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  1. lmao thanks. Can't believe I missed that. Sweet victory!
  2. No other issues. I haven't finished the map yet though. I got the red key... beat the archvile here and haven't figured out what to do next. So far its been a really challenging but super cool map.
  3. @Lazlo Panaflex I think there's supposed to be a switch here. When I pressed use on the wall here the ramp showed up, but doesn't seem to be a switch. This is at the top of the third tower after you get the red keycard.
  4. Sweet. I've watched a lot of your videos and really want to have a try at mapping. I'd be down to try to put something together for this. I'll go through the videos and resources and give it my best shot. Also... that hub map look dope af.
  5. dodex1000

    BLACKOUT (part 2)

  6. dodex1000

    Safe Haven.

    Changing the falling out of bounds from 0% damage to a small amount was a nice touch. Gets the idea across without making the player miserable during the platforming part.
  7. Just played it as well and really dug it, especially MAP06. It's nice to have a bunch of short maps that don't feel like such a slog. Thanks for making it!
  8. dodex1000

    Facility Lab 08 Wad

  9. I gave it a playthrough on Hurt Me Plenty https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1018476991
  10. dodex1000

    [Short 2 map wad] Hidden Base (UPDATED)

    I was able to see well, so had no problem with the outside section. But I got stuck on the arch viles on the second map. I'm a beginner player though, so take that for what its worth. I recorded playthrough as well. My audio was too quiet in the recording, but I didn't really say anything important. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1017426378