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  1. I haven't seen an Old Stuff Chronicle for like two months and I only realized it when I reread the New Stuff Chron today! Where did it go? Will there be new ones or was it just a try and didn't the guy who made them (forgot his name) feel it was a good enough?
  2. Nexus

    Looking for Deth Tutorials

    DETH is a good editor, but it is indeed difficult to learn. Once you've gotten the hang of it though you can edit almost anything. It's definitely not an editor of choiche to start with though, try Wadauthor
  3. Nexus

    Scripting makes the world go round

    Is he challenging the status of Tarin as King of Scripts? OMG
  4. Nexus

    Scripting makes the world go round

    Lüt, Lord the of Lines, doesn't understand scripting? /me falls out of chair I agree with ChaosOverlord, scripting rock!
  5. Nexus


    You're welcome
  6. Nexus

    DETH problem

    Thanx, I'll try
  7. Nexus

    DETH problem

    The problem doesn't lie in the DETH.ini file. I browsed through the entire thing changed everything which might have possibly have something to do with it but no solution. But what I didn't try was a different DOS mouse driver. Happen to have a URL for that driver?
  8. Nexus

    DETH problem

    You really think so? I might just do it (yes you partially convinced me) but for now I just want to go on with my new level so I really wanna solve the problem.... And one other thing in favor of Deth is that it runs perfectly on my old 486 :)
  9. Nexus

    DETH problem

    Sorry I have to disagree. I like the simple fact that I can put vertices where I want. And I simply haven't the time to learn how to use WA.
  10. Nexus

    DETH problem

    I formatted my hd last weekend, and now when I start editing with Deth it fucks up my mouse. When I move the mouse you see a "trail" of where the mouse went until the screen redraws. It's very annoying 'cause I can't edit quickly anymore (sigh) and it didn't do it before. Anyone know how to fix this?