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  1. speedy206

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    It would be interesting to see someone release a mod for Hexen that "fixed" the in-game messages and made the game more clear. Not sure if something like this would be possible, but it could be fun.
  2. speedy206

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    This topic is timely since I just started a playthrough of Heretic this weekend and intend on playing all the way through Hexen too. Every time I attempted Hexen over the years I just ended up getting lost and frustrated... this time I'm caving and using walkthroughs so I can experience the entire game. Hexen seems to have real atmosphere and design language that draws me in. We'll see how I feel after I make it through all the idTech1 games... if it goes well then I may also take Hexen II and Heretic II for a spin.
  3. Thank you! Where can I download it though? I just looked on the GitHub page and didn't see it listed there.
  4. That would be awesome. There isn't currently a build of either for Intel Macs either from what I can tell, but they have historically been compiled for old versions. Is there any reason to not just do it as a Universal version so anyone can run it?
  5. @Gibbon could you possibly also compile Crispy Heretic and Hexen?
  6. The process of cross-platform porting is a new concept to me. Is it Crispy Doom's own code that determines to use ~/Application Support/crispy-doom/ as the location for the config file and other supporting files or is this something that's translated during the cross-platform porting process, @Gibbon, to make it compatible with macOS? If it's part of Crispy Doom code, then how does that work given that Crispy Doom is written for Windows? If it's during the porting process, then wouldn't it be possible to make a change to tell Crispy Doom to somehow read/write its cfg files with prefixes of the WAD files or placed in subfolders with the name of the WAD? For example, doom2-crispy-doom.cfg, plutonia-crispy-doom.cfg, and tnt-crispy-doom.cfg. Or another example could be to use folders such as config/doom2/crispy-doom.cfg, config/plutonia/crispy-doom.cfg, and config/tnt/crispy-doom.cfg.
  7. That’s actually what I already did; you can see in my screenshot above 😁 The problem is that Crispy Doom still uses the same CFG file location even when you do this.
  8. I just realized you can create self-contained apps with your WAD files included by placing everything in the Resources folder of the .app generated by Script Editor.app: For example, here's how I setup a subfolder in the Resources folder for Doom.app: Then the Apple Script just needs to be created as something like this which allows the .app file to run anywhere on the system (I still prefer ~/Applications): to run set doom to path to resource "crispy-doom/crispy-doom" do shell script quoted form of (POSIX path of doom) end run My question at this point is how to use separate Music Packs for Crispy Doom? I'm running into issues with this because the executable wants to place the config file in ~/Application Support/crispy-doom/crispy-doom.cfg for all copies of Crispy Doom on the system. This is problematic because if you want to run Doom II, Plutonia, and TNT on the same system then their Music Packs would conflict as they'd all need to be placed in ~/Application Support/crispy-doom/music-packs/ and would have name conflicts. Would it be possible to fix this by having Crispy Doom somehow read/write its cfg files with prefixes of the WAD files. For example, doom2-crispy-doom.cfg, plutonia-crispy-doom.cfg, and tnt-crispy-doom.cfg, etc?
  9. Thanks! With that said, I don't think the AppleScript method would work for bundling the .app file for other people since I couldn't get it use relative directories, but that could be my own ignorance. I just used AppleScript because it's what I'm familiar with though. You may want to look at using Platypus if you want to try something that might work for bundling with downloads. I think someone else said they'd be willing to sponsor an Apple Developer account so you could build legit signed .app files for these with Xcode. I'd also be willing to go in on sponsoring that if you put together a Patreon or some sort of donation link.
  10. @Gibbon Thank you! I initially couldn't get Crispy Doom to run until I installed the following dependencies from Homebrew: https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sdl2 https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sdl2_mixer https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sdl2_net https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/libpng Crispy Doom is now running flawlessly on Apple Silicon: I also noticed that you can't pin the Unix Executables in these builds to the macOS dock so I used 'Script Editor.app' to create .app files with the following AppleScript: to run do shell script "~/Applications/Doom/crispy-doom" end run NOTE: Use a double-backslash if you have a space in your directory path. For example, a directory called "Doom II" would need to look like this: to run do shell script "~/Applications/Doom\\ II/crispy-doom" end run This is what it the .app files look like in macOS that you can then pin to your dock (custom icons can be used like in the following picture by pasting a square transparent background PNG over the icon in the Get Info window):
  11. speedy206

    GZDoom on a CRT?

    If you're playing on a CRT and have any interest of playing Doom in native resolution (nice scanlines) and at native framerate (35Hz) then consider setting your resolution to 640x400p70 before launching GZDoom (I prefer Crispy Doom when on my CRT). This resolution and refresh rate will allow you to play Doom with no scaling or interpolation. I use Display Changer for automating the changing of resolution. I use custom shortcuts that point to dc.exe and then I prepend the command to the path of my game like this: dc.exe -width=640 -height=400 -refresh=70 "C:\Games\Doom\crispy-doom.exe"