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  1. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Ok, pretty complicated. I went back and did things in order. Since you can easily do these out of order, I wonder how anyone gets through it w/o asking. If you do #2 before #1, do you get a message that says you have to first move fuel into the filler tanks? And when you do #1, it says "Primary fuel available", which says nothing about moving fuel from storage into filler tanks, so I wouldn't have figured out that doing that had anything to do with anything. Anyhoo, I made it all the way through to the end. I wasn't sure what the secret weapon was doing after it did its initial bit. Looks like little pixels were flying out, but with all the mayhem going on, it was tough to see if it was doing any damage. All in all, it was good. I had no qualms about using god mode when stealth creatures were around, though. I think they violate the old Doom "no sudden unforseeable death" rule, especially when a revenant uncloaks next to you with a rocket in your face, ending everything. Two more bugs: 1) After landing the escape shuttle and watching the little movie, if you repeatedly hit the console in front of the captain's chair, the console on the right of the captain's chair will rise right up into the ceiling. 2) While wandering around the caverns in Finale, I tried to make the secret weapon active, and got a message explaining why that wasn't going to happen. That's fine, except the pistol kept appearing and disappearing underneath the message. Looks like the code was trying to bring it up, then decided not to, then decided to try again, etc. Only bringing up the chainsaw would stop the cycle. Good job, and thanks!
  2. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Stuck again. I'm at the launch site, standing next to the ship, which has a red tube and a green tube inserted into it. I assume one is loading cargo and the other is loading fuel. When I step onto the pad below it, I get two messages: "Ship must be refueled" and "Danger fueling system engaged". I take this to mean that I should wait a while until the ship is refueled, at which point the fuel line will drop off and I can board. But it's taking a godawful long time. There's no progress indicator, so I don't know how much longer this is going to take. Am I really supposed to be waiting, or do I have to shut this thing off somehow. I tried going back to the fuel control center and disengaging the fuel pipe from the ship, but when I came back, stepping on the pad told me the ship needed to be refueled.
  3. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Bug Report. In the entry room of the Scout Bay, there's a lift. After visiting the Shuttle/Scout and clearing the level, I was coming back via the hallway above that lift. The lift was 'down', so I hit the wall button to bring it up. I stepped into the lift after it arrived, and nothing happened. The lift's supposed to automatically drop when you step in. I hit the wall button again, and the lift went UP, taking me with it, and giving me a nice wall of HOM and no way to get out once it had stopped. I went back in a later session and was unable to reproduce the problem; each time I stepped into the lift, it went down.
  4. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    A question for you Cryonics experts: I'm supposed to retrieve the microgen from Cryonics, but the access door won't open. I get the message that the "locked door" is opened in the power room in the shuttle bay. I assume the shuttle bay is the scout bay. So when I'm over in the scout bay, its power room has no controls to open the Cryonics "locked door". However, the power room in the Scout/Shuttle _itself_ (which would make it the "shuttle's power room", and not the "shuttle bay's power room") has a console in it that tells me it has overriden the security door in Cryonics. And that regeneration has started, and I should be prepared to battle the freed creatures to get to the microgen I so sorely need. Now, I know the big door to the right of the telepod in Cryonics is the "Security Door", so I assume _that's_ the door the Shuttle console is talking about. I was hoping it was talking about the access door to the Cryonics microgen. So I'm sitting in Cryonics, waiting for Regeneration to complete, and still can't get at the microgen. Is "Regeneration" something that's going to take time and I just have to wait for it? Or am I completely missing something here?
  5. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Thanks for the hints. I was used to banging on consoles, but wasn't expecting to have to bang on non-consoles. I don't see any discussion here about bugs. Should we report them here, or somewhere else? The *.txt files don't mention how to do this.
  6. grayman

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    New question, not previously discussed: My first entry into Environmental Control leads me to a room w/4 doors which I've opened in no particular order. This reveals consoles that I hit w/no immediate results. With all 4 doors opened, and all 4 consoles hit, there's nothing else to do, and no way out. My guess is that I'm supposed to hit the consoles in a particular order, using the symbols on the door switches. But I don't recall gathering any clues prior to this that would tell me in which order to hit things. ??