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  1. thestarrover

    Coverdisks & Shareware CDs Collection

    I uploaded Doom II Scenari CD-ROM to archive.org, for preservation purposes rather than content. Doom II Scenari CD-ROM While I was looking for some files for another topic, I realized that I forgot to upload some files extracted from some PCmania CDs. There are just a couple of levels for Doom 2, while the others are for Duke 3d and Quake. I also included a couple of files for Unreal: they were sent by the authors by email to the magazine and perhaps they are exclusive releases. You can find the files here: Pcmania missing files (Direct Download) Archive.org page Well, I think this is all and this is my last post. This was my first participation in a forum and it was a great experience and for this I thank all of you. It's time for me to take a break, but maybe I'll come back someday. Thanks again and take care! Bye!
  2. thestarrover

    Coverdisks & Shareware CDs Collection

    Considering that the files included on the CD are very common and widely available pretty much everywhere, I think I won't upload it. However the files on the CD are listed in this text file: list.txt.zip
  3. thestarrover

    Coverdisks & Shareware CDs Collection

    I bought that CD used, but in perfect condition, and I received it yesterday. The CD-ROM includes upgrade patches, editors, utilities, graphic and sound patches, dehacked patches, lmp demos and a selection of wads, divided into three categories: single, coop, death. I just took a quick look at the CD, but the levels and patches seem to be all known, except perhaps for: Dante.wad, a three levels wad created by an Italian author called “Cyber Milan 1995” . a series of ten wads called DMXX.wad: DM29.wad is a slightly modified version of Map 03 and DM30.wad a modification of the E1M2 level that works on Doom2. I haven't played the remaining levels yet.
  4. thestarrover

    skola ( school map )

    Very nice! :)
  5. thestarrover

    Obscure shooters thread

  6. DP Tool Club CDs. All the wads in that series are in the Shareware and Coverdisc collection I uploaded on archive.org.
  7. @Doomlover77 I didn't upload the CD. The disc was uploaded a year ago by an archive.org user. I simply reviewed two wads that I found on that CD.
  8. thestarrover

    DOOM BBS Add-Ons: An 800+ WAD mega dump

    Dope 1.00 (Dope100a.zip) The text file states that the version is 1.00 (and the author , in the "MISC" section, clearly states that that is the first version released) , but the date of dope.exe is January 13, 1994, and this is strange since the same file in version 1.01 is dated December 30, 1993. So everything needs to be verified. dope100a.zip
  9. @FEDEX You're welcome! Enjoy! :)
  10. I attached the files in my previous post. The CD was on archive.org and I didn't upload it. It seems to have been removed, or maybe the site has problems. It was the Third edition of the CD released in 1995, and it had been uploaded a year ago if I'm not mistaken. The Second Edition of the CD (1994) is still on archive.org and It doesn't include Marvin.wad and Mystery.wad Cover of the Third Edition EDIT: It's still on archive.org
  11. thestarrover

    DOOM BBS Add-Ons: An 800+ WAD mega dump

    I have identified another author. The author of HANGAR.WAD (DMHANG.ZIP, April 1994) is tagged as unknown on idgames. In the cd shared by @iddq_tea there is a zipped copy of the wad which includes the text file, and the author is DAUGMAN.
  12. MARVIN.WAD by Hillary Clinton (?) , December 1994 DOOM 2, MAP01 Regardless of whether the name of the map author is real or a joke, Marvin.wad is a really interesting level, fun to play and, at least the first time you play it, difficult. The map is non-linear and getting the keys, especially the yellow key, requires a lot of exploration and caution as teleporters play an important role. Some areas can be reached via shortcuts, but these are well hidden by false walls not flagged as secrets. What makes the gameplay difficult is that from the beginning you have to face particularly strong monsters with only the shotgun and even if you find the rocket launcher, you are in a small area and you must use it with caution. The SSG and the plasma gun are only available once in a hidden area and not finding them makes things complicated, considering that you will often have to face very strong enemies and various ambushes. Finding the plasma gun, in particular, can be quite dangerous. Luckily the automap helps .... The map is large and quite varied in design: narrow areas rich in detail, where the combat is more intense, alternate with larger areas where the number of enemies is reduced and the level of detail is lower. What makes the level difficult are not only the enemies but also some environments... and the switches. Some are necessary to continue, others instead reserve ....surprises. The keys to find are only the yellow and blue ones. Note that there are two blue keys: one is in plain sight at the end of the map, the other is hidden and, if found earlier than the other one, it can be used to gain access in advance to a certain area where useful weapons are stored. Even though I'm not a particularly skilled player and I died several times, I really liked the map. In my opinion, both combat and exploration are well combined. Screenshots Download MARVIN.ZIP MYSTERY.WAD by Larry Parry, November 1994 DOOOM 2, MAP01 Similar in gameplay, but much smaller is Larry Perry's Mystery.wad. To proceed in the level, a certain strategy is required, given the fact that the shotgun is hidden, the plasma gun is available only after having explored a specific area and the two megaspheres and other objects can only be reached via some secret passages which are not flagged as such and not visible on the automap. Having to face, in a sequence based on the chosen path, a Hell Knight, a chaingunner, a Pain Elemental and an Arch-vile, makes it mandatory to find at least the shotgun and choose the least dangerous path in order to be able to face the strongest monsters when you are better equipped. There is also one thing to keep in mind: there is an area where you have to be quick to get out, otherwise you get stuck and have to start the level again.The final fight is quite intense. The design isn't very interesting honestly, apart from a beautiful throne on which the yellow key is placed, but I wanted to review it mostly for its rather particular gameplay, even if I am aware that many people might not like it. The level was conceived as the first in a series, but I have no info about the others. Although it is mentioned in the text files, there is no demo in the zip. Screenshots Download MYSTERY.ZIP
  13. thestarrover

    Doom Unlimited - A shovelware CD from 1995

    @CravenCoyote Thank you so much for sharing the CD!
  14. thestarrover

    DOOM BBS Add-Ons: An 800+ WAD mega dump

    There is a DM2EA.ZIP in the 4-Ever Doomed (Cypress Software) CD but it is the editor by Admiral and Sonic archived as Deu2c.zip on idgames. This is the only file I was able to find. SIGHT.WAD is dated December, 10 1994 and DEU.EXE included in the DM2EA.ZIP is dated November, 10 1994. It's possible that the editor mentioned by Gilliam in the text files is exactly that , and perhaps the name of the zip was changed when DM2EA was archived on idgames, but that's just my thought. EDIT: There is another DM2EA on https://web.archive.org/web/20130409231749/http://files.volved.com/qsr/doom_extras/DEDITORS/ All thanks to @Mad Butcher who shared the link in this post. It is the same file included in the 4-Ever Doomed CD anyway.