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  1. notgull

    Community project: Dante's journey

    I would definitely be up for this project; Map05, I'd be willing to take.
  2. This is a great map! My only real thing is that you go straight from imps and zombies to macubi; usually, there would be something in between. Ah well, the architecture is beautiful and everything else seems to check out. Nicely done!
  3. notgull

    Short Animated Skit

    I've spent quite a while working on this animated skit, about a ray gun that kills dreams. I hope you find it funny! Here it is! (As an aside, how do you embed videos in this forum?)
  4. I eventually realized that I had to name "bootstrap.wad" "doom.wad"; otherwise, it wouldn't realize that the WAD was the one that was supposed to be imported.
  5. Hello, Currently messing around with DeuTeX to create an IWAD. I stole some of FREEDOOM's code to generate a "bootstrap.wad" containing the bare minimum for the base IWAD, and also a "textures1.txt" containing a single texture. When I turned Deutex's verbosity up, I found this: i AA10 Verbosity level is 5 i AA42 Sample rate policy is "accept" i AA15 Main directory: bootstrap/bootstrap.wad i AA31 Building an iwad i CM01 Composing IWAD test.wad from wadinfo.txt i WR19 Reading WAD /usr/share/games/doom/freedm.wad: (3655 entries) i WW01 Creating iwad test.wad i CM13 Reading level WAD file ./levels/map01.wad i WR19 Reading WAD ./levels/map01.wad: (11 entries) i PL05 Palette is Doom i CM30 Making lumps i CM50 Making TEXTURE1 i CM52 Reading texture file ./textures/texture1.txt i TX44 Read 1 textures from ./textures/texture1.txt i CM41 Making PNAMES i CM80 Making patches i CM85 Making flats i WW28 test.wad: wad is complete, 58 entries, 356876 bytes i AA99 Normal exit Why is it trying to get the FreeDM wad? I am running the command "deutex -v5 -rate accept -doom2 bootstrap/bootstrap.wad -iwad -build wadinfo.txt test.wad". What am I missing?
  6. Hi there, Currently attempting to create a quick WAD where the BFG is replaced with a hunting rifle, similar to the one in Dusk. My idea of doing this was to speed up the BFG projectile, replace it with a smaller sprite/reduce the width, increase the damage, and remove the effect that it comes with. It seems to work about as well as I'd expect on GZDoom, with the projectile flying into the enemy as if it was a hitscan and doing a high amount of damage. On PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom, however, the projectile flies off in some random direction, only hitting the enemy if I'm right up in the enemy's face. In addition, it seems to cause Chocolate Doom to segufault. Here is my DEH file. What am I doing wrong? Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 # Created with WhackEd4 1.2.4 BETA # Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines. Doom version = 19 Patch format = 6 Thing 36 (BFG projectile) Speed = 9830400 Width = 196608 Height = 196608 Pointer 70 (Frame 119) Codep Frame = 1
  7. notgull

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Looks like an off-brand Bionicle