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  1. hey molecicco, idk if anyone else is experiencing issues trying to load psx doom 64 CE, but im getting this error loading through the doom 64 CE: Script error, "PSXDOOM64.pk3:cvarinfo.txt" line 1: cvar 'ce_menufadespeed' already exists just a heads up. good work as always
  2. excellent work as always. im curious, the main file for doom64 ce full is only 880+mb compared to the 1.66gb file for v3.4. was there content cut out? or is the file incomplete?
  3. thanks for the post. i was just thinking about the EVP mod if it was mentioned and boom...there it was lol. thats a really good build. elementalism is shaping up nicely too
  4. sbw37

    What country are you from?

    as a citizen of the once great us of a, it comforts me there are non ignoramuses on here who recognize whats happening. ive never tried to bring politics to this great forum. but i just wanted to give a shout out to a fellow miserable american lol
  5. sbw37

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    that looks really good guys. probably a stupid question but is there plans to add voxels to doom 64? maybe as an addon for the CE version?
  6. sbw37


    well i finally got a fire under my ass to try to play your version. i decided to break down and play it via steam. i gotta say, the work you did from what im seeing so far is no less than amazing. the geometry, sector lighting, expansions of the levels etc is very detailed. i dare say it rivals the brutal version so far. fantastic work man. im having a blast so far. i cant imagine what this will look like if and when it gets the CE treatment. excellent job :)
  7. sbw37


    just a quick question for you guys, are the new enemies that team gec has created going to be used as well? (if theyre willing to allow the community to use the assets) i think that would be totally awesome to have new enemies that the original d64 didnt have. and i possibly might have a taker for my map ideas (3). its not set in stone, but if so itll be exciting to see it be wielded into existence. if not, and yall are dead set on me doing it myself..i suppose i could try to learn the builder program. not to be negative though i just dont see myself learning and becoming an expert programmer by the time the deadline ends let alone achieve what i want to see happen with just the first two maps sadly...just being honest
  8. this is fantastic news antnee. quite a few of us are really enjoying your beta64 megawad especially since it was given the CE treatment.
  9. god i hope this gets ported to CE. the map edits look really good by atomic :)
  10. wow its nice to see heretic finally getting some attention. good work :)
  11. looking good so far bro! hows this project coming? or you tied up with episode 2 right now?
  12. hey bro hope all is good. im sure youve gotten asked this dozens of times, but what file contains all the stored settings like graphics, button assignments etc? i have to keep re-setting up the controls etc every time i reinstall the latest version. dragging and dropping the latest files into the directory overwriting the older ones causes glitching during gameplay. is it possible to back up that specific file?
  13. great project so far bro! hows the progress coming?