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  1. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Courtyard (RbDoom MAP16)

    Alright I've played through the map again. I didn't find the Revenants placed on the outside of the arenas to be too threatening, as you now just have to circle around shooting the enemies on the outside of the arena before shooting the ones on the inside. The rooms you are fighting in are so big, even with the extra enemies it's very easy to maneuver around any projectiles. With the health potions being such a limited and vital resource, it would be nice if they were placed somewhere out of the way where the player could choose when to pick them up, instead of right in the middle of the action, as it is very easy to accidentally pick them up during the fighting.
  2. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Embers of Hell Alpha 2.2 [GZdoom] [Doom II] [Single-player mapset]

    Please add some screenshots :)
  3. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Finished Map06! (Island Dis-peril)

    @Johnny Cruelty That's totally the wrong response bud. Difficulty levels are there for a reason, because some people find difficult gameplay to be arduous and tiresome. Telling someone who plays on lower difficulties that they're just 'not good enough' to play your map is not only disrespectful but it also is going to put off other players who may want to try out the map. I agree with @TheCyberDruid no-one likes shooting barons with the pump shotgun, even on UV. You could have just said "It's possible to get better weapons before fighting any barons or arch-viles."
  4. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Vila - Deathmach Map

    I don't play deathmatch so I can't say for sure how this map plays in a live game, but I ran around it for a bit to check it out, and I really liked what I saw. The layout is very good, The jump-pads are a cool feature for extra mobility, and it has a fun visual theme with some nice doomcute. Good work! @michealrockshim You can consult this thread on how to play Doom deathmatch:
  5. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Hockey stage WAD

    The error is due to a missing curly bracket in the MAPINFO lump you can fix it like so:
  6. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Freazy Boom - A single map WAD for Doom 2 (-complevel 9)

    Great map. Fast pacing and classic visuals. I managed to beat it on my blind run so here is the demo, recorded in Woof! 9.0.0 with widescreen rendering off fb01-2211.zip.
  7. I've never seen so many holes in one screenshot.
  8. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Tempest Doom II wad - back with 2 new maps

    I tried playing the updated version of map 10, however the wad now has sound effect replacements that are in Wav format and in non-gzdoom ports they make a horrible hissing sound.
  9. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Tempest Doom II wad - back with 2 new maps

    Here's a playthrough of maps 9 and 10. Also upon reviewing the vid I noticed that after finishing map 10 I was missing not 11 kills but 111! That's a lot so I investigated and it turns out that there are 111 monsters in closets that do not wake up because there is no sound propagation to their closets.
  10. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Metal Man Lives Ep 1 The Escape

    Great slaughter map. Tight and brisk. There is an issue with sector 233 causing a visual error in software rendering:https://i.imgur.com/tLqVX2B.png
  11. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Jamal Jones: Project Ultramill MAP03 - Mooman's Archives [vanilla]

    JJPU03-448.zip Here's a demo, this is shaping up to be a great set.
  12. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Courtyard (RbDoom MAP16)

    Let's say you are in a fight with a large group of monsters, including 1 Cyberdemon. The fight takes place in a large area with plenty of room to move around. With infighting disabled, every monster fires their attacks directly at you, and moves directly towards you. Thus if you keep moving in one direction, in a circle around the enemies, you will never be in danger, because their attacks will miss behind you, and the monsters are too slow to follow you effectively and will end up bunched up in a big circle for you to easily chop down at your leisure. With infighting enabled, monsters will turn their attention to whatever attacks them, causing them to move around the area unpredictably and forcing the player to navigate their way around them or carefully choose targets to keep their path clear. This will also cause projectiles to be fired in all kinds of directions giving the player another obstacle to work around. These mechanics are especially relevant for Cyberdemons as an infighting Cyberdemon sprays rockets all over the place whereas one that is solely focused on the player will always fire rockets in a very predictable fashion.
  13. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Courtyard (RbDoom MAP16)

    Hello, I played the map so I'll give you some thoughts I had about it and also the Rbdoom mod. So, the mod itself, has some good ideas, but a few I didn't like. For instance I do like the fast weapon switching and faster imp and rev projectiles. I did not like the extremely sparse health pickups. I don't think I found a single medikit or stimpack, only potions. Maybe there was more health in the secrets I didn't find, but without finding all the secrets you essentially have to ace each fight or else your health just slowly depletes as you progress. This also made the new difficulty settings kind of pointless I mean why do I need to choose between a 200 hp or 400 hp pool if I never get enough health to get above 100? The other thing I found detrimental is the removal of infighting. I understand it's intended to be more challenging but it actually makes the combat a lot less challenging and dynamic. Monster behavior is completely predictable, making circle-strafing an even more viable strat than usual, especially when each enemy encounter is in a wide open area with plenty of space to move around. You never have to worry about having to dodge enemies or projectiles that are cluttering up the area, they all just pile up behind you. The map itself was pretty good and I didn't encounter any bugs I just think the mod could use a little tweaking.
  14. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Dubbag's WAD Show (Canceled due to mental health issues)

    Hey bud I'm real sorry to hear you're struggling right now. Don't worry, you're not letting us down, we want you to be as healthy and happy as you can be and if that means stepping away from Doom stuff for a while to get some overdue self-care then do it.
  15. ScrappyMcDoogerton


    This map is on the verge of being really good, I just have a couple of nitpicks which hampered my enjoyment slightly. The pistol has recoil, so if you're not using freelook your view gets jerked up every time you fire it. Also, reloading after every shot gets tiresome. These issues are pretty minor as you get a shotgun fairly quickly. The bigger issue for me is the lack of weapons through the rest of the map. Only getting a sg and cg to deal with mobs of barons, revenants and cacodemons makes cleaning them all up a real chore. The map has cells and rockets peppered throughout, but no weapon to use them with :( At the ending cyber fight, all the good weapons are piled up there but by that time you only need the plasma rifle so having the other weapons there doesn't help much.