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  1. Don't take it personally, but you're quite bad at promoting your mod, because this thing looks amazing! The maps look impressive, especially the sector and texture work. You definitely need to "pump" this "advertisement" a bunch more: Add some screenshots Add more description of it Add something about the mod in general, like: Why you made it, how etc.
  2. I just found out a huge limitation in the Strife/ZDoom DIALOGUE system if you want npcs to have random lines of dialogue...


    I have to write down in the LANGUAGE lump exactly 10 lines of random text for each dialogue T_T and I have 36 unique dialogues (for now) D:


    I wanna die

  3. Kan3

    How do you make Exclusive Summons?

    Have you tried creating a Master/child relationship between the player and the spawned minion? In this way you can call for A_RemoveChildren and get rid of them whenever you're about to summon a new one. I think it should work as that, without necessarily pointing to the item owner directly (so, just add A_RemoveChildren just before the summon function and add the SXF_SETMASTER flag in A_SpawnItemEx).
  4. Have you ever thought that Lost Souls are just a little too clumsy, not enough scary and just annoying sentient (partially) fireballs?


    Well, you're lucky! I got the solution for ya! :D



    Kind of...

  5. Libraries can be a pain in the a** even because the infos about them are not "cohesive" in the wiki, same goes for scripting in general
  6. What I see is that you made a "global" script file defined as a library (with a different name than the name of the script file itself), library that you never import (?), but you're importing a .txt (presumably the library?) from a specific location in your pc. This kills the point of having the script file defined as a library x) Also, you have another script compiled in the acs folder which is not to be found. I then entered map 2 with UDB to check the script activation. Since I couldn't use the library, I fixed the issue directly: I'll send you the file back with the little modifications I did so that you can see what I did (on light.acs and map 2 scripts). The important part that you were also probably missing, was to have the light.acs file inside the same folder where you have the ipk3. Once I exported the global script, I could use all of the library scripts and variables within the map and also use the map scripts with no trouble. Here you go: Template_acsfix.rar
  7. You have to post the wad or at least the scripts, because there's nothing wrong in having both working together
  8. I'm all up for some more creepy stuff :D


    Time for a damned floating nightmarish head, lost souls are just too friendly




    Soon, somewhere, in the dark

  9. The end product is here!




    Just need a couple of adjustments to the sounds, the frame duration and brighmaps :D

  10. It's been a while, but I can finally start operating on my mod!


    Today we got our... WEREWOLF sprites done! :D




    Soon, in some lost old Scottish village in the hills.

  11. Here's a bruh answer: Make a new item that inherits from CustomInventory, that will be your backpack (closed bag) Make another purely decorative actor for the opened bag Add a Pickup state in your CustomInventory In the state call A_GiveInventory to give the player whatever you want Then call A_SpawnItemEx to spawn the opened bag Add all the flags and properties you need to and you're done
  12. Kan3

    Doom Monster Death Tally/Death Counter

    Delay() needs to be called inside the while loop, you can't "open" the loop if you call stuff before opening the brackets. Also, sorry, I made a mistake in the scripts, dumb me. You also have to set the points value inside the while loop or it won't update. So something like this: script 6 (void) { int points = 0; while(points < GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_TOTAL_MONSTERS)) { points = GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_KILLED_MONSTERS); if(points == 9) { Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8(147, 2, 20); Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8(145, 8, 20); } if(points == 18) { Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8(147, 2, 20); Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8(150, 2, 20); } if(points == 27) { Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8(147, 2, 20); Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8(151, 2, 20); } Delay(35); //No need to call it every tic. } } Untested again, I hope I didn't write something else wrong D:
  13. Kan3

    Doom Monster Death Tally/Death Counter

    Pretty "heavy" way to deal with this thing x) You have several solutions: If you want to stick to this way: if you use ACS_ExecuteAlways on the monsters (I believe you're calling the script from each monster for every wave), should fix the problem. Otherwise, if you want cleaner way to do things: Just give the monsters a different tid for each wave (for example: monsters of the 1st wave with tid of 1, monsters of 2nd wave tid of 2 etc.), then you could just call a script with multiple loops like this: script "Waves" (void) { //You can let the player activate the script by crossing a line or whatever int points = 0; while (ThingCount(T_NONE, 1) > 0) { //until there are at least 1 monster with a tid of 1 alive points++; //better than points = points + 1; Print(i:points); Delay(35); //wait and repeat every second (change the tcs to whatever you like) } Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8(....); //when everyone's dead, do your stuff //Fall straight through the next wave loop while (ThingCount(T_NONE, 2) > 0) { //until there are at least 1 monster with a tid of 2 alive points++; Print(i:points); Delay(35); //wait and repeat every second } ...etc. } Just use the Doom monster counter: script "Waves" (void) { int points = GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_KILLED_MONSTERS); //it directly retrieves the monster count while(points < GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_TOTAL_MONSTERS)) { //while points is lower than the total number of monsters in the map Print(i:points); if(points == X) { //with X being the number of dead monsters of your choice Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8(); //do your stuff; } if(points == Y) { Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8(); //do more stuff; } etc. } Floor_LowerByValueTimes8(); //When everyone's dead, do the end stuff }
  14. I wasn't expecting a came back like this ahahah Thanks mate! I love the fact that you handled the entirety of the map greatly! (And thank God the boss was more fair for a "blind gameplay" this time). (The thing that comes out of the ground at the start of the hub can let you set the skill level if you wish, go the testing area, like you saw and from which you can come out whenever you want without loading a save, and exit the game)