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  1. AnthonyTankHD

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

    Despite the Fact that own Doom both steam and GOG and i got it on my xbox as well and also my wii, my VR headset, My phone and also not least on my USB Flash Drive so basically i got doom on everything and also i am a collector also i love collecting things and nothing wrong with tthat
  2. so i am mapping on beat saber and i am mapping a song on beat saber on the beat saber editior Chromapper so classic doom soundtrack but in beat saber form
  3. AnthonyTankHD

    My apologize to the last post

    i want to say that i am sorry that my last post made you think that i own the texture pack but in reality i don't own it and i put this in the last post P.S I don't take full credit to these post the reason on why i combine those texture pack in the first place i want the people to unleashed there imagination and not being limited to one texture pack sometime you need more texture pack to make your levels look nice and the way i look at texture pack is just a tool and add onto your palette and make that levels on how you in vision it to be and how i discovered The cc4 tex and Otex is by playing Ramp by DavidXNewton and see what texture pack he use to make his hub world look nice and and when he gave me the combination texture pack file of CC4-tex and O-Tex i was blown away and my imagination and i started to use it in my 3rd map which is the core operation madness and when i use that and make my levels look good and when i was working on my 4th map i was like Let's take it a step further and put in a Doom 64 Texture So that could total of 7,778 texture onto my palette and i didn;t know about the author who made the texture pack i just discovered it by Ramp Cause it really inspire me to add more texture into my levels and see what the possible of my imagination could do i hope i clear something up and i hope the author read this cause i didnt mean to do it on purpose i did it because my imagination went sky rocket and see on what it could do and when i release the combination texture pack file i was like you know i cant keep everything to myself and i know i don't take full credit to these texture it just i want to help people to boost there imagination so they could not be limited to one texture pack you gotta branch out and unleashed your creativity inside of you, you got the tools (which are texture pack) use them to make your levels look good and feel good when i hear CC4 tex and otex i think of RAMP and i hope you could understand and accept my apologize to the last post and understand on what i am coming from thank you for reading this
  4. well back then at ID software they Ripped a popular Games and add new levels and texture and put them into a floppy disk and mail them off to paying subscribers
  5. yeah that what happens when you release the source code and made the game open source cause people will go nuts all thanks to John Carmack aye He's words not mine
  6. i am not discourage at all it just that i want to do good things for the community that's all it just that when davidxnewton introduce to ramp i began learning alot more and what texture he use and stuff and i was so inspired by when he encourage other people to get into mapping and when John carmack made doom open source and free to use in 1993 and people started making stuff back in the day when doom was released and made the game open source and release the source code and people went nuts over it and i am the same way since people started to port it into other system i was like let's crank it up a notch and let's see what this thing could do
  7. true and like when i create stuff i dont want to keep everything to myself i gotta share it out cause i am a giver not a taker
  8. I've put together one of the biggest texture pack I combine Doom 64 Textures, CC4-Textures and also O-textures into one Big Texture package https://streamable.com/nmm02e [download removed] enjoy the full limitless of over 7,000 Texture to chose from to make your Doom level more unique enjoy and have a blast P.S I don't take full credit with these textures I am just a dude that loves to combine everything into one big package Plus doom is open source for everyone
  9. AnthonyTankHD

    My goal after completing ramp By davidxnewton

    yup on console and now i got it on steam
  10. AnthonyTankHD

    My goal after completing ramp By davidxnewton

    yup but i want to replay it
  11. so after i get done completing the ramp of 200 levels i am thinking about completing THE ULTIMATE DOOM which are Knee deep in the dead, The shores of Hell, Inferno, Thy Flesh Consumed and Sigil and move onto DOOM 2 Hell on Earth and complete that and move onto Final DOOM which is THE PLUTONIA EXPERIMENT and TNT EVILUTION and also move onto DOOM 64 as well
  12. AnthonyTankHD

    what do you use doom as

    to be honest i never thought doom could improve my reaction time and use quick thinking abilities and i use doom as a sandbox type of way just go around and shoot things i could also use doom as a aim trainer to help my reaction time and learn quick precision skills and i am just curious what do you use doom as i wanna know
  13. The reason why I say doom is so infinite cause there's a lot of levels made by the community as a whole and mods and stuff for the game like yeah you could try and complete the whole doom trilogy and complete the whole community made Maps and mega-wad but that will take you forever trust me i learned that the hard way i tried to complete the whole thing and want to set a goal in mind and say you know what i want to complete the whole thing and be finish of the whole thing but when in reality when it come to mind and it said yeah you are not going to complete all that you will 80 years old to complete the whole thing since the community keep making stuff for the game, i was like yup i gave up