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  1. Huh, yeah i see what you mean having just tested it myself, no idea what could be causing that.
  2. RottKing


    Finally got around to playing this, and I'm just echoing everyone's sentiments here, but it really is a fine piece of work in many different ways, and hugely ambitious. Not that I think it's perfect though, there's a few things I think could have been done better/differently, such as: Aside from those things though I can't really think of other criticisms. As for the theories surrounding the author, I feel like the only two people I could see doing this is Xaser and Mouldy, but it's probably more likely a community member who has just been on the down low for a long time and decided to put out their magnum opus. Maybe their sense of humor could also be a tell though, any fans in the house with staggering gzdoom knowledge?!?!
  3. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Not any plans at the moment to convert it to Doom 2, sorry! Glad you like them!
  4. Yeah.... Ralph.... sometimes this guy is a real goofball you know...... yowza.....
  5. It's due to the fact that that door in particular is using a 0 tag for a switch operated door, which some ports will handle that just fine and it'll work only for that door, but others will treat it as "everything with a 0 tag gets fucked", and since 0 is the default tag for everything.... disaster LOL YOU SCREWED UP REAL BAD RALPH, IRONIC CONSIDERING YOU WERE TEASING ME FOR THAT IN DOUBLE IMPACT !!!
  6. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Thanks, glad you like'em. Seeing maps made with these will be cool
  7. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    I got on a roll again and came up with a set of wood textures, hopefully to @Egregor 's liking! (there's seamless wood!) I also added a few new things to the stone and metal section. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkrgj83bk91x02q/rk_heretex-v3.zip?dl=0
  8. RottKing

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    Good fucking lord, I honestly cannot believe how a single person can be this unlucky. Who cursed this man? I was watching the Vice video on him, and not only did his identity get stolen along with all his money, I read the article and found this: Bro? THE DAY AFTER Sarah gets hit by a car? Absolutely unbelievable. What in the fuck. Then I read all this current misery... he really might be one of the unluckiest people to ever live.
  9. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    I'll see what I can come up with for some wood stuff, thanks for the feedback!
  10. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Thanks! I saw your Heretic textures, they look good!
  11. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    In a couple different flavors too! Ya got yer full color, faded color, b&w, faded b&w.... all the hits. Those two devils ain't simpin for nothing
  12. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Hello! Here's another update, a pretty large one too. A few new sets have been added, and I completely revamped the naming scheme for all textures. I couldn't deal with it being so messy anymore so I gave them all a more proper naming convention, it should be much easier browsing through now that they're grouped up and ordered better. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4e3dksfpxq8pfu/rk_heretex-v2.zip?dl=0
  13. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Thanks! Looking over them again, I probably went a bit overboard with the slight variations of brightness / color for some of them... I always think to myself "but what if they wanted THIS shade???", and then i throw my hands up and just toss it on the pile.
  14. RottKing

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Thanks ya'll! I already started making some more stuff, so an update should be coming in the next week or two
  15. Hello! Another rare thread from me, this time in the form of a small Heretic texture pack that consists of frankensteined / recolored stock Heretic textures. Nothing super ambitious here, it's more like a supplementary pack for Heretic's small texture pool. It's likely i'll add more to it later on, but I figure why not release it as-is now instead of sitting on it for ages right? Updated February 13th build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkrgj83bk91x02q/rk_heretex-v3.zip?dl=0