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  1. sbw37

    Best way to play Hexen in 2021?

    try the doomsday engine. dengine.net is the site. youll might have to tinker with the graphic settings the game keep close to as vanilla as possible. of course youll need the .wad file to run it.
  2. how sthis project coming guys? it looks awesome so far
  3. sbw37

    Community Chest 64

    i did thats how i found this forum. i never knew this existed till i saw doom 64 ce was being worked on
  4. sbw37

    Community Chest 64

    awesome thanks for the link :)
  5. sbw37

    Community Chest 64

    hows the project coming? im very curious to see what yalls plans are for this :)
  6. sbw37

    hey z0k. just wanted to tell you that i got around to playing your knee deep in the dead episode for doom 64 ex and let me tell ya...its fantastic. very well done no lie. even your remix to some of the music really makes it stand out like how redemption denied and the reckoning was created. have you retained any interest in recreating the next 3 episodes similar to how you recreated episode 1? imho it would be quite awesome lol

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    2. sbw37


      youre working on heretic as well? that game hasnt gotten any love/attention in recent years along with hexen. now you got me pumped lol that should turn out quite awesome. how far along are you? 

    3. Z0k


      i used to have one called gherenew which its a heretic with hub style like hexen but stopped it it have like 6 maps (intro map, hub map, and 4 maps) but got out of ideas for the fortress, instead letting the project rot away i donated the maps for my friend onox hexen project called "Cult of Despair" which i also worked some parts on his project (i made him the first hub map which its a forest like map in the night, the second hub map which its a desert remaking a concept he have)



      (here is a screen of map01, left its the actual remake of my gherenew wad and right its the old level e1m1 of gherenew you can find some screens too here: https://imgur.com/a/yQoG6qo )


      if you are interested of my friend project this the thread of his work:

      if you are interested in gherenew you can find it in the section "unfinished works" in this thread:

      i must said all of these works are a bit old so my mapping must be different from what i do now. one of the biggest reason im doing darkmoon first its because i want to dedicated myself only to the remake of gherenew after all my projects are done, because i dont want just to make levels, i also want to  many add other stuff.

    4. sbw37


      dude that looks wicked awesome! no lie

  7. sbw37

    DooM 64 CE

    oh whew thank god lol i was worried for a minute. genius idea for creating that. it feels like playing the first quake. so whats your next big project after beta64 if you dont mind me asking? i saw you converted the knee deep in the dead episode (which is quite awesome). are you going to convert it as another addition to the growing episode list? as always yall are doing a great job with all the conversion projects
  8. sbw37

    DooM 64 CE

    Does anyone know why the "fun levels" were removed with the new version? thats was one of the coolest features in the package
  9. sbw37

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    total awesomeness! all you guys have done incredible work on these mods no lie. im not even kidding when i say yall should be getting paid for your efforts. ill be paying close attention anticipating its addition. god bless you guys!
  10. sorry i havent been on in awhile and couldnt respond. hey im curious, since yall are working on the CE versions of doom, have you considered converting your work to the GZdoom engine? im trying to get ahold of antnee to convince him to give his permission for yall to convert his beta64 levels to the CE mod. im playing it currently and its fantastic. levels are top notch and imo, is the doom64 absolution that was teased back in '97 for the n64dd that never came to fruition sadly. yall are doing great work and i appreciate all of it!

    1. styd051


      hi sbw37 !


      Thank you a lot !


      so for beta64 maybe than Molecicco will work on it to make it compatible for CE, me for the moment I am focusing on other ports of map packs for PSX DOOM, I could keep it in mind for the future if it doesn't happen ^^



  11. sbw37

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    good afternoon antnee hope all is well. first i want to thank you for creating this megawad. as a big fan of doom 64, in my honest opinion, this is the doom 64 absolution sequel that was teased way back in '97 by midway for the n64dd that never came to fruition. the level design is some of the best ive seen in any doom game. and i really like how you added some cool twists to some of the levels. just out of curiosity, would you be willing to give permission to the guys who are currently working on the doom CE mods via the GZdoom engine? so far, theyve recreated the absolution tc, redemption denied, the reckoning, the outcast levels, and the fun levels. the best part is its an all in one download via episodes. it would be so cool for yourself, styd051, sergeant mark iv, and others to come together and really take these games to the next level with all your different ideas/contributions. excellent job bro and god bless!
  12. Good afternoon styd051. I have been a huge fan of doon64 since it released for the n64 back in '97. Definitely one of my favorite shooters. It was a blessing that kaiser created the tc remake enhancing the game back in '04. Much appreciation for giving the tc remake new life for the brutal version. I'm looking forward to your future updates on the game and its additional mods (including what you do for the reckoning) A special thank you for yourself for making this happen, sergeant mark iv for the creation of the brutal mod, aubrey for the enhanced music (very well done) and so many others for their hard work and truly making an unappreciated classic so much better. God Bless you all!

    1. styd051


      Hi sbw37 !


      thank you very much for encouraging me for the future update of Brutal DOOM 64 Absolution TC REMAKE, but at the moment i have less time to work on the next update but don't worry i won't abandon this project !