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Graveyard Disciple

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  1. Graveyard Disciple


    FUNNY SHIT!!!!
  2. Graveyard Disciple

    New Nintendo console?

    Who gives a shit; the SNES is where it's at! :)
  3. Graveyard Disciple

    Land rights for gay whales!

    Sorry, don't listen to such primitive music such as 'ludacris'. I am trully sorry for any feminazis I have offended. lol Go get a life dick weed. Why the fuck do you have to go on a self righteous crusade to prove how much you care.
  4. Graveyard Disciple

    Land rights for gay whales!

    With me or with piece of mind? and if I do get banned it'll be the most blatant infringment of freedom of speech. lol
  5. Graveyard Disciple

    Most under rated game?

    Doom! I know you guys know what I mean.
  6. Graveyard Disciple

    The State of Union Address

    Well thank god!
  7. Graveyard Disciple

    Land rights for gay whales!

    I don't need a smart chick! All she needs tto know is how to spread her legs and how to cook.
  8. Graveyard Disciple

    Land rights for gay whales!

    Fuckin' amen! I hate these pussy vegan antiwar hippies. I hope they die the painful deaths they deserve! -------------- Back on topic. Yea, I have I pissed off all the hippies by saying I was for the war.
  9. Graveyard Disciple

    just a little idea......

    That movie was one of the greatest movies ever. Despite being a total ripoff of Dawn of the Dead it was filmed so well that it made up for that. Anyway, I love that idea.
  10. Graveyard Disciple

    Are corpses going to decay?

    Decay is a very slow process taking years to fully finish. Having that kind of thing in a game would be utterly pointless.
  11. Graveyard Disciple

    GTA3 vs Vice City

    Fuck both of 'em! GTA2 OWNS!
  12. Potato, potato, potato! Weebls Stuff, right?
  13. Graveyard Disciple

    Shittiest games of all time

    Only on account of ya suck at it. That game is THE FIRST survival horror game. Me and my pal bet the whole damn thing. Also some of the best graphics.
  14. Graveyard Disciple

    Jefferson Davis Report

    Well, most of the dumbasses in Public School don't know that. and my teacher said it was cool.
  15. Graveyard Disciple

    Jefferson Davis Report

    Sorry 'bout that. I'm thinking along the lines of 3-4 pages. And it HAS to be organised chronilogicly. Thank the lord for spell checker ;)