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Posts posted by bluepaladin7

  1. I've heard about how horrible the conditions are down south in the aftermath. Man, that really blows! I hope that Ty can recover... I hope that everyone can recover!

    I even read about how survivors are recieving $2000.00 to $3000.00 dollars for help. The bad thing about that is, some folks are BLOWING the money on frivolous things; not on trying to get some digs and get away from the disaster. These folks don't have a piss pot nor a window to throw it out of and they're tossing out the only means to get anything! That's f---in sad!!!

    I'm praying for them...

    Oh that comment Ty made about needing a BFG... The power of Doom flows strongly in him. :-) A true fan!

  2. You know, I just tried to DL Metal myself and got the same error. I contacted the site administrator, to see what can be done. E-mail me your addresses or post them here, and I'll send you the map.