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real slush59134

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    Republic of Korea's most lazy wad maker since 2017 born in 2006

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  1. real slush59134


    do you want me to make FULL wad?
  2. real slush59134


    I love classic music
  3. real slush59134


    posted some sss
  4. real slush59134

    bobby prince return for new doom game?

    how do you think about that? (bobby prince is original doom's music composer)
  5. real slush59134


    slushpuzzle.zip please play with gzdoom please allow mouselook actually this is my first time making puzzle map have fun + it might be unbalanced, if it's unbalanced, blame me. + not a terry wad + trust me
  6. real slush59134

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

  7. real slush59134

    I am NOT "UAC labs"

    so you anyways plan to make real highschool based wad?
  8. Because I, the most infamous person posted a comment there, and doomworld simply just can't handle it.
  9. real slush59134

    What are some infamous people here?

    Im infamous because I post shit.
  10. real slush59134

    rate my custom title

    what a stink that would be / out of 10
  11. real slush59134

    rate my custom title

  12. real slush59134

    rate my custom title

    yes out of 10
  13. real slush59134

    rate my custom title

  14. real slush59134

    Can you guess what this wad is about?

    just titlepic of a wad, but can you guess what environment this wad has?
  15. real slush59134

    Some Alpha Versions of Doom

    it pretty helps, thank you.