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  1. First Blog update. Whee!

    I'm currently putting together a wad (for personal use only, heh) which contains nearly every single texture I've ever made that's based on an existing Doom 1/2 one (and a few that are from scratch). It currently numbers almost 700 textures and is 5.68 megs in size. There are still quite a few more textures to add too, mainly the ones from the NMTEXT1 and 5th Episode packs.

    Whats more, some of the older textures look a bit outdated compared to my more recent stuff, and so I'm having to improve them... even completely re-make them in a few cases. I'm finding that even some of the new textures don't match other textures properly, so I'm having to change them a bit too. This might mean a re-release of improved versions of a couple of my earlier texture packs during 7YON. No promises though.

    Still, I expect to have this thing finished in the next day or two. Then I can resume work on the other 7YON stuff... (note to those concerned: yes, I am still also working on my Mordeth E2 / CXN / Freedoom / Plutonia 2 / RTC-3057 maps ;))

    BTW, I also made a wad containing all my flats, but that has around 200 flats and is only 800kb, and is therefore obviously not quite so impressive.

    1. Ultraviolet


      Textures! Release!

    2. Sphagne


      Me wants to *borrow* your textures ;)