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  1. DubstepJesus91


    i made some music Dmwrldmsc1.zip
  2. DubstepJesus91

    a rough idea for a wad

    i had computer science class in school and i was terrible i'm pretty sure that for me learning to mod is like learning to ride a bicycle for a dog also i posted this idea so if any modder wants to make it he can do it without mentioning my name even once its not MY project its just a quick idea i wanted to post somewhere
  3. DubstepJesus91

    a rough idea for a wad

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali_Yuga#:~:text=Kali Yuga (Sanskrit%3A कलियुग%2C,Vishnu Smriti%2C and various Puranas. the link to the kali yuga wikipedia page if youre interested
  4. DubstepJesus91

    a rough idea for a wad

    playing as kalki at the end of the kali yuga "At the end of Kali Yuga, lord Vishnu will take birth on earth to wipe out the sinners. It is mentioned that lord Vishnu's Kalki avatar will come to the Earth in a white horse which has wings (here, the destruction caused by the white horse is used as a metaphor for the destruction of darkness in the minds of the human beings)." kalki definitly has 2 swords and his white horse, but his arsenal could be expanded with some neat hindu-esque fantasy weapons the maps could be the earth, a godly realm, there could be a demon realm or those place could look trippy since hindi culture is loved for their usage of many colours the enemys could also have some variety in form of cyborg stuff or biomechanical stuff or magic or demon stuff i mean its an apocalyptic setting thats believed to take place in 428,899 CE AND its religious so there is very much space for creativity and interpretation but i'm not capable of doing this