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  1. Added some screenshots to illustrate some of the mod features. Pardon for not posting them, had IRL issues.
  2. Hi people! How are you? Today I release a small competitive mod designed to work on Zandronum called "Zandronum Competitive Configurator". Inspired by Quake 3's competitive mods and Unreal Tournament's mutators, I decided to work on this as an experiment to see if this would be good enough and also appreciated by the community. This mod requires Doom 2 with Skulltag Content (on Zandronum) to work! At the moment, this mod has the current features: - All weapons deal constant damage. Pistol, Super Shotgun, Shotgun, Minigun and Chaingun have custom firing patterns. Due to limitations of the Zandronum engine, the BFG was changed to not have sprays and instead have a high radius damage over a big radius. - New CVAR: ZCC_WeaponArena: Enables only a specific weapon for the match. It is recommended to have "sv_weapondrop" dmflag enabled for values between 2 and 10 (inclusive for both). Dynamic Cvar. Avaliable values are: -1 (or any other value): Enables all weapons like normal 0: Chainsaw 1: Fist (with Berserk) 2: Pistol 3: Super Shotgun 4: Shotgun 5: Minigun 6: Chaingun 7: Grenade Launcher 8: Rocket Launcher 9: Railgun 10: Plasma Rifle Screenshots: Download Links: Latest Development Version: https://codeberg.org/William_Weber_Berrutti/zandronum-competitive-configurator/archive/main.zip Latest Release Version: https://codeberg.org/William_Weber_Berrutti/zandronum-competitive-configurator/archive/1.0.zip Zandronum Package: https://euroboros.net/zandronum/download.php?file=zandronum-competitive-configurator-1.0.pk3 Keep in mind this mod is on early stages of development. Feel free to give feedback! They will be much appreciated! Thank you for your attention!
  3. Cyantusk

    In Pursuit of Greed Textures - Cyantusk Edits

    Today I release an update for both IPOG Textures and IPOG Props. I edited the links above for the corresponding Latest Release Versions. The changelogs are as follows: IPOG Textures: IPOG Props:
  4. Cyantusk

    In Pursuit of Greed Textures - Cyantusk Edits

    I just released IPOG Props which can be used on mapping too! I changed the Demo Map above to show some of the props made. Repository Link Download links: Latest Release Version Latest Development Version
  5. Hi people! Today I release a texture pack based on "In Pursuit of Greed" textures, containing improved and edited textures from the game, ANIMDEFS, a text file called "Ideas.txt" with some ideas I had, a Test Map (with ACS, LOCKDEFS and an additional SNDINFO), color palette and some organization standards on "Standards.txt". Feel free to use, (re)distribute, and contribute by any means, respecting the restrictions of the original license as described in the project's Readme. The TestMap includes some architectural design ideas, custom damaging floor patterns, switch and lockdoor activation logic and animated textures. If you are interested on making maps using anything of this project, please take your time to read both "Ideas.txt" and "Standards.txt". Screenshots (of the Test Map) NOTE: The TestMap requires gzdoom.pk3, doom2.wad, the development versions of both IPOG Classes and IPOG Enemies, IPOG Props and IPOG Textures to work! You should load the files in this order, for instance: gzdoom.pk3 doom2.wad IPOG Classes IPOG Enemies IPOG Props folder IPOG Textures folder The map lump for the TestMap is: MAP01, made in GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF) format. Repository Link Download links: Latest Release Version Latest Development Version Keep in mind I'm learning how to edit textures and create new content for Doom mapping, so feel free to give me feedback! Also, I said in this post that "At first, the pack will contain more than 1300 textures, and I have more planned to be released after version 1.0 of the pack", but I decided to include everything I had for version 1.0. It contains 1500+ textures. Enjoy!
  6. Cyantusk

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm working on edits of In Pursuit of Greed's textures for the "In Pursuit of Greed Mod" (https://cyantusk.neocities.org/ipogmod). Here's some of the new textures (keep in mind I'm a texture design amateur, and please don't use them yet because I'll release the texture pack soon, including the ones below and ANIMDEFS): At first, the pack will contain more than 1300 textures, and I have more planned to be released after version 1.0 of the pack.
  7. Cyantusk

    My First Doom Map!

    Thank you! The map size is intentional: I preferred to focus on quality and not on quantity. Since this is a demo map, the scope was adequate. Once I learn more Doom mapping I'll be able to do longer maps and mappacks!
  8. Cyantusk

    My First Doom Map!

    The music track is from "Crusader: No Regret", named "Phil".
  9. Cyantusk

    My First Doom Map!

    Thank you all very much for the feedback and gameplay videos! They are much appreciated! And don't worry: I intend to keep working on Doom maps from now on! So expect more maps from me!
  10. Hi everyone! (It's my first time posting here, so apologies for mistakes on this post!) Today I release my first Doom map, called UAC Lunar Base! After seeing John Romero making a map on stream, I got inspired and decided to learn Doom mapping! This is a short and simple map, but hopefully enjoyable. It was fun making it! Below are the details: Screenshots Tested on Port(s): GZDoom Map Format: Doom 2 (UDMF) Settings: You may play with or without Freelook, Jumping and Crouching IWAD: Doom2 Number of Maps: 1 Map(s) Included: MAP01 Theme: Space/Tech Difficulties: implemented. The map should be somewhat difficult. Downloads: Latest Release Version: https://gitlab.com/game-maps/doom-maps/-/raw/main/Releases/CyanDemoMap-v1.0.zip Latest Development Version: https://gitlab.com/game-maps/doom-maps/-/archive/main/doom-maps-main.zip?path=Demo Maps/CyanDemoMap All feedback is welcome! Enjoy!