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  1. Mr. Woot

    What is your least favorite game EVER?

    any game created by SOLEAU software god they suck ,and if any of you have tried their stuff, you know what i mean
  2. Mr. Woot

    van helsing anyone?

    i havent been here for a while and i'm too lazy to perform a forum search, so, anyone see van helsing yet? I liked it
  3. Mr. Woot

    archvile for doom 3 possibly?

    look here http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=www.doom3portal.com/articles/images/2archvile.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.doom3portal.com/articles/article20030129c.php&h=305&w=290&sz=82&tbnid=ELysOBX-0gIJ:&tbnh=111&tbnw=106&start=14&prev=/images%3Fq%3Darchvile%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26oe%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG
  4. Mr. Woot

    Ugly motha...

    lets see this should be fun..... bluish gray skin with several burn marks and a hint of rot , long twisted black horns protruding from the skull and a face that looks like it has been set on fire then put out with a pitchfork voila!!
  5. Mr. Woot

    which would you rather be?

    Blind or Deaf? if you had to choose which would you rather be? Me i would preferably be deaf, i would still be able to play doom and even better i wouldn't have to listen to people when they want to talk shit....
  6. Mr. Woot


    probably in a stuffy small room with 40 George Bushes, complete with southern drawl
  7. Mr. Woot

    DOOM vs. Super Mario Bros. 3...VOTE

    yes but they are so bland and basic that they don't deserve to be called so.
  8. Mr. Woot

    DOOM vs. Super Mario Bros. 3...VOTE

    most likely the polls are rigged to where the votes are changed a bit or some are ignored to cause a little change to the favor of nintendo (i.e. those pricks at gamespy.) anyways, doom has a better replay value, super mario 3 is too straightfoward, its a fucking sidescroller, jesus tapdancing christ.. doom has wads and editors and sourceports, oh my. but what does SM3 have? i rest my case.
  9. Mr. Woot

    What is wrong with the world?

    i declare war on all life forms!! Actually the world should be engulfed completely in water, so we can live like those people on the movie waterworld, everybody takes care of themselves and there is no form of government
  10. Mr. Woot

    less-than-lethal ammo could help lower crime

    i think i'll just move to greenland or some place like that, theoretically speaking for all broadcasts, in my entire life i have not seen one tragic newsreport of misfortune or terrorism or crime in greenland, i guess it's just one big place where people chill out all day..
  11. Mr. Woot

    The worst monsters are...

    IMHO, i never thought the spiderdemon to be hard or annoying, it just takes up space and time, now the revenants and pain elementals, those are probably the most annoying.
  12. Mr. Woot

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    i could go on for days about the reasons i play doom, first reason, it actually has an extremely high replay value, i am referring to the original doom, i was a bit dissappointed with doom 2, anyways, there are unlimited styles of gameplay with source ports, and things like wadauthor and doombuilder, the horizons are vast. during the creation of doom, people didn't focus on graphics and appearance as much as they did on gameplay, good examples of this are but certainly not limited to, tetris, goldeneye etc. etc. Not to mention that it is completely original and unique, it's hard to explain the satisfaction of gibbing zombies with a rocket launcher or giving that pinkie demon that third fatal blast from your shotgun. Doom can never be replaced as my favorite game.Period.
  13. Mr. Woot

    The Ultimate Film Saga Showdown Poll

    in my opinion, the first three star wars movies were OK, but the rest simply sucked after that, i have to say i am pleased at the first two LOTR movies, haven't seen the third yet, sad eh?
  14. Mr. Woot

    new screenshot?

    Here's something on a site that wasn't there 2 days ago. Thought you guys might like it. however infantismal it might be....however minute and unimportant it may be.. http://gamepro.com/microsoft/xbox/games/news/33849.shtml and this one's just for laughs http://www.planetdoom.com/potd/index.asp?id=457158
  15. what is your favorite nontendo character? mine would have to be ganondorf, especially after playing super smash bros. at my friends house, then it would have to be bowser next... anyways what's yours?