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  1. fuGue_tv

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Episode 2: 4:18 My map1-5 isn't as good as my last one, but my speed on map 6 and 8 still brought the time down by 10 seconds. ep2-418.zip
  2. fuGue_tv

    Heartland demos [Eternity Engine]

    Heartland MAP01 UVmax in 10:47 Improved my previous time by like 50 seconds and still had one or two big mistakes. Almost there.. heartland1m1047.zip
  3. fuGue_tv

    [MBF21, WIP] Sepia (Episode 2 update)

    Woah, looks spooky. I like
  4. fuGue_tv

    YUM.wad [MBF21]

  5. fuGue_tv

    Hordamex: 1.0 is OUT!!

    Oh cool, I’ve never used Odamex. Can’t wait to learn about it and give this a whirl!
  6. fuGue_tv

    Heartland demos [Eternity Engine]

    Heartland MAP01 UVMax: 11:36 MAP02 UVMax: 4:29 MAP03 UVMax: 10:47 MAP04 UVMax: 8:35 heartland1m1136.zip heartland2m429.zip heartland3m1047.zip heartland4m835.zip
  7. fuGue_tv

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Hello - I need to update my Episode 2 and Episode 3 runs. Episode 2 is 4:28 - The one one DSDA is 4:31. Episode 3 is 4:35 - The one on DSDA isn't even mine. Thanks for updating the site! ep3-435.zip ep2-428.zip
  8. fuGue_tv

    fuGue HUD

    Nope. It’s Dad.
  9. Get in the arena. Join the Pog City All-Star Squad. Get off the bench, get in the game.

  10. fuGue_tv

    fuGue HUD

    Best HUD in the game. And no, I’m not biased. POG CITY BB!!! The wide version is *chefs kiss*. Amazing work @Contmotore!
  11. fuGue_tv

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Thank you Maribo. Just fixed it, so thanks for that too! And updated ep2. I actually got 4:31 not 4:58. Still room for improvement! This was so much fun.
  12. fuGue_tv

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Episodes 1-4 UVSpeed. Not sure if I am supposed to post them all separately or not, but I did put individual demos and text files. Let me know if you want me to make 4 separate posts! Episode 1: 6:42 - updated txt file; I messed up the original Episode 2: 4:28 - just updated. Thanks! Episode 3: 4:35 - Put the completely wrong file up last time. just edited it today 4/23 with the right one LOL sorry Episode 4: 5:41 Will try and improve some of these, but man, what a time it was to learn this. All full episode runs were livestreamed via Twitch. The highlights can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/FgSSbnug5RZ6aQ ep1-642.zip ep2-428.zip ep3-435.zip ep4-541.zip
  13. Doom episode 1 in 6:42 ep1-642.zip
  14. fuGue_tv

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    I would like to be added to the list of playtesters! Thanks for doing this Austin! U are my DAD! fuGue#4160 on discord
  15. fuGue_tv

    PUSS XII: Trick & Tear 2 (Now on idgames!)

    Updated my map to support HMP difficulty. Changelog: -changed monster count (hmp) -added rocket launcher ammo for (hmp) -changed some imps to hellhounds to make berserk more useful in the beginning -made 2 secrets more obvious -made crusher at the end fast instead of slow https://wadhosting.com/Wad/A4F86104302D5613E3D98E9702368D7CA1A39FE1