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  1. NiGHTS108

    The Theory of Modern Wads Design

    Great thread here. I don't have much to say about layouts to be honest, a fair bit of the stuff I've made has been pretty symmetrical, even if it's not impossible for that to be fun or anything. I suppose the only real piece of advice I can give in this regard, and I know this may not be super helpful is I guess try to design your maps like a building. Not literally but just assume its your house in some regard. It's hard to describe specifically what I mean by this, but if you're going for a more conventional, Knee-Deep In The Dead-like layout, might be useful to keep that in mind I suppose. I think you're definitely on the right track with using height variation to fix there being too much infighting. Unless you have a bunch of hyper beefy fights where they're infighting on purpose or relatively little monster variety (which can be fun if you know what you're doing), a strategy I've become fond of for height variation, especially in big areas is a pyramid design. In general I find Revenants very good in this regard for applying pressure too, and of course the flying monsters. Can't emphasize height variation enough tbh, turret monsters can save probably just about any rather limp, open fight. Oh, and, I'd honestly say don't even worry about rectangles tbh. I don't exactly know how much you're prioritising visuals here, but fully rectangular maps can still be fun all things considered. I find saying "almost arcade-like gameplay" interesting too, as that's how I've been trying to map especially recently. I've been practicing a hyper minimalist style, only really having the essentials, no more than about 5 different textures and flats with a consistent color palette, rarely longer than about 3 to 5 minutes or so, mostly inspired by Italo-Doom and other games like Katamari Damacy and Pac-Man Championship Edition. I've almost been thinking about it as, in a sense, a logical conclusion in some regard to the patented Skillsaw style. Maybe some food for thought, I suppose? Hope this was helpful in some way.
  2. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Mapping Or Running . . ? https://twitch.tv/nights108
  3. Since it's the reminder deadline, just in case it was missed, my map's still being worked on. Not quite ready yet, but it will be!
  4. Oh yeah! You reminded me, how could I forget the most important part?
  5. Progress has been coming along! We've got the final fight finished :)
  6. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Oooh Early Stream Today - Just Mapping: Second Mix MAP29 probably https://twitch.tv/nights108
  7. Oops, sorry for not seeing this reply earlier. Honestly, I have no idea. The way I solved it was literally just by renaming the folder that had the wad in and zipping it again. Just some unexplainable Computer Moment I suppose :p
  8. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Just Mapping: Rusty Drill MAP30 (maybe?) https://twitch.tv/nights108
  9. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Wonder If I'll Map This Time . . . :thinking: https://twitch.tv/nights108
  10. Sunlust MAP12 UV-Max in 9:06.26 sl12-uvmax-nights108-90626.zip
  11. NiGHTS108

    Doom Streams

    Sunlust MAP18 UV-Max Casual Attempts - Part 3 https://www.twitch.tv/nights108
  12. NiGHTS108

    good DOOM 2 WADS you'd replay more than once

    To new players, my #1 recommendation has always been Vanguard. It's made by a rather popular mapper, is pretty short, not too hard, and it'll introduce you to a fair amount of common long standing Doom community tropes.
  13. Do any of you guys want to switch? I hate to be stubborn but I mean, I did get there first and I think my idea is quite funny (I’m thinking some kind of like, Entryway-ception with Go 2 It in a sense) (Also, worth noting that Entryway and Hangar has already been fused in Amalgoom)
  14. Update, could I have MAP29? I hope I'll be able to do something in three weeks . . . My maps are Entryway and Go 2 It (working map title: "G2 Two 2t II") @Cutman First map choice: Entryway Second map choice: Go 2 It Desired map slot: MAP29