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  1. Wad overdose

    Cursed Doom Images

    this will be in the next updates of QCDE, shot by Genia current main dev of mod.
  2. Wad overdose

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    I think few people know about this, don't look for deep meaning here devs of QC in Quake's official discord server said a long time ago that it was added for the sake of fun for some reason it was removed but added back again, I not joking or lying it's really for fun devs added this Easter egg you can ask them calmly in discord if you don't trusted me.
  3. Wad overdose

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    oh good thing i only go to quake wiki fandom more than others wiki fandom to get info or edited and created pages,and i ignore ads or enable adblock.
  4. Wad overdose

    Doom '16 Mods

    Glory kill overhaul And mod bring harvester into campaign First vid by Elizabethany Second by T0yOta
  5. Wad overdose

    Cursed Doom Images

    Image not by me from slayer marh's discord server.
  6. Wad overdose

    DoomGuy - Time Traveller

    Her name khan maykr,damn why i answer twice?
  7. Wad overdose

    DoomGuy - Time Traveller

    Her name khan maykr
  8. Wad overdose

    The future of DE modding

    No, not abandoned the game still being updated they add in this updates new cosmetics like weapon skin in this year they add as skins granade launchers from q2, q3 and from q4 for tri-bolt, will appear new maps also in this year realesed map called "crucible" in this winter, next year will be tdm map styled Egypt and sand kinda like environment ,it's new environment for the game this map probably realesed in spring or summer also go bugfixes in small updates in public-test-server and then a then put into the game itself.
  9. Wad overdose

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I changed my password hope that this is enough,вот дідько.
  10. Wad overdose

    The 7:17 theory….

    This topic in nutshell lol.
  11. Wad overdose

    The 7:17 theory….

    Close the topic this does not make any sense.
  12. Wad overdose

    The 7:17 theory….

    no need to look here for a deep meaning about the date next doom in 7:17 they reused it in tag 2 for one reason that there was one more parallel besides 3 seraphims with 3 hell priests and a sarcophagus in start and end that is, with the beginning of the doom slayer path in end of dlc, then that one of the doomtubers said this is not proof, he should at least indicate the source about date of new game at least to make it a little plausible, otherwise these are empty words.
  13. Wad overdose

    Your favorite video game character quotes

    "too painfully to be a dream too real to be a nightmare"-ranger from quake champions.
  14. Extermination day map 06 nuclear power plant with bd 20b could not go through Wad because gzdoom which I downloaded was Corrupted and Don't Save All Progress and then I had a butthurt by him I deleted it (.
  15. Nate Welch's fan doom eternal demon wendigo