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  1. Kan3

    E1M6 remake For Doom 2 MAP01!

    I tested in UV. I definitely got blown away, I was expecting a good remake, based on the screenshots, and nothing else, usually remakes are not exciting x), but man, this map is awesome. I couldn't tell it was e1m6 at first, then I came across the crossroads in the acid and everything became clear. Your free interpretation of the map is wonderful, just the start is something else *_* Probably the most brilliant thing is that you used only stock textures (except for a couple if I'm not wrong) and vanilla lighting and stuff. There's a high quality architecture and detailing everywhere, but you didn't overload the eyes thanks to a great texturing and lighting. Nothing else to say, I wish I have half of your creativity in making maps. I got surprised about the progression in general, cause the map is 3 times as long as the classic one and the same goes for the monster count. I found it pretty well balanced, I've never really got worried about ammunition, but probably I would've been in danger if I hadn't explored all of the map and found every secret. I must admit that I got confused at first, cause I didn't expect so many changes in the map, then I finally started to consider it like a separate map and everything felt more natural x) I got some trouble in some spots due to the high number of hit scanners and miles squared of acid (I suggest to add a suit before the blue key, cause that part can become annoying fast). Like they already said, The fact that there're a lot of optional stuff is a bit dull (part of this statement is subjective cause I tend to hate optional part of a map since I'm always aiming for full completion and I hate monster hunting), like when I finally got at the exit (surprised to find it there knowing e1m6), I found out that I was still missing ~50 monsters, even if I got every secret already... got kinda disappointed when I even found a BFG in that completely optional area and had no monster left x) Don't get me wrong, exploring this map is a great experience, but it can become tedious on the long run. Despite the overall enjoyment, I have to say that I found a really boring part of the map: the 3 rooms with the lowering circular walls after the blue door... It is a nice type of fight, and having to ride those lowering platforms to get over those pillars is a fine mechanic, but you repeated that 4 times per room, for a total of 12 times... Yeah, it is completely optional, but up there there are a backpack, health and ammo, things that I needed and I could've found something greater, or a secret, I dunno, I was actually hoping for something more since I did that for so long! It's not ideal to make a player repeat the exact same movements so many times, especially if you're not going to give him a bigger reward for its stubbornness: optional doesn't have to mean boring or pointless. That's it, it was really fun and challenging "journey"! I found a couple of "bugs" though: Great job! (like I already told you, this definitely deserves more attention)
  2. Nice to hear that :D Yeah, I was starting to acclimatize with the builder and Slade, so there's a sort of ascent to better maps along the way (at least visually and technically). I laughed at the stealth fu**er x) even if I'd wanted to listen to you, I promised myself that I won't touch this wad again ahahah unless some major bug comes out. When I made the map, I thought it was a nice idea to signal the fact that those wide pillars could be lowered with a sw2 texture, but maybe it wasn't ahahahah On the other hand, every redskull switch was perfectly switchable :E Well, very unpolite floating heart x))
  3. Kan3


    I just tested it and I can say that you learned very well x) The map looks awesome, it's really impressive what you did here with just vanilla textures. The work with sectors and lindefs is wonderful, everything fit perfectly and the theme of the map is well portrayed during all of the level. You even managed to build a great looking cave, which is really time consuming due to all of the vertices. So aesthetically I really have nothing to say, it deserves to be played just for that. Gameplay wise though, I have a couple of things to add. The level overall is really fun to play and a nice challenge, there are great fights, nice traps and the progression is well thought, but there a couple of issues. Despite it being quite well balanced, I found some areas a little too hardcore: the first one is right after the acid's sewers. By the time you get to a safe spot the rad-suit is expired, but if you rush in the so-called safe spot you get mauled by a lot of monsters for the arsenal you have and you cannot go back cause of the acid melting your feet really fast. Talking about monster encounters, another little issue I found is the archiviles: not all of them, but in some archy encounter you possibly went over the top, with them teleporting at the player's back. Actually though, the most evil part was right at the end: it's quite unfair to have 4 archviles in front of you and then they suddenly teleport somewhere in a quite open area, in a first try this is an insta-death situation and it looked like a giant middle finger to me. With these heavy encounters some of the secrets become mandatory and that's not a great plan, especially if there are only 4 of them and not too evident. About progression instead I only have 2 advice: Less "closeable" doors switches: if you make doors openable by pressing switches on the other side of big rooms, this can become a pain, just make a door openable by pressing it or make a permanent switch (you can always close the door behind the player via linedef when he enters in the room). Add consistency to which door is openable, which one is not and which one needs a switch, otherwise it becomes confusing. I found no bugs, only a couple of lines that you forgot to hide in automap. Anyhow, this is most definitely a great map, keep going that you're an the right path here! P.S. Please add in the info in jump/crouch/freelook is avaiable/optional/forbidden
  4. I tested in UV. I feel a bit puzzled after this one. After I read the story I was waiting for some corrupted spaceship theme and atmospheric places, with hard mini-boss fights, but this stuff wasn't there. I liked the custom messages texture, they fit perfectly, but the spaceship felt a bit tiny. You cannot set proper fights or appealing gameplay mechanics (or even a fitting story) in a 2 rooms spaceship. The same goeas for hell (?), since it was just a total red room with a throne (?) and 1 archvile or Earth with a grass platform in the middle of nowhere. If you want to make a map based on some sort of tale, you have to expand your horizons and especially the player's ones. Anyhow, a few things: The secret felt kinda redundant, cause it's not a secret at all. the same goes for the second player start, that I don't know why is there (if you wanted to portrayed the existence of more doom marines on the ship, I suggest you to start working on something more advanced than vanilla-compatible, otherwise you get weird results). There are missing textures on the last 2 teleport pads EDIT: I forgot this I instantly died the first time when I got the greenarmor for some unknown reason... I "mutated"...
  5. Kan3

    [SHORT MAP] Hakros Code 1.1

    I tested in UV. The concept is interesting and the "polishness" of the map is great despite its simplicity, but on the long run you start to feel it a bit too much. I think that this would work better if there was something else breaking a bit the monotony of playing in black and white perfect cubes or if it was shorter. The same goes, unfortunately (cause I was enjoying the map at first), for the gameplay: the map quickly falls into the annoying realm cause of the tweaks you made to the monsters health. Doom monsters have a very very basic AI and don't offer a real challenge unless you don't provide them a nice combination of environment, placement and other actors, but here, since the map is almost all the same and you have to almost always face the monsters in frontal fights, having to kill cacodemons with 3000 hp or a mastermind with 12000 hp becomes boring and annnoying really fast. In the last fight this issue comes a bit less thanks to the chaos of the infights and better weaponry. I got quite frustrated at the very end though: what was the point of the pit right before the exit switch? That was just a big F**k to the player's face and I definitely didn't like it.
  6. Kan3

    A map people can remix.

    Ok, it's a joke, but why?
  7. I tested the first map and half of the second in UV. This is great stuff! When I started I almost had an heart attack when I saw the monster count and then the tons of zombiemen spawning. At first I thought this was just a hateful and annoying slaughter map with arena/invasion stuff, but luckily I was wrong (I usually hate slaughter maps). I think this is how slaughter maps should be made, cause it has been really enjoyable to play (at least the first maps). Like you said, it's not hard, I could easily finish the first map in UV with no trouble at all, but I never felt bored during fights, it is always a pleasure to have massive infights x) Maybe you could almost cut half of the health in UV though. Last suggestion is about progression: is not very clear where the player have to go and since the map is quite big, it becomes a bit of a pain to navigate blindly and have to backtrack when you take the wrong path. For example: I found the megasphere (?) secret, but to get it you have to drop off the cliff, so I missed (and forgot about) the other route up there that was necessary later on and I had to backtrack the empty map feeling a little lost. I loved the "jumping platforms", slightly wonky, but wonderfully made, but the cooler thing I've ever seen is probably the "mystic" room with pushers, really fun stuff to see the fireballs behave in that way. About aesthetic I have almost nothing to say, there are so many very well made details that is almost a shame that I haven't explored everything properly and the mix medieval/dark fantasy + techbase is really well implemented with both texturing and architecture. Even though I think that in some areas you overdid with the mix and it gave me an over-chaotic feeling. The only thing I hated is the inescapable (?) lava crack in map 2, where I died (and I didn't have the time to restart, cause I didn't save once). Overall, it is really a wonderful wad for now, please go on :D
  8. Kan3

    domain of the overlord

    So it's not yours?
  9. Thank you a lot :D Don't be too mad about the status bar, I had to to show custom ammunition x)
  10. Kan3


    First things first: Tested in UV. I kinda liked the map, I was quite worried at start cause I would've expected something hardcore to the limit of unfairness, but it was instead enjoyable. I liked the first part, where you have to take advantage of the barrels and the monster's AI to kill the revenants more easily. I spent my time there quite always in the brink of death due to some hitscan blocked with my face, but it actually helped with the tension and the overall experience. I feel like you should add a couple of thrilling traps here and there, cause the majority of the encounters are just free to roam in the various rooms, especially I would add some sort of trigger for the blue key, since it's just in a room close to its switch and it feel a bit pointless. Maybe add a secret or too, to give the player more than just a "finish the map" objective. There's a nice use of stock texture, you manage to not make the map feel boring despite the overall simplicity in the architecture and that's great, cause it's not an easy task. I liked the portal, it was unexpected and a nice touch cause it helped with the height variation and the environment. Nice the use of lighting too. I'd suggest you to try using a static portal though, cause there's the typical "sound vanishing" issue (if you shoot monsters that are on the other side of the portal, you won't hear them, cause the sound is bound to the other sector, the same goes for projectiles like rockets etc.). I don't know if it's a bug, but at the end I could definitely hear an archvile, but he never woke up, so I finished the map without the possibility to fight him.
  11. Kan3

    Struggles with item mode.

    Wrong forum section, but usually you can select things just by left-clicking them (or by click-and-drag), while to erase them, you just have to press del while they're selected. well, this is how UDB default settings usually are, so if this doesn't work, go to check Preferences/Controls. And when you right-click an empty space you will add a new thing to your map based on the last thing you selected.
  12. Kan3

    What country are you from?

    Italy here and I've never encountered anyone from my country who's still playing (or have ever played actually) this game, a part from a couple of guys in this forum x)
  13. UPDATE With this first and the last update it has been changed: Lost soul hp: reduced to 50. Brightness level in dark areas: up to 64 in the cave's tunnels and up to 72 into the fortress. 2nd invisibility powerup: it has been replaced with a blue armor, while the secret blue armor has been replaced with the map. Added a 2nd plasma gun. Exit wall texture in the hell's knights area: now there's a "proper" door texture to indicate the exit. Reduced monster's count. Nightmare's imp fireball: now it has a separate sprite (perfectly visible lol). Added GLDEFS for health and armor bonuses. Last fight: it has been slightly reworked. Added more ammunition. Fixed a bug: chaingunners and shotgunners were teleporting too early in the game. That's it, I won't touch this again, I'll keep its present flaws (and future) cause this is how I want this map to be and to be felt. I feel like other changes would inevitably disrupt my vision of its "essence" and I'd end up not liking it. Thanks to all the testers! You've been really helpful!
  14. Thank you for your video mate! Very appreciated! Oh, nice x) Lucky me I guess, so that you could compare this with the original (yeah, I've took a look at Kaiser's work and it's a perfect recreation!) I got quite disappointed too when I played it again after 20 years ahahahah. Last fight got everyone who tested it quite annoyed (with reasons), so it just earned a red flag and it will be changed, so will monster's count, ammunition and some dark areas for balance purposes. (I didn't know the cyberdemon could've been used to clean the hell knights like that ahahah)
  15. I see. I guess I'll just add a proper door texture to the blue key, so that a player can immediately spot the (possible) exit. About the dark path on the right maybe extending the health bonuses trail can help, or increasing dinamica lights sizes in the corridor. Thx for the response!