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  1. Some1NamedNate

    Kgsws's DOS Doom Code Execution Part 2: Doom-in-Doom and more

    This person made a WAD where you can run Doom WITHIN the Vanilla Doom 2 engine via arbitrary code execution.
  2. Some1NamedNate

    Source Ports and Fuzzers

    Just out of curiosity, have fuzzers, such as American fuzzy lop, contributed to the development of the top Doom source ports by any margin?
  3. Some1NamedNate

    MOD/S3M/XM/IT Tracker Music Compilation Pack

    Tracker modules, existing or bespoke, are solicited. I recommend those selections be representative of Doom and Doom II's aspects.
  4. Some1NamedNate

    MOD/S3M/XM/IT Tracker Music Compilation Pack

    Hey, all! I know it's been a while since for this topic to see some recent activity. For those who are not familiar, I have two WAD (still) in the works that replace Doom and Doom II's stock MIDI soundtracks with two compilations of tracker modules. Now, this is no ordinary compilation of tracker music, and here's why. Each tracker module should represent each aspect of the Doom and Doom II IWADs (e.g. title screen, map, intermission etc.) At your discretion, you can put together a list of modules that you think should be included in the compilations. For example, "(ExMx/MAPxx) - Title by Artist)" and vice versa. To give you an idea, I have attached a Beta 3 for the Doom II IWAD that you can download and have a look at. Good luck and get brainstorming, Doomers! TrackerMusPack_Beta3.rar
  5. I have this crazy idea in the area of data compression for Doom modding. You know PK3 and PK7 use the ZIP and 7-Zip formats respectively for distributing mods for ZDoom (and its derivatives), right? Then I thought, "How about we make use of various other compression algorithms/formats for Doom mod distribution?" Two formats came to mind: RAR and Zstandard. Those two formats make perfect contenders for alternative compression algorithms for ZDoom mods. Other formats like Gzip and Bzip are good choices. As for RAR, all of us should know right now that it's a commercial, proprietary format. What do you all think?
  6. @Tormentor667 We an icon for RZDoom please!
  7. Windows Defender says to have found the above trojan after downloading https://github.com/atsb/rzdoom/releases/download/2.9.0/zeddoom-2.9.0_win64.zip
  8. What it needs is an app icon, much like GZDoom's.
  9. Looks like https://www.winamp.com/ got an update and is now looking for beta testers for the next major version of its media player.
  10. Some1NamedNate

    List of Doom engine standalone games?

    That's Vanilla Doom.
  11. Some1NamedNate

    List of Doom engine standalone games?

    Huh. There doesn't seem to be one for Eternity Engine.
  12. Some1NamedNate

    GZDoom Total Conversions

    What are some lesser-known total conversions for GZDoom besides Square, REKKR, and Ni'mRoD?
  13. Some1NamedNate

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    There's already a site called wadhosting.com.
  14. Some1NamedNate

    HacX: Twitch 'n Kill - Now Standalone on DOS!