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  1. Rifleman

    About texture packs

    Merging them is an option(check out Slade3 for that), but not the only one. You can also use some kind of launcher and add both files to it. Or you can simply select both files and drag them onto gzdoom.exe.
  2. Rifleman

    Fixing sprite offset?

    In Slade, use the highlighted settings. Or you can drag the sprite directly with your mouse, the lines tell you where to put it.
  3. Rifleman

    A noob question here...

    For GZDoom, you could create a script that activates when the linedef is crossed, but with ScriptWait you could delay execution of that script until some other script has finished its execution(and that script could be set to run when you pick up the card or something similar). There are some examples on the linked page.
  4. Rifleman

    Flesh Wizard problem

    Sure? No, it was a suggestion. And it takes like 3 seconds to try with nothing to lose...:)
  5. Rifleman

    Flesh Wizard problem

    Seems to me like you made changes to the Flesh Wizard archive in Slade while you were using the file as a resource for Doom Builder. Try pressing F8 in DB, it will reload the resource with your changes.
  6. Rifleman

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    In my current project, I want to have a secret level that takes you to a very different reality for a moment - as an easter egg. Made this little prototype:
  7. Rifleman

    Screen grab??

    Maybe it was this thread?
  8. Rifleman

    A question about skyboxes.

    I found quite a few here, this is just one pack: https://gamebanana.com/mods/7919
  9. Rifleman

    Doom Font Creator

    I have the 'not-opening' issue on Win 11 - so I checked for a DOOM font. There is nothing in my fonts folder, though if I look in modern Win settings, I find this page - it can't be removed, but I can use the font in Word for example. Not sure if it was somehow created by the app, I might have had some Doom font long ago, but I think I removed it...
  10. Rifleman

    Your doom head-canons?

    I ignore all the lore from 2016 and Eternal. I prefer to view the Doomguy as a heroic marine, rather than a vengeful god.
  11. In GZDoom I like to use console commands fly and freeze. The first one makes you fly, so you can take the pic from anywhere and the other stops everything, including projectiles. So if you want some action in the snap, you can freeze the moment and then see it from a different POV. You can even bind these to a key and use it instantly.
  12. Rifleman

    Editing Doom Textures Issue

    Try checking these settings in Slade(top right corner), select Doom in Palette.
  13. Rifleman

    Which Doom Map Software is best for 2021?

    Slade3 for playing around with sprites. And other things.
  14. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    Looks ambitious. Good luck with the production! :)
  15. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    You can even omit the delay completely, since the frame you want is first in the state. And what a journey it was, glad I could help you learn it. From now on it's about practice and experimentation :) I don't mind spoilers, so if you wanna show what you've made, go ahead.
  16. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    That's because you kept the 95 tics delay from my example for some reason. So, if the Missile state starts with the desired sprite, just deactivate it right there. And if not, then I guess you could just have the delay just long enough to stop it at a later sprite. Alternatively, you could add a new state to the actor, with the sprites you like. Check the links I posted earlier about actor control, you can do a lot of stuff with those - like stop the actor or turn it in the direction you want...
  17. Rifleman

    Switch sounds not working properly

    Your SNDINFO definition looks wrong to me. You need to define the sounds by giving them a unique name, like so: Sound name: Sound file: HexenChainSwitchOn chnswch8 HexenChainSwitchOff swtch6 And then in your switch definition instead of switches/normbutn you use the name of the sound, not of the sound file.
  18. Rifleman

    VS Code/Notepad++ ACS language definition

    If you still need to know, there is an extension for VSCode:
  19. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    What I did once was this, it's a part of a longer script, so I just took out the part important for you.. It starts with actor(tag 4) dormant: Thing_Activate(4); <--- at this point the actor is activated SetActorState(4, "Missile"); <--- at the same time the actor switches to this state SetActorAngle(4, 0.75); <--- and turns to this angle Delay(95); <--- this is a delay of about 2.5 seconds where the actor does something Thing_Deactivate(4); <--- after that the actor is deactivated again, freezing in whatever position it was EDIT: a video of the scene I used the above for, so you can see it...
  20. Rifleman

    Need To Replace Imp Sounds.

    Slade can convert WAV to Doom format, so I guess you could use a converter to get your sounds to WAV first and then put them in Slade and convert. There are converters on the internet, or programs like Audacity can do that(File > Export).
  21. Rifleman

    Need To Replace Imp Sounds.

    Sound name: Sound file: imp/sight1 dsbgsit1 imp/sight2 dsbgsit2 imp/active dsbgact imp/pain dspopain imp/melee dsclaw imp/death1 dsbgdth1 imp/death2 dsbgdth2 imp/attack dsfirsht imp/shotx dsfirxpl
  22. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    Then use Slade as shown above - select your sprites, right-click > Graphics > Color remap and select green color in the top box and then select replacement color in the bottom one. Experiment. As said before, you need to either have the sprites with same names as your actor currently uses or you have to rewrite their states. First, read up on sprites to understand the naming. Spawn: TROO AB 10 A_Look Loop This is for example spawn state for a Doom imp. The sprites it uses are named TROOA* and TROOB* (the asterisk is for numbers). So if your new imp sprites names are XXXXA* and XXXXB* you change it to this. Note that you don't enter the number from the sprites name. The number after the name is for how many tics each of these sprites are shown. Spawn: XXXX AB 10 A_Look Loop The rest of the links about actor modification are in the thread. Also, earlier you said you had downloaded some custom marine pack, so you can not only check their definitions in Slade, but you can also just load that pack as external resource in UDB(Edit > Map Options) and use them in your map directly.
  23. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    In that line you put in the actor tag and then the number of the translation - the one you created one line above, but didn't assign a number. You may have noticed I often link to ZDoom wiki - all these functions are described there, often with examples, I suggest you keep that open while editing.
  24. Rifleman

    I'm at it again but really I need help with this.

    No, the number is just a number you want to give the colour translation to be able to use it with the second command. If by text you mean the example script, it goes into Script Editor in UDB. I mentioned that earlier in the thread(Sep 27), so please consider going through it from the top. Also, no need to reply with just OK or such, it just makes the already long thread longer...use the Soulsphere button for that :)