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Everything posted by psychosomatic

  1. psychosomatic

    Dwarven mines wad for heretic?

    Does anyone know a working link to the dwarvenmines.wad for heretic? Or, if you have it, you could please mail it to somatic668@yahoo.com. Thankyou all very much.
  2. psychosomatic

    Chibi Rebellion 2.0, by LilWhiteMouse

    can anyone out there help me locate a copy of this conversion for Zdoom? Thanks folks.
  3. psychosomatic

    Chibi Rebellion 2.0, by LilWhiteMouse

    thank you, muchly.
  4. psychosomatic

    strife source port

    try vavoom port , it supports strife s\ware only experimentally tho. voices.wad is functioning. strife full version is available, if you are inquisitive when looking.
  5. psychosomatic

    A Cacodemon is a real thing?

    from the greek, caco, meaning bad or colloquially, sh*t. as in cacophony.
  6. psychosomatic

    Best Source Port?

    Not so....it is on sourceforge...and the source is posted, methinks.
  7. psychosomatic

    Best Source Port?

    i myself would go for risen3d. a simplified jdoom engine with boom/mbf support. tragically undervalued engine. has all the graphical whistles and bells. "like raster lines - play zdoom.
  8. psychosomatic

    NewDoom's disaster

    to be honest, i just woke to see this sh*t and i have to say it shocks me. this is a wrong act... *crys quietly over lost jdoom resources*