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  1. thestarrover

    Merry Christmas Doomworld!

    Merry Christmas to you all!
  2. thestarrover

    Coverdisks & Shareware CDs Collection

    Christmas is coming and what better time to play some good old doom wad? :) So here for you the DOOM CHRISTMAS PACK, a collection of wads (and MIDI files) extracted from cds I found recently on archive.org. Most of them have been uploaded just few days ago. Download THE DOOM CHRISTMAS PACK : Archive.org page, Direct Download Commercial CDs NOT INCLUDED in the pack: MEGA DOOM 1 MEGA DOOM 2 3D VIOLENCE 2 (Duke 3d levels) CHARTBUSTERS 9 (DUKE 3D ADD ONS) CHARTBUSTERS 10 (QUAKE ADD ONS) SOME ADDITIONAL WADS AND FILES FROM ARCHIVE.ORG Blue Age F by Skronkidonk and DCGretrowave. 32 levels megawad. DOOM 3 WAD For ID Tech 1. Source ports and Dosbox DOOM Battlebook Revised and Expanded Edition Enjoy and Marry Christmas to you all!
  3. thestarrover

    Cursed Doom Images

    It doesn't bode well....
  4. thestarrover

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    Carnage by Billy Turnbow. Episode 3 replacement.
  5. Some of the maps I reviewed are HERE and HERE
  6. thestarrover

    Yuegong - Moon Palace (abandoned map)

    The screenshots are wonderful! Absolutely a great work. I hope you finish these maps.
  7. DM2-ULT.WAD Unknown author Both wad and FILE_ID.DIZ files are dated 1/04/1980 but obviously the date is not the correct one. The Ultimate Doom Episode 4 levels converted to Doom II MAP01 = Doom E4M1 MAP02 = Doom E4M2 MAP03 = Doom E4M3 MAP04 = Doom E4M4 MAP05 = Doom E4M5 MAP06 = Doom E4M6 MAP07 = Doom E4M7 MAP08 = Doom E4M8 MAP09 = Doom E4M9
  8. Thank you @Kyka. Thank you very much! Very kind of you! Yes, it was truly a long, difficult but also beautiful journey. My navigation wasn't very good and I wasted a lot of time, but it was a great challenge. I had a lot of fun and I'm really happy to have completed this level! I honestly didn't think I'd be able to finish it. :)
  9. By the Power of Grayskull... after 33 hours, 16 minutes and 55 seconds, the long journey has ended and... THE CRAZYMAZE HAS BEEN CONQUERED! One monster has been left behind to testify the event! XD My biggest mistake was leaving the red key as the last one to find. Going back to the exit was truly hard and very long.... and just before reaching the exit, my dear joypad died! It was too much even for it! XD XD And now what will be next? :) Thanks again to @jpsplat for this nightmarish but amazing map!
  10. Thanks a lot! Today I found the red key and now I'm on my way to the exit. The last cyberdemon was really difficult since he was in the company of three archiviles. They killed me twice but I finally killed them. I have died 6 times in total.
  11. 23 hours. Blue and yellow keys found. Two Cyberdemons killed and I found the computer map. Now I have to backtrack to find the red key. Mamma mia! XD
  12. In those rooms, in different sections of the maze, you could hide the keys. A little "quest" could be a good addition and distraction from the maze. You could place the exit at the top of the high tower. A sort of epic final of your long journey. You could make a new, custom intermission screen with an image of the maze now in ruins ( or in flame or whatever ) and the "CrazyMaze: IT'S DONE!” (or “IT IS FALLEN APART”) which replaces the original map name. Okay okay. I stop here! When I find something I like so much (movies, songs and games), my imagination and fantasy run wild and I can't stop them. XD Bear in mind that I know absolutely nothing about how to make a map, so all these things may not be implementable or, even worse, make the level unplayable. Take these suggestions for what they are: simple ideas! :)
  13. I'm still playing the first unedited release and still have a long way to go! XD Unfortunately I don't have much time to play. So in the new version will the maze be a little different? Will the gameplay be the same? Anyway thanks a lot for this amazing level! :)
  14. @Kyka Well done! Truly a wonderful job! :)