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  1. My birthday was the 21st, and it was definitely one of the better birthdays I have had. Got to go out to lunch with three good friends, and had a nice dinner with my parents. I also was able to link up with a guy to buy a rifle I have been actively seeking for six months (and desired for years), an FAL. The particular rifle I bought is built on a Brazilian IMBEL receiver with a mixture of British, Belgian, and Austrian parts (of the ones I was able to identify) and has Rhodesian markings on the trigger-housing assembly and bolt.

    However, the best part of the day was receiving a letter accepting me as a doctoral student in Entomology at Iowa State University, with a concentration in Systematics. I start there January 2010 (I finish up my undergraduate degree in December).

    Hell of a birthday present, that is.

    1. Maes


      Tru dat. I would be happy just with the gun ;-)

    2. Naked Snake
    3. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Naked Snake said:

      and now you can buy handguns too :-D

      You are thinking of a year ago.

      Anyway, buying ammo is the one thing that is going to suck. Well, that and how damn heavy the rifle is. I need to get a reloading setup for this and my .357. The rifle might need a new gas piston, as the current one appears to be one of the notorious "Two Piece" CAI compliance parts. They have a nasty tendancy of shearing or bending themselves when the rifle cycles. Luckily pistons are pretty cheap, and the rest of the gun seems in good shape. I might post some pics when I get my camera back.

      Ever end up getting that .223 Saiga?