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  1. skoen

    Doomkid's Mega! [Episode 1 Finalized]

    Just tried a few maps on this wad right now. A very good start, and I really look forward to the continuation. The secrets are interesting to find and most of them are pretty rewarding. The traps are mean, but fair, especially the double whammy with both a revenant and an arch vile at the end of map 3, and then the double revenant and teleport in the next map.
  2. This is a real love letter for the PlayStation version of Doom and it's almost a must-have to play it with the PSSFX wad pack as well for the pure PS feel with those sound effects ;)
  3. skoen

    Pact of the Damned my second wad (1.1 update)

    I'm playing in GZDoomg4.21 with the following mods activated: zdoom_wide17a and PSSFX using the DoomRunner frontend. EDIT: Just updated to the latest version of GZDoom (4.6.0) and didn't get the bug with the weapons.
  4. skoen

    Pact of the Damned my second wad (1.1 update)

    I've completed the first two maps and I have a suggestion for the second map. Maybe the room with the berserk pack and the former sergant should be marked as a secret. I forgot to check that room but I did have all secrets, but was missing the last enemy until I checked that room. After playing all four maps I am also experiencing some glitches with the weapon in the four and five slots. When I fire the rapid chain gun I can fire one volley, and then I can no longer shoot at all. And the Heavy Weapon Guy shoots the blue monsters not rockets.