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  1. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    PanDOOMra v2.0 Titlemap Showcase (Not representative of Final Product)
  2. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Cursed Doom Images

    I don't even have anything about Doom to show this time, i just wanna say Happy 25th Anniversary to Half-Life. Also, get your free HL1 copy on Steam before it's too late to get one.
  3. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    [WIP] Arctic Asylum

    ...How long has it been since the incident? Two Days? Two Weeks? Two Months? You weren't keeping track, but it must've been two months at least... Now, you are in a... decisively messy situation. You are now stuck in a deep cold tundra, with nothing but your memories, wits and brawns keeping company, alongside the occasional animal you see deep in the fog... Are you even sure that was an animal or was it in your head? Whatever the case is, that feeling that something is out to get you gets more noticable day after day... And you are starting to get worried... It could be just in your head, but you have that constant reminder that's probably not the case. You keep hearing weird noises in the distance, but you are pretty well hidden eitherway, so whatever it could be couldn't have seen you in the dark hole you hide in at the dawn of every night. Let's just hope whatever is out there won't catch you before you get out of this Arctic Asylum.
  4. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Random Image Thread

  5. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    It's a Doomguy drawing of some sort... Yeah. Don't know what else i could say anyhow
  6. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Do Pre-Orders count? I pre-ordered SMB. Wonder.
  7. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Random Image Thread

    Talking about Undersea Internet Cables.
  8. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Somehow, one hat is enough to give me memories of a anime i literally never watched and don't care enough to watch, no matter how many times people meme about it.
  9. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    It's Dopefish's chinese cousin with a crowbar.
  10. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?

    I honestly doubt that GZDoom is "easier" to run on modern systems if we were to consider the... Ahem, slightly non-existent optimization for hardware that ain't exactly that strong that... quite honestly, a pretty big part of the population here on Earth has. Hell, there are times i could barely run MyHouse.wad with a consistent framerate, specially in the Poolhouse with all that fancy reflection stuff on the floor.
  11. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    (Almost Universal) Doom: DEATH MODE

    Tested with Zandronum and LZDoom. "DEATH MODE" is a mode that comes directly from the Pizza Tower Scoutdigo mod, and what it does is add a unkillable threat that will slowly, but relentlessly approach you every second, and said threat has a greasy Pizza Face. As far as i'm concerned, the mod should work with (almost) EVERY IWad, TC, Megawad, you name it, this mod will work with it. Although the only issue that this would more than likely cause is if there are any cutscenes that the Player can't control themselves, to which Pizzaface will just murder them instead. So like, be aware of that stuff in some mods here and there. It should be fine for any mods that are made to work with a Vanilla/Limit-Removing sourceport (Hell, even the DOS-Executable). Credits for this mod are in the "credits.txt" file inside the PK3. HINTS: You CAN stun Pizzaface, but his patience will be lost in a stackable amount, so be careful with how many times you stun him + the time you spent in the level. As stated before, Pizzaface slowly loses his patience the more time you spend in a level, GET OUTTA THERE! Use many tactics to juke Pizzaface and buy yourself some time to get to the exit. Pizzaface won't insta-kill you, but he will sap your health EXTREMELY quickly instead. DOWNLOAD: Death Mode
  12. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?

    That's about as logical as "Emulators are made for Modern Systems, this it makes it logical that Texture Filtering is turned on by default.", just saying.
  13. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?

    I'm surprised that there's still people who want the texture filtering on by default, when it's really just a trigger for the "so retro" meme that sparked in popularity the past few months in the art community. Said meme doesn't need any introduction aside from this one image.
  14. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd


    Well, uh... It almosted killed GZDoom.
  15. SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Fucked up Doge