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  1. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    [WIP] PRBoom+ Compatible map01

    Pretty fun map. It's a little on the cramped side, but the action stays fast and ramps up well. I like having plenty of cells at the end to let loose with.
  2. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    A New 100 Line Mapset (Demo)

    Probably shouldn't use negative language, like 'worst' maps, to advertise your wad. The players will decide for themselves how good or bad the maps are. Anyways these maps are fun.
  3. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Full Refund [cl21]

    Raddicted maps are a must play as far as I'm concerned, and this one is no exception. Very fun and challenging.
  4. Really fun and creative wad here. Some cute jokes and great utilization of scripting to make the gameplay more than just "kill all monsters, exit level." You might want to suggest playing without mods enabled, as I found playing with my mods broke the scripting and made the "helping" path impossible to progress after collecting the red skull.
  5. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Backup Backbone - Map 13 of Oripathy II

    Some great combat in this map, but the progression was kind of bewildering. Too many switches labeled with an exit sign that don't actually open the exit. In the included screenshot, you can see what I believe is the third switch labeled with an exit sign, that doesn't open the exit. In fact I don't know what it did. And at this point there is a huge maze of a map opened up, and I had to just quit the map because I couldn't find whatever was opened by that switch. https://imgur.com/OLMHOJ5
  6. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    [Single map] Warehouse Grotto

    Very challenging map. The second secret backpack was a bit disappointing, I would've rather it be a supercharge, but that's a small gripe in an otherwise great map.
  7. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Colder Shoulder (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

    I found this map to be way too punishing. Surrounded by a lot of mid-tier enemies and shotgunners with only a shotgun and no armor or health pickups to keep the player alive as they move around. This map would greatly benefit from giving the player a better arsenal and liberally placing medkits around to survive the constant onslaught.
  8. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    My First Ever Doom Map - BloodHalls.wad

    Not a bad first attempt, I would like it more if there were secrets to find, but I think you just missed tagging the berserk room as a secret?
  9. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    World of Confusion (Demo)

    Just a few notes: What works: Keeping the maps short and tight rather than huge sprawling epics is a good idea when learning the ropes of mapping. Clearly labeled doors and switches and easy to find keys keep the gameplay from being frustrating. All map functions(doors teleporters etc.) work as intended. What doesn't work: Placing advanced weapons and powerups at the very start of the map(even secret ones) trivializes the difficulty. The maps don't need to be balls-hard, but most players want to feel at least a little bit of danger. In the second map, the player can simply wake up the monsters in the second room from the upper ledge, and wait for them to mostly kill each other off, making this section much easier than(probably) intended. I would suggest having the monsters teleport in after the player drops off the ledge, or have a closet open to reveal them. Hope this helps!
  10. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Caesium Rift - a Boom-format first level

    Really nice map here. Hits all the right notes for me, with engaging combat and fun visuals/architecture. My suggestion, if you want the yellow key to be more visible, you can put it on a small rock for the player to climb onto in the middle of that blood pool, and make the outer lines of the rock be monster blocking so that no enemies die on it.
  11. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Flame Haze [Doom 2 format]

    This was a great map to blast through, with a real banger of a midi. Sector 125 has a damage flag, probably a mistake, but no other problems in Crispy Doom.
  12. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    Searching for Doom1 Shareware v0.99 .wad file...

    The file works in DSDA and Crispy, but Chocolate gives an STBAR error. Just be sure to set it as the iwad and not a pwad.
  13. I have played through map 11 now, and this is where I stop. I have to say I find it EXTREMELY off-putting for a wad to be constantly insulting me. Why is this wad calling me a scrub after I just beat the first 11 maps? Why am I being insulted for using cheats to figure out how the progression of map 11 works before I beat it proper? Advertising your wad as "HR but even more tedious and also you will be constantly bullied while playing it" isn't a great way to attract players. The whole point of making a successor to HR should be to build upon the good aspects of those wads, and ditching the things people don't like. You can make a successor to HR that doesn't have tedious or irritating gameplay and still have it feel authentic. There are a lot of talented mappers involved in making this wad, I just think the design philosophy needs a rework.
  14. Played through the first 6 maps so far, but it is unclear to me which maps are supposed to be parodies and which ones are just "inspired" by HR. So far some of the maps rely a bit too much on having to die over and over just to find out how to get the map started, but once you get a foothold, they offer some great action. On Map 1 I was getting the "ghost" monsters bug due to poor routing, which can create problems for players who haven't found the secret RL. You could probably delete a lot of the health pickups on map 2, there are 3 megaspheres and tons of medkits before you even get the red key. Map 4 has that little hallway with a ton of "door" monsters, trying to get through it was kind of a pain. Most of the dehacked changes are great, but the change to the timing of the BFG along with the faster firing Cybers makes 2-shotting way more tricky than it should be imo, as 2-shotting Cybers is one of the most fun things to do in Doom. No maps that I would call bad so far, and no bugs(other than ghosts) in DSDA.
  15. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    MFG38's Speedmap Master Thread

    I decided to pick one of these at random and play it, and I picked Sacre Bleu. It's a fun little map, despite it's very short length it's just non-stop action from beginning to end, which is my favorite kind of map.