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    American soldiers shoot dog out of boredom

    well if ur into that kind of thing and love life enough to create a new one thenn feel free have sex with a woman seeing as how there only good for making steak and ducking there head beneath the sheets when u fart so u can laugh at them like u do everyother day of the week just laugh at them and fuck em forget em, feel free make a new generation of whatever comes out of ur ballsack and make an even uber 1337 at defining depression generation, never know the generation might be named after another soda bottle or a computerconsole where u plug a cord up ur ass to play online skulltag last man standing, or u can help me stop this virus called life by redefining celebancy. celebancy does not mean fuck anything that chatolic schools produces in a choir. preist in churchs do this celebancy pratice wrong, see when doing celebancy u dont have sex at all so life stops getting made and we have area 51 meaning earth all to ourselves so help me for the bigger cause drop what ur doing and come in the no sex in the doomsphere room, this will be our doomworld

    American soldiers shoot dog out of boredom

    you know these same soldiers over iraq are gonna come home and live a normal life and get married have kids drink starbucks coffee drive that expensive car go to gas station and get a fill em up by the gas attendent who greets u with that sparkly candy smile and a thumbs up and 5 dollar tip go to work open brief case pulls out 2 clocks and unload on everyone just because he learned that new trait from his last job. man life is miserably cold and dark, but no it sucks that these people who we once known as "normal" people come back as the people who inhabbited earth many many thousands of years ago only this time with the masters degree in evolution of how to kill you. WHY A FUCKING DOG PUT A CAT IN A MICROWAVE BUT DONT UNLOAD ON A DOG THATS SOPOSEDLY MANS BEST FRIEND RIGHT???

    American soldiers shoot dog out of boredom

    i posted the samthing the othernight on irc its pretty lame that they have nothing else better to do, its funny doom guy does more hardcore shit than killing dogs
  4. all i can say is mary magdaline fucked my corpse alot in that cave for 3 days after i was crucified by u doomers and sent to limbo for ur sins, and huh me and mary are moving to paris where i can live hidden and build a chiurch in my name thanks to u faithful servants of the doom cumminity who brought me back from the dead i really missed these furoms, ill keep it tamed


    Hitpoints and Hitdice Question

    this reminds me to ask, but does anyone know if the next version of zdoom (97.cab) has decor weapons that allow u to change the hitscan multiplier or whatever its called?

    Lord of the Rings musical

    richard simmons or lord of the dance, who do u think will live in the end of a real life quake 3 arena tournament between the 2?

    Hey, DW Still Hosts Stuff Apparently

    sighh i love this community... /me goes back to killing self

    Neurological Damage Enthusiasts, Vote!

    a headbutts effect is the same as drinking and waking up next a fat "woman" with a massive headache, and her son is sitting in front of a computer playing doom and laughing at u saying u fucked his father, u immediately get scared and choke on ur own vomit and die, 10secs later fart and shit urself ~fin

    Liver Failure Enthusiasts, Vote!

    i cant drink for shit, i seriously either get to drunk and vomit on myself while crying or im to drunk and start crying about my shitty life or just to drunk and want to get into a fight but am to drunk to talk or start one. all in all when i drink i support the bigger enemy america, for banning pot and okaying drinking, what kind of fucked up prohibition shit is this where booze is legally accepted but not pot maybe people drink cause there is no other legal means of seeing double. so u drink yourself to stupid or better yet wake up with a ugly woman and u both scream and then see eachothers wedding ring and legal court papers and a fucking kid and the back of his t-shirt saids in your own fucking writting in fat bubble letters "your kid" so the kid is literally infront of a computer playing doom and smoking a ciggerretee now hes ur resbosibility for 18yrs of ur miserable fucking life all thanks to drinking, and why is weed illegal whne drinking does so much horrible things like create life as well as take away life from it?

    Neurological Damage Enthusiasts, Vote!

    ohh and i must add ive also watched this shit alone on acid and im perfectly fine i have came up with some awesome shit from this experience, im not even strong in the head nor am i a smart man but i know what death is. all in all it was a trip somehwere just not here

    Neurological Damage Enthusiasts, Vote!

    its false who ever told u that lsd stays with u permanently, and false agin that u get flashbacks. if this were true i bee seeing people eating eachother wearing peoples skins running around slaughtering old folks, all in the name of street graphiti as the hyro glyphics of today, everyone has a story to tell so why not make it into an artform.i love daydreams , tripiing help me invision the best in people and the ultimate worse, its incredible what imagination looks like when u see it directly in the face and have a staring contest and yes i have watched all of faces od death while on acid and have watched autopsy videos with friends only to discuss them with friends as we watched itsd incredible the convos u summon and the fear that get brought up with em, theres nothing wrong with bein alone and scared its perfectly normal

    SW3: an amateur's quest for more money

    i wish that hollywood porno has the speacial effects that starwars has, or i wish my real life ultimately had speacial effects like porno has. be bad ass to walk down the street in chasecam mode or birds eye veiw with a kick ass general midi bobby prince track it be the shiznits and ill be immortally commercialized until people will know what im worth or until my jessica simpson blow up doll gets pregnant then ill really be worth somthing after wee divorce

    Teen horror writer arrested as terrorist

    ohh and gwar sucks

    Teen horror writer arrested as terrorist

    nigermancy is evil according to my diablo2 owners manual (prolly cause its black and owns a hood), but i just summoned hitler with his incorrect bound name,i now am somebodys bitch due to the fact that he has connection with the ethernet i mean netherland no it was netherworld, anywho he downloaded my personal profile and printed on his ibm dot matrix. he is telling me this as im typing it onto this furom. he plans to wait until im done so he can consume me with his jewish night train choo choo, help me he thinks im eva help i have an internet stalker in my home dressd as hitler!!!

    Neurological Damage Enthusiasts, Vote!

    weed and lsd are my favorites, i always get into these trips were i invision the ultimate picture or the worst thing or place ever. in these deep (as a puddle) philosophical theorys or questioin not meant to be answerd or more. im not smart man but enjoy just to day dream and drool, imagination is like a bike ride ur always moving somthing always to see somthing new but its just in ur head and these places are just old explored areas in ur brain places already seen, places that are just now bein closely analyzed with u and others,call this a car pool orgy. i hate drinking always makes me puke and cry and fight with myself