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  1. pooplord

    Ambrosia (on /idgames)

    where is this fire midi from? edit: also i think the bars to the exit take a bit too long idk if its valid critcism or not since i didint play alot of it and i'm kinda of a n00b but the 2 times i played the fight i had to wait a while killing cybs through the bars with chaingun or tracers to kill time, maybe infight gods were on my side idk , other than that i loved the map
  2. pooplord

    Hard mods

    play noye
  3. played in uv .im not good at the game , thus i save scumed through the second and third fight , had LOTS of fun. i am excited to save scum your next realese if it comes .keep it up
  4. map 01 pacifist 28.40 tn01p28.zip
  5. pooplord

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this is my first atempt at making a enirvana/noye like map or a map really , tried to make not boring by lighting and music , cl9 i tested with dsda/prboom ,im probably gonna change it to make it more of a memery or add more meme maps to the wad SHIIIT.zip
  6. enirvana map 08 no inputs 0:01.80 , i didnt know if should have posted here or in personal best , but i saw that ancalagon posted his after 4shockblast and kraflab so i posted here aswell en08p180.zip
  7. pooplord

    Experiencing Nirvana

    10/10 i wish i could unexperience nirvana so i could experience nirvana for the first time again ,
  8. ty, sorry, i was lazy and should have searched for it , i tried searching for "demos for gggmork maps" and didnt find one(maybe there is and i didnt search enough) then i it posted here guess there is no point in spaming in misc demos ;)
  9. fffart01 uvmax 4:40.31 fun map fffart01-440.zip
  10. Map03 uvmax 2:10.63 diferent route mscp03-210.zip
  11. pooplord

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    PLZ GUSTA : community project
  12. Map01 Pacifist 2:05.83 mscp01p205.zip
  13. pooplord

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    just finished KS , very fun , challenging maps , plz gusta release kama sutra 2 one day
  14. map01 UVSpeed 2:04.63 mscp01-204.zip
  15. Map 01 UV-max 2:38:66 mscp_01_238.zip
  16. pooplord

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    is this homestuck-harry potter fusion oc ?
  17. im br , i enjoy doom , yume nikki , and touhou , sometimes platformes