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  1. So, after a long time. I did do some progress on my ideas and with vanilla doom modding. However, I had to somewhat leave the project I was working on because of personal health reasons. I will still take care of it, develop myself and hopefully upload it for mine and everyone elses enjoyement.

  2. Eyes

    Doom 64 Palatte?

    Replacing Doom's Palatte with D64 palatte. I was experimenting with palattes to understand them better.
  3. Eyes

    Doom 64 Palatte?

    Doom 64 has 19 palattes, all different from each other. I got kinda confused because of the amount of palattes. Can anyone help me with how they can be made into one big palatte with a colormap?
  4. Remember Changing Palatte for vanilla doom? Yeah scrap that

  5. Can't even get the motivation to open WhacEd4, help

    1. Tony_Pepporoni


      If someone is willing to play pastor troy throughout their house by themselves then anything is possible.

  6. No, absolutely no. The normal shotgun is great for saving up ammo and actually is great for taking down small groups of enemies. I mostly use it to get rid of enemies like; chaingunner, sergeant, imps. I think it has more uses than the chaingun.
  7. I am not a native English speaker, but in my opinion English is one of the easiest languages to learn and speak. There isn't much to worry about because the rules are pretty straight forward.
  8. It's finally out! After almost 9 months of working with this god damn wad, it's finally out. Shoutout to egg for helping me understand the doom 2 format more.




  9. Already commented this, but again sorry for the inconvenience that we still had the old versions link up. It is embarrasing.
  10. wow not even updated screenshots, I am dissapointed
  11. Well, I now have the idea of making a Crispy Doom compatible mappack and weaponset, it will have blood textures and blood weapons, maybe enemies too. For now I am trying to understand DeHacked and which one to use. I think this project will be on surface after 5 years. (Making a map costs me 9 months)

  12. Eyes

    What do you think about the Pinkies?

    I don't know what to say about pinkies, but I love spectres in arena fights and claustrophobic layouts. They have so much potential. (Pinkies are kirby but evil, change my mind.)
  13. Eyes

    Doomguy’s Face, Big HUD - Yay or nay?

    Crispy Doom has some very nice options when it comes to Minimalist Huds, the one with the doomguy's face is still cool but I prefer the one without it.
  14. Eyes

    Mappers: Multiple Maps or One Map at a Time

    Well I usually do one map at a time because it takes a hell of a long time to figure out what do you want with the layout, difficulty, theme and details. And making multiple maps at the same time that have different themes is just confusing.