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  1. Meowgi

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP55 Pacifist in 0:05.26 - jf255p526.zip // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8R6vy-6doI Had run this ages ago and figured its time to post it. Surely 4 is doable, right?
  2. Meowgi

    Ode2ImpSlayer demos [complevel 9]

    MAP12 UV-Speed in 0:52.20 - ode2imp12-052.zip // https://youtu.be/6gzQNQLLjJM
  3. Meowgi

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Well, that concludes the competition! Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations to the red team for their victory! Final score: Red: 20 Blue: 7
  4. Meowgi

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Bro legit took 5 whole minutes to think of this comeback :skull emoji:
  5. Meowgi

    Bingo Competition 2023

    48 hours in, and the mhrzenaries are sitting with a comfortable 14 tiles, threatening lines in multiple places. Meanwhile, the Doom Master Bosses have 6 tiles, but what are they cooking? One week to go, so plenty can change!
  6. My brother in Christ, all you did was copy/paste the linedefs, rotate them, and change the textures. Profane Promiseland: "Your" wad (E3M2, Rotated 180 degrees to highlight its an exact copy/paste):
  7. Meowgi

    Bingo Competition 2023

    I think the time in your text file is incorrect
  8. Meowgi

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Lol thanks
  9. Post submission runs for the Bingo Event here. The competition begins at 12PM EST today, and will end on Sunday, November 19th at the same time. Additional competition info in the Bingo channel (you know where to find it). Good luck to all contestants! Posts from anyone but the following users will be ignored: Red Team (Team Captain: @mhrz) Blue Team (Team Captain: @Kinetic) Yellow Team
  10. "Happy Birthday Starduster" is a wad as few of us made for @Starduster's birthday, featuring 7 mainline maps (and one credits map) containing difficult fights, platforming, and some speedrunning tricks sprinkled throughout. With his blessing, we are presenting the wad to the community for others to enjoy. MAP06 has difficulty settings implemented in case UV turns out too rough, but the rest are UV only. Enjoy! Special thanks to @dashiefrickintyan for creating all of the graphics for this, including: statbar, m_doom, titlepic, interpic, help Map List: Screenshots: DOWNLOAB
  11. Meowgi

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    The Fortress (Lev 9 in the Series) (loki.wad) MAP01 Pacifist in 0:33.91 - lo01p033.zip
  12. Meowgi

    What the hell is "artificial difficulty"?

    "Artificial difficulty" is a term a player can throw around to shelter their ego when they end up failing at a map they can't seem to beat. If they simply called it "difficult", then it would imply that they are falling short of the challenge, but adding the word "artificial" makes it an external problem that is outside of their control, and implies that the map is unfair in some way. Regardless of what it actually means, this is how it's used 99 out of 100 times.
  13. Meowgi

    Big room.wad

    I liek spoder]