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  1. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Doom Wad Playthrough: Three's A Crowd - Part 1 - MAP01 - ??? https://twitch.tv/nights108
  2. I mean if it compliments the visual style to have a liquid like nukage or lava in a certain area AND it compliments the gameplay to have it not damaging then there’s absolutely no problem imo, so what it’s inconsistent if it makes the map better
  3. To provide a general post-release update, since it's been quite a long time since I've heard word about any objective issues with the wad, I think I want to try and get it on IdGames soon enough but there's two things I might do before uploading, specifically adding multiplayer starts for every map and title patches which would show the authors. These two things are on my "maybe" list since I ultimately wouldn't call them problems but it's something I'm considering, given I have all the time in the world before I need to make an IdGames upload.
  4. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Doom Wad Playthrough: Junkfood - Part 6 - MAP63 - ??? https://twitch.tv/nights108
  5. NiGHTS108

    how to kick?

    I think only mods can kick people from Doomworld, sorry
  6. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Mapping Stream: Community projects or Baton Pass, idk https://twitch.tv/nights108
  7. I feel like I’ll try my hand at this, for real this time :)
  8. NiGHTS108

    Box Doom - Community Project [16 SLOTS OPEN]

    I'll take box 65 if you please! Box 65: N3DA Author: NiGHTS108 Textures: A small handful from Plutonia and Plutonia Revisited 2, already compiled in the wad. Size: 512x512 with 10 monsters Screenshots: Additionally I submitted a MIDI as a candidate for the overall MIDI of the map, it's not my own or anything, "Bloody Skies" by Psychedelic Eyeball. BoxDoom-65-NiGHTS108.zip
  9. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Doom Wad Playthrough: Junkfood - Part 5 - MAP53 - ??? https://twitch.tv/nights108
  10. NiGHTS108

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Map Name: Sropical Ttorm Author: NiGHTS108 Music: Cross-Eyed Mary by Jethro Tull Resources: PRCP2 textures and OTEX sky (included) Format: Boom Comments: I got a REAL old one here, at least for me personally, the unused first map of a wad I've been working on for the better part of three years at this point called Stress, a 10 map """"""speedmap"""""" project I've spent most of the """"""dev cycle"""""" for so far procrastinating on, it hasn't released as I upload this map and probably won't for at LEAST a few months after Unfinished.wad releases. Anyway to cut to the chase, I made this map around October 2021, chipped away at it, and then went back and forth on what exactly the second half of this map would be like before just deciding the whole thing just wasn't working in around December I believe? This map was so booty butt ass cheeks that I, with my 10 months of mapping wisdom, decided to completely discard it. Enjoy! Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IfcxKd6zvwbs9NbGeHOT3e0VZXH8WB4f/view?usp=sharing (update: oops forgot the midi)
  11. They’re all already there actually, it’s easier for me to just quickly apply an update to an existing release candidate instead of making a new one for every minor change I make
  12. Sorry for not responding to the thread in a few days, I've updated Suya's maps as requested, and about the E3M18 bug, I agree it's a most confusing error indeed, the only fix for it I've found seems to be reducing the size of the map by dragging the three outer vertices closer together, I haven't done that though since I kind of want to experiment more and see if I can find another, less distracting fix for the map. This seems to be more of an issue with DSDA-Doom, maybe, since still the map works fine without the patch, quite concerning if this issue applies to other maps... This project just keeps running into the strangest issues! Update: I tried the widescreen patch with a few other notably large maps in Episode 5 and inconspicuously none of them seem to be affected by the patch! Not even something like Light Pillar In Abyss surprisingly, how strange... Update Update: I managed to fix E3M18 by just moving one vertice ever so slightly to the left, I'm not even sure what happened but it seems like there was just some kind of freak accident with that map that weirdly causes it to completely break no matter what running it on DSDA with a widescreen patch, I'm not sure, but the point is it's fixed now. Those should all be fixed now, I haven't received any bug reports about reject table issues in like, a week or two at this point.
  13. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Mapping Stream: Probably? https://www.twitch.tv/nights108
  14. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Random Wad Friday 84: Back To Saturn X Episode 3 Demo https://twitch.tv/nights108