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  1. Zero Master's Clone

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    @Yousuf Anik woah nice profile gif
  2. Sometimes I will play without my glasses because I am blind as a bat. I have to almost touch my face with my hand to see it without my glasses so the whole game looks like a bunch of blurry blobs moving around It has never gone well but it is fun to do.
  3. maybe I know 2 people who play better when they are high.
  4. Zero Master's Clone

    Archvile appreciation post

    I don't see what the problem is with Archviles they are very helpful when they stand still so you can properly introduce them to your weapon of choice.
  5. Zero Master's Clone

    Doomguy or Doomslayer?

    Just whatever name comes flying out my mouth when I say it.
  6. Zero Master's Clone

    Story behind your nickname?

    may the mug rest in peace that mug will not be forgotten.
  7. Zero Master's Clone

    Story behind your nickname?

    Well, it was a long time ago when Zero Master decided to clone himself and I thought that I was worthy to use the Zero Master name when I started playing DOOM with my eyes shut and played the game completely with my memory. for anyone who is wondering the part about playing with my eyes shut is true.
  8. I have played DOOM 1 with my eyes closed. oh, and another one is I played multiple wads (I don't remember which ones) with keyboard only on nightmare with my fingers tied together with not so stretchy rubber bands. keyboard only is not part of the handicap. I have done some other things but I did them when I was a little kid so I don't know if I will remember what I did. I should write these things down.
  9. Zero Master's Clone

    This is the spooky season. What spooky WADs are there to play?

    yeah, like when you hear a cyberdemon walking around and the map is dark.
  10. Zero Master's Clone

    Closing Wad Archive

    Is it just me or have a good number of good websites been getting shut down lately. at least it will be archived that's one reason I love computers because you can store files that contain your nostalgia and make copies of them.
  11. Zero Master's Clone


    So, we have got Hellsinger and Hellslinger I wonder what's next. Wait I'm pretty sure that there is a game called Hellbringer oh, Hellbringer is a band and a game.
  12. Zero Master's Clone

    🔥Bonfire Party Times🔥

    Time to cook some demons with the BFG.
  13. Zero Master's Clone

    Classic Doom community is the most wholesome community ever

    I would get some popcorn, but I would probably start choking when I start laughing at the stupid comments.
  14. Zero Master's Clone

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    A Lost Soul just made a rocket blow up in my face not even a minute ago and then I found this poll.
  15. Zero Master's Clone

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Hey same here except my rock is on top of a mountain that is on top of an even bigger rock.