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  1. Hayden49

    Post your Doom textures!

    Hell red variant
  2. Hayden49

    [1.4.1] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Those monster limits are insane dude
  3. Hayden49

    Post your Doom textures!

    Heres some examples of the use for the textures: (Valiant but with my rock textures)
  4. Hayden49

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some rock textures made from some image off google, Doom palleted and with flats included. Seamless.
  5. Hayden49

    Angry NilsQuilt a Discord CP: 1 map by 7 people

    I'm glad I got to make the midi!
  6. Hayden49

    ⭐ Rank Your Favourite Wads

    1. Valiant 2. D2TWID 3. Heartland 4. Plutonia 5. Doom 6. Sigil 7. Doom II Yeah I haven't played alot of wads
  7. Hayden49

    So, how old are you ?

    It was my 14th birthday like 3 months ago
  8. Hayden49

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    I am so honored to be the fifth person to reply to this legendary thread
  9. KDIYB.zip (81.6kb) <---- Download Hey, your TV channel has stopped working, so you must get up and see what's going on. You grab your gun, your beer, and your helmet. You see the sky is completely red in the village, this must be a demonic invasion. In the style of vanilla, this is a short and easy limit-removing doom 2 city map, with only 67 enemies. Difficulty settings are not implemented, however the map is still short and easy anyways. Have fun! Tested with dsda-doom (complevel 2) Midi: "Street Surfer" by stewboy
  10. Hayden49

    Happy 25th Birthday Doom 64!

    This is my first map for Doom 64 EX. It took me around 10 hours to make because I was learning doom builder 64, but the map take around 15 minutes to beat. Tested with Doom 64 EX. devil_coves.zip Screenshots: Also, this post was made on my phone so if this post has something wrong with it sorry it's the phones fault lol
  11. What a good wad. Perhaps the first map is the least exciting since it is very short and not as action packed as the rest, but my favorite maps are E1M7 and E1M9, the barrel exploding is cumming (amazing). I'd like to see a full megawad of this, it's great. I am a big fan of E1's. Grade: B+ Difficulty: D Best: E1M7 2nd best: E1M9 Hardest: E1M8
  12. Hayden49

    Blood Flash 2 - Short vanilla megawad (15 maps)

    @sandwedge @eharper256 @Clippy Thanks you all for the videos, I love them. Sidenote: Blood Flash 1 & 2 will likely be on Idgames soon, with bugs and issues fixed.
  13. Download the megawad: bldflsh2.zip Description : Blood Flash 2 is a short vanilla megawad of 15 maps, all being recycled maps I have made at different times, and randomly, a while ago. The difficulty is quite easy, and each map is pretty linear and short, and has a random theme. This wad, other than the custom skies and waterfall, has no custom textures or sprites. The palette is PalPlus. Dehacked Changes: -Pistol is faster -Chaingun is faster Note: Level names only appear on source ports that support UMAPINFO The Blood Flash series are wads of scrapped/recycled maps I have made in the past, cleaned up and compiled into bigger wads.
  14. Hayden49

    Blood Flash - 2 vanilla maps

    Update: Added extra ammo on MAP01 so its not as frustrating
  15. Hayden49

    Blood Flash - 2 vanilla maps

    @ScrappyMcDoogerton Thank you so much for the positive words on the wad and the video! @Clippy Thank you for playing and the video and for the feedback!