of the map, otherwise the map will be very empty, and not complete. I do not have a story line either, that means I have to build each area from scratch. I am only going to build the first half of MAP01 in CHJBombay. I will let you know when I am done with the map, I would say at least 2 more weeks of development.
  9. FireWarden1000

    CHJBombay Episode 1 (update 05-18-2022)

    The overall map layouts in CHJBombay are believable, and well designed. Actually, the map layouts are much better than the maps I have tested since I started using the Doomworld forums. You are losing in the gameplay department, because all of the enemies are always out in the open. Give me at least 1 - 2 weeks to build a playable map. I would say at least 4 - 8 hours of map development should be enough for 1 map.
  10. FireWarden1000

    CHJBombay Episode 1 (update 05-18-2022)

    This is probably the 4th time I have tested CHJBombay MAP01 - MAP06. My eyes have seen enough of these maps. The only difference I noticed with the maps with the latest patch would be monster placement, and number of enemies in each map. If you want me to edit a map in CHJBombay to show you how a DOOM map should play, let me know. You have been working on this project for a long time, I do not want to see you to travelling in circles for years in a hot desert.
  11. I completed Green Water Green Fall gwgw.wad with LZDoom on Ultra-Violence, well designed map, 80/100. This map is challenging, and the difficulty is well balanced. I am actually tired of testing DOOM wads that will feature over 100 enemies in a single room. This is a basic DOOM II map that is full of surprises. I don not have much criticism for you other than to build larger DOOM maps or more DOOM maps. My advice, spread out the enemy placement throughout the map instead of placing numerous enemies in 1 location. If you need a place to add enemies in a map, build larger areas in the map or use trap rooms to hide enemies to ambush the player.
  12. I completed Random Doom Base r3.wad with LZDoom, awful map designs, 50/100. The positives, the maps are well balanced for pistol start, and the maps are not very challenging, but challenging enough. Great use of floor crushers, and teleport systems in the maps. There is not enough room for the Spider Mastermind to attack the player in the maps. The lighting effects provide the maps with more scare value, but what is causing the lighting effects? Thin air? These are large sized maps with not much gameplay in each map. There are a low number of enemies in each area of a map even though the maps are relatively large in size. Maps are very flat, and you need to include more height variation in the maps. Numerous textures are out of alignment. When I completed the WAD, I see the DOOM II ending instead of the DOOM ending. Were you planning to build a DOOM 2 map?
  13. FireWarden1000

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    After playing Imagination Beyond with Brutal Doom, I would actually rate your maps at least 80/100. The maps are varied, challenging, and full of surprises. I have not completed Imagination Beyond, I would prefer to play the WAD on my other computer with the Brutal Doom mod. Imagination Beyond with stock DOOM2, enemies will get stuck in the maps, and are not able to chase after the player. With Brutal Doom, the monsters move faster, and are able to chase after the player. The faster gameplay lets the map flow more smoothly, and the maps are overall much better in quality. You can have the same gameplay with stock DOOM2 if the monsters were closer to the player.
  14. FireWarden1000

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    The overall graphics of the WAD were well designed. The map layouts were not the problem, but I have not played the Imagination Beyond WAD in a long time. I tested out Imagination Beyond with Brutal Doom, and the maps actually look better with the Brutal Doom mod. The maps were faster paced with Brutal Doom compared to playing Imagination Beyond with DOOM2 only. Are you building a Brutal Doom for DOOM2 map? The map plays better with Brutal Doom. I figured out the layout of MAP02. After you get the Yellow Key, you return to the beginning of the map, and use the Yellow Key on the Yellow Key Door. After completing the Yellow Key room, you find the Red Key, and the Yellow Key room is connected to the Red Key Room. To access the Red Key Room from the Yellow Key Room, you only need to jump into the area which does not break the map. You don't need to jump in MAP02 to complete the map. If you want to cheat the map, and skip the Red Key Room, you would jump to reach the Red Key from the Yellow Key Room cave, then exit the map.
  15. FireWarden1000

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    If you have any questions, let me know, and I will see if I can help you out. You don't need to build 8 good DOOM maps in a WAD. If 1 map in the WAD is good, and lasts at least 10 minutes, that is a map that I would review. If I do not provide a score to a map review, the score would be very low. Instead of providing bad scores, I ask the map builder to include adjustments to the maps to improve the review score of the WAD. I do not always know what the map builder intends to build, every DOOM map is different. People build speed maps, people build DOOM mods, people build arena maps, etc.
  16. FireWarden1000

    Cavern demo

    Thanks for testing out Cave1-TEST.wad. I made the map within 6 hours, and I didn't add any new areas to explore if you completed Cave1.wad. Cave1-TEST was developed on top of Cave1.wad, and is a relatively short map to complete. I usually build techbase maps, and Noahtheking50 actually showed up at a good time, because the last map that I developed has a mining complex area. I was developing cave locations, then I was asked to build the Cavern demo DOOM II level.
  17. FireWarden1000

    Cavern demo

    I forked the Cavern Demo Cave1.wad DOOM II map, the map is called Cave1-TEST by FireWarden1000. Map TITLE: Cave1-TEST Version: 1.00 Lead Developer: FireWarden1000 Release Date: 03/24/2022 Cave1-TEST was made using data from DOOM II. Cave1-TEST is a fork of Cavern Demo Cave1.wad DOOM II map developed by Noahtheking50. DOOM ENGINE EDITOR SOFTWARE: Eureka DOOM Editor Eureka DOOM Editor website: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/ Use the latest developer version of the Eureka DOOM Editor: https://github.com/ioan-chera/eureka-editor Free image hosting provided by the ImgBB website. Upload and share your images. ImgBB website: https://imgbb.com/ Watch the development of Cave1-TEST on the Doomworld forums. Forums: Doomworld https://www.doomworld.com/ Cavern demo - WADs & Mods - Doomworld https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/127940-cavern-demo/ Compatible with LZDoom 3.88a ZDoom website: https://zdoom.org/index Compatible with PrBoom-Plus 2.6.1um PrBoom-Plus GitHub repository website: https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus Map Description: Single player DOOM II map. Map includes Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels. Maps Included with Cave1-TEST.wad: MAP01 Cave1-TEST Background Story: MAP01 Cave1-TEST A research team goes missing after investigating ruins in the "insert location name here" Caverns for answers involving demon teleporter technology. Doomguy is sent to the "insert location name here" Caverns to find the missing research team. After a series of earthquakes inside the "insert location name here" Caverns, Doomguy is now lost inside the cavern. Doomguy must find a way out of the "insert location name here" Caverns, and find the missing research team. Files included with Cave1-TEST.zip: DEVELOPMENTTRACKING.TXT Cave1-TEST.TXT Cave1-TEST.wad Screenshots: Cave1-TEST.zip
  18. FireWarden1000

    Cavern demo

    If you want me to edit the map for you, I do not have a problem helping you out. The map is ZDoom based, I am more familiar with maps for DOOM.EXE. Are you saying this WAD is cancelled? I didn't say the map was either good or bad. There is not enough gameplay in the Cavern demo to provide you a map review.
  19. FireWarden1000

    Cavern demo

    I completed Cavern demo Cave1.wad with LZDoom, this map is not complete. There is nothing to search for in the map, except for the keys to complete the map. There are only 11 enemies in the entire map. This map release is not considered a demo release. My suggestions, build smaller areas instead of large, and empty areas in the map. Remove areas of the map that are not required to be accessed by the player. Add more powerful enemies to a level to increase the difficulty of the map. If the player is provided with powerful weapons or large amounts of ammo, add more enemies to the map. Practice, and study building DOOM maps before releasing a map to the public. Build a DOOM WAD with at least 5 minutes of gameplay.
  20. FireWarden1000

    Repetitive Trash

    I tested trash2.wad with LZDoom, these maps are unfinished. If you are not sure if people will play your map, you should provide a finished map for people to test, and review. The map does not have to be a high quality map. I recommend a map that includes both original ideas, and basic DOOM map properties. Experiment with ideas, but not to a point the maps become too complicated to build. Add a story line that connects the maps, and then map development will not feel "pointless." I wouldn't call trash2.wad garbage, actually these maps appear better than several DOOM maps that I have tested. Upload a finished DOOM map, and people will review the WAD.
  21. FireWarden1000

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    1 part of MAP03 in Imagination Beyond had several Demons running into each other, and the Cyberdemon would shoot rockets at the Demons. Eventually the enemies in the map would start attacking the Cyberdemon, and then the Cyberdemon would be stuck in the map. Wider pathways for enemies will be necessary for the larger enemies, or the larger enemies will get stuck in the map. My question is "how did the enemies appear in certain locations in the map if the pathways are not wide enough for the enemies to even move around?" Map testing is very important for map development to avoid problems that include the scale of locations, map details, texture alignment, enemy placement, item placement, etc. Feel free to release a new version of the Beyond Imagination when you have the chance.
  22. FireWarden1000

    Martian Mineral Refinery - single map for NaNoWADMo!

    I tested Martian Mineral Refinery MMR_1-1.wad with LZDoom, I was not able to complete the map. I decided to stop playing the map after I noticed fireballs travelling through the large water tanks in the water tank area. The map contains several large, and empty areas that are filled with enemies. The dynamic lights do improve the appearance of the map. The office furniture is well designed. Enemies are placed far away from the player. Doors are activated using timed switches that are placed far away from the activated door. My recommendations, build basic DOOM maps before moving towards more complex DOOM map designs. Smaller DOOM maps are easier to build compared to larger maps. Add more hiding places in the map for enemies, and the enemies will ambush the player.
  23. FireWarden1000

    How To Install Project Brutality?

    I have not seen any DOOM mods that will require any installation. I have seen DOOM mods with a .BAT file, and the purpose of the .BAT file will be included in the README text file. Project Brutality can be found on the Mod DB website: https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/project-brutality
  24. FireWarden1000

    Imagination Beyond Demo

    I tested Beyond Demo v1.1 Imagination Beyond (Demov1).wad with LZDoom, I was not able to complete this WAD. I stopped after MAP03. Overall, great attention to detail, the map layouts were very believable locations. This WAD was actually funny for me. You intended to have the player fight waves of enemies in the maps. The enemies ended up fighting each other. My recommendations, larger enemies are not able to travel through narrow corridors. The corridors need to be wider. Placing enemies in rows will cause the enemies to attack each other. Place enemies in a single row, and break up the maps into smaller segments to improve the enemy placement. Smaller map segments are more manageable to build compared to larger, and open areas. Stick with building basic DOOM maps until you are ready to build more complex maps. MAP02 requires jumping to proceed to the Red Key area. The lift in the Yellow Key area only activates 1 time. Include jumping, crouching, or free look requirements in the README document.
  25. FireWarden1000

    My First Maps (5 Maps)

    I tested TestPack.wad with LZDoom, I was not able to complete the maps. You have a long way to go. I was barely able to finish the first map, because of projectiles flying through the wall. Enemies are able to see you through doors. The map is very dark if you are using DOOM.EXE lighting values in LZDoom. The dark maps will not be very interesting to play unless you are using a flashlight mod. My recommendations, there is no reason to build large maps if the areas of the map are not actually relevant to the map. Smaller maps are easier to build. Place enemies in ambush locations closer to the player instead of distant locations. Enemies placed closer to the player will have a greater chance of hitting the player. To have the player fight more powerful enemies, add a plasma gun, rocket launcher, or super shotgun to the map.