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  1. Since I've just registered here, might share my project here as well :) While Eiffel is not a very strange language, rather less popular, I've started working on a port in Eiffel:
  2. imustafin

    Brie Doom (SDL Eiffel DOOM)

    Hello, doomworld! Just registered here to share my project with you. It is called Brie Doom (brie like cheese) https://github.com/imustafin/brie_doom. I'm working on a source port of Doom in Eiffel language. It is based on https://github.com/id-Software/DOOM with audio/video from Chocolate Doom. Right now the code supports sfx and music (mus2mid) via SDL2 and some in-game rendering. Currently the code is more like a word-by-word translation of C to Eiffel. Automatic translation seems to be too hard for the moment, mostly because Eiffel to C is like Java to C and similar problems as in Mocha Doom's development arise. I was really hesitant about sharing this anywhere until I had something remotely working, but now should be the time! Just several minutes ago I saw some walls got finally rendered (see screenshots). I believe that if I got at least this to work, then all the other things should be possible too :) Science Additionally, I hope to do some scientific research on comparing Eiffel and C for purposes of developing such applications. My plan for this is: Translate the essential single-player features from C to Eiffel mostly word-by-word Refactor the code a bit (use Eiffel contracts to avoid bugs) Try to highlight and fix some known Doom bugs using contracts Compare the results based on some metrics Your input on this plan would be highly appreciated. P.S. I really believed the Doom's code to be much smaller :) Screenshots Main menu Some walls rendered on E1M1.