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  1. sbw37

    DBP62: Haunting Hollow

    i like the out of box thinking yall came up with for this mod. and the music is very groovy :)
  2. wow im a happy man seeing bd64 getting some attention. long overdue imo. keep up the good work guys :)
  3. sbw37


    i had that same issue 6 months ago, but they packaged the whole game with the current version of gzdoom 4.11. its a large download over 800mb as of right now. it comes in a zip file. ive had no issues with that download and it plays great. the addon file will crash, but if you select the "file" tab the full packaged version with the latest update is posted. hope that helps
  4. wow i'm already liking how good this looks so far :)
  5. sbw37


    This is looking really good. I love the new textures and the new soundtrack thats on the demo. The map design as well. Keep up the awesome work :)
  6. sbw37


    Great mod guys! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you guys have up your sleeve as you continue this awesome project.
  7. out of curiosity, the music track thats featured...who composed it? it sounds like immorphers mix from quake 64. i also wasnt sure if this is available to download or not. anyways it definitely fits this great map
  8. wow this is looking absolutely incredible. idk which i like better lol ive always been partial to the project brutality community, but with the d64 weapons and enemies they both look great. keep up the fantastic work :)
  9. im really enjoying playing this right now. combining quake, doom 2 and doom 64 assets imo was brilliant. between the added mechanics, the new animated textures, and the map designs are very well done. its nice to see something different every now and then. great job :)
  10. this is awesome news. always nice to see new content added to expand doom 64 :)
  11. awesome job with this mod. it feels like a new game. like a few have already said, its nice to see heretic getting some attention. absolutely one of the classics from the glory days of the 90's fps :)
  12. sbw37

    Earth - 7 maps for Doom64EX

    hows this project coming? it looks good so far :) i hope you didnt give up on the project
  13. hows this project coming? will it be compatible on gzdoom?
  14. hey molecicco, idk if anyone else is experiencing issues trying to load psx doom 64 CE, but im getting this error loading through the doom 64 CE: Script error, "PSXDOOM64.pk3:cvarinfo.txt" line 1: cvar 'ce_menufadespeed' already exists just a heads up. good work as always
  15. excellent work as always. im curious, the main file for doom64 ce full is only 880+mb compared to the 1.66gb file for v3.4. was there content cut out? or is the file incomplete?