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  1. Not a problem, I'm used to get bashed on this forums ;). I consider it alive as long as demos are uploaded: https://www.doom.com.hr/index.php?page=compet-n_incoming
  2. Nothing against your port, if he made it with cndoom it would be official record. That's why I send you email few days ago. Too many demos unrecognized as official records :(
  3. Well done, but shame it's crispy made :( ps. blame me for not fixing cndoom :P
  4. Nomo is not calculated for points but demos are accepted for upload for comparison. I did upload some nomo demos but don't have time to fill the rest :/ Hope I'll get my degree soon so I'll be back to Doom and fix everything including cndoom ;)
  5. haha, yeah, but people like to watch something fresh and I'm out of time to upload cn demos :(
  6. Hmm, Ok, am I allowed to add it to my Kodi addon? And are only DSDA demos uploaded there? I don't want some shit to appear on that channel :) http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Competition_Doom
  7. Pfft, just came here to browse a bit after a while and then this shit comes. Well, I hope some new uploads will follow on doom.com.hr :) Congratz on finding this gem Zero.
  8. oO Panter :P hi mate :D
  9. that's why long range weapons like sniper, railgun, and vortex are bad in games but yeah deal with it :)
  10. Yup, older choco versions defaulted to directx on windows when video_driver is set to "", but for some people (who are they??? :) it didn't work so default is windib if it's blank, and that does not work on some other systems (on mine and on sedlo's pc for instance) or with fraps. That's why I added back directx option to advanced setup in competition doom.
  11. If you want to track forums on phone like I do, tapatalk is the answer but dw vbulletin is too old for tapatalk plugin, maybe just an upgrade would do the thing. This is the main reason I'm not so much here as it's not supported on tapatalk.
  12. I might help with hosting, so how much traffic does it take per month, and what are max peaks? Tho, I'm sure it's not taking too much.
  13. If someone wants, he can upload Scythe vanilla only records to compet-n database from now on. http://www.doom.com.hr/upload.php Be careful and use date when record was made, not when it was uploaded. I'm aware of some database bugs (eg. demos sometimes does not show up until I refresh database) but upload should work fine.
  14. When I took over I was stupidly considering adding HR2 so I included it in database/source/etc but that idea is long gone (nice you reminded me to remove it), then I gathered some info and Scythe was about to be on PWAD list and that also never happened as I didn't have time to add all demos, change rules etc., so that's why there are leftovers. And in the end I finally released CNDoom. If anyone wants to play with Scythe demos and fix compet-n rules I'd be glad to give him opportunity to do so. ps. binaries are updated so re-download from link. pps updated: http://www.doom.com.hr/cndoom/cndoom- final release http://www.doom.com.hr/cndoom/cndoom-