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  1. fuGue_tv

    Two Short Maps - fuGue.wad

    Just watched the full video -- it's very interesting watching someone else play your map. 1 - I wonder if the BFG fight in MAP01 is too hard compared to the rest of the map 2 - I am happy you didnt find all the secrets, but I wonder if they are too hard to find or too important, making it hard to complete the maps without a continuous start. Thanks again for doing this. You're a true chad.
  2. fuGue_tv

    Two Short Maps - fuGue.wad

    Thanks so much for giving them a try. I appreciate you taking the time! Yeah, I’m a little messy with textures and line placements and stuff still. I have trouble with lining things up ‘perfectly.’ MAP01 was definitely more focused around the fights, where as MAP02 I was more focused on lighting and stuff.
  3. fuGue_tv

    Two Short Maps - fuGue.wad

    Hey guys. I am working my first ever project. I feel close to done with the first two maps, and would love to share it with you all. -Boom format (complevel 9) -Tested with dsda doom Let me know what you think. I am new at mapping. MAP01 was my first ever map, and MAP02 is my third. I think you can see noticeable improvement going from map01 to map02. MAP02 is supposed to be a 'horror' map. Let me know if you think its 'scary.' Here's the link: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/91D00726D6909D79B9D57B5A2A671C672FEAF21B
  4. fuGue_tv

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 21 in 0:51 sec (UV-SPEED) gd21-51.zip
  5. Sunder MAP01 UVMAX in 3:48 my first demo posted, ever ! su01m348.zip
  6. fuGue_tv

    Maps Designed with Jumping and Crouching in Mind

    Gonna DL and try it now! edit - Just tried it... the map is super laggy, even on the low res version. And I am running a 1080ti. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's conflicting with my other mods? I am kinda new at this so any help would be great.
  7. I figured I would start this thread as a way to consolidate a solid list of maps designed with jumping in mind. I love jumping and crouching in FPS games, but many of the wads I have played have been made too easy with the advent of jumping. Everyone, post your favorite maps that use Jumping and Crouching!