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  1. I'm super late to this thread, but I second every sentiment Billa posted above. That's not to say people shouldn't run their pet categories, but we really don't need more mainline/"official" categories on the archive. In the spirit of memes though, I was always curious what a nomo run would look like without being able to move forward. I'm not sure what it could be called, but it would definitely be an odd category to optimize runs for.
  2. It really isn't an "issue". It's a discussion. Some people don't feel the same way you do, but judging by the poll results, most do. Because some games do not time to the sub-second (see Quake), although most do. Doom speedrunning at one point did not have a way to time tics either, so our runs were the same way for awhile. It isn't that serious, it's just a poll and discussion topic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This explains a lot.
  3. 10 - noye 9 - Poogers 8 - Plutonia 7 7 - TNT: Threevilution 6 - Experiencing Nirvana 5 - Mock2 4 - frog_and_toad 3 - AVJ.wad 2 - Scythe 1 - Sunlust
  4. Meowgi

    Cyberdreams demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP04 UV Max in 0:11 - cy04m011.zip // https://youtu.be/LUHPHmVYagY MAP20 UV Max in 0:36 - cy20m036.zip // https://youtu.be/3KoGGyXCl_M MAP31 UV Speed in 0:11 - cy31-011.zip // https://youtu.be/YcXpvsztrtQ
  5. Meowgi

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP50: Emerald City MAP01 Pacifist in 0:58 - dbp5001p058.zip MAP07 Pacifist in 0:43 - dbp5007p043.zip MAP08 Pacifist in 1:27 - dbp5008p127.zip
  6. Meowgi

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    Let's goooo!
  7. Meowgi

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP50: Emerald City MAP03 Pacifist in 0:32 - dbp5003p032.zip
  8. Nuts.wad Pacifist in 32.09 - nutsp032.zip
  9. MAP07 UV Speed in 0:34 - tnt307-034.zip // https://youtu.be/zpCCkxYpTMM MAP07 Pacifist in 1:09 - tnt307p109.zip // https://youtu.be/93lS9hTLbpI
  10. Meowgi

    v64 demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP01 Pacifist in 0:15 - v6401p015.zip MAP02 Pacifist in 0:21 - v6402p021.zip MAP03 Pacifist in 0:21 - v6403p021.zip MAP04 Pacifist in 0:06 - v6404p006.zip
  11. Meowgi

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP40: Funnelcake Apparitions - dbp40rc1.zip (DBP40 never got a "final" release - the final version that has been published is this RC1) These demos are 10 months old btw: MAP01 in 0:57.20 Pacifist - dbp4001p057.zip MAP02 in 1:40.54 Pacifist - dbp4002p140.zip MAP03 in 2:04.77 Pacifist - dbp4003p204.zip MAP04 in 1:09.46 Pacifist - dbp4004p109.zip MAP05 in 0:58.11 Pacifist - dbp4005p058.zip MAP06 in 3:59.29 Pacifist - dbp4006p359.zip MAP07 in 1:37.00 Pacifist - dbp4007p137.zip
  12. Congrats on the release! Looking forward to playing this again with some of the changes you've implemented.
  13. Meowgi

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP37: Augur Zenith MAP21 Pacifist in 1:34.20 - dbp3721p134.zip https://youtu.be/k1x20vas7Ng
  14. Filling out the customer satisfaction survery. 5/5 imps! I really enjoyed playing maps 1 through 7. Saving NG+ for another day, but I really enjoyed playing through these and can't wait to run them!