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  1. AnasteishaBuckovsky

    What Kind of Car/Motor Vehicle Do You Drive?

    I really like electric cars. I really like the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y. I think they are some of the most beautiful in the Tesla lineup. Unfortunately, I can't afford these cars. Right now I have a 2007 JMC Baowei SUV. I recently bought a 5th wheel pin box for my car and now I can drive in the most dangerous places without worrying that I might get stuck somewhere with a flat tire.
  2. AnasteishaBuckovsky

    You Get 2 Million Dollars But you Can Never Play Doom Again

    What I would do is this. I would take the money, spend it on a cool RV, buy a cool RV and RV Awning Enclosures. I would give the necessary amount to my parents so they would not need anything, and I would put the remaining amount on deposit in a Swiss bank. I would get interest on the deposit and travel the world in my SUV (I'm thinking of an electric Toyota Tundra or Tesla Cybertruck)
  3. AnasteishaBuckovsky

    What are you reading now?

    Only recently have I started setting myself the goal of learning to read books every day. Now, after 2 weeks of reading, I can say that I enjoy reading. I have read three books in that time. The first was I Am Legend, the second was The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, and the third was Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Number 5.
  4. AnasteishaBuckovsky

    Do you consider videogames an artform?

    Video games have the same right to be called art because people work on the game often better than directors work on movies.
  5. AnasteishaBuckovsky

    So where does your username come from?

    It's simple, I have a bad imagination and that's why it's just my name.