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  1. I guess I am an S&W collector now. The lower gun in the picture is a Model 66 made in 1971. The price was so low in todays market that I was compelled to buy it. The 66 is basically a stainless version of the Model 19. They are .357 Magnum K-Frames with adjustable sights.

    The K-Frame isn't the best suited gun for the .357, as the forcing cone at the end of the barrel is not very thick. This is compounded by the fact that there is a cutout in the forcing cone at 6 O'Clock so the crane which the cylinder is mounted on fits in the frame. Because of this weakness the magnum K-Frame's barrel is prone to cracking. However, this can be mitigated by not shooting magnum ammunition that generates more than 1200 FPS of velocity; most instances of cracking occur after significant erosion of the forcing cone caused by high velocity ammunition. The stainless guns are also noted to crack less frequently than the carbon steel guns, likely due to the increased resistance of stainless steel to gas erosion.

    That said, that other revolver in the picture is my Model 28, a larger N-Frame .357 that will eat a steady diet of the hottest .357s and beg for more. The 66 will be primarily shooting .38s.

    Its hard to get a good picture that shows the size difference between the 28 and 66. Probably the best indication is to compare the distance between chambers on the two cylinders. If you can find an older post of mine when I got the 28, you can see how much thicker the forcing cone is on that revolver compared to the 66.

    Oh, and for shits and giggles here is a clear picture of my FAL, as I finally have my camera back.

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