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  1. next-hack

    Post Removed.

    Thank you! About additional USART, as far as I know, triple I/O SPI flash ICs do not exist (after all, it would be difficult to implement). But even if the MCU had 2 more USARTs, I could not implement a quad SPI: the embedded synchronization between CPU and peripheral clocks adds too many wait states... it was already difficult to read from 2 USART with the current frequencies, while keeping synchronization :/
  2. next-hack

    Post Removed.

    Thank you for your suggestion @Gez, post updated. I don't get this, can you please elaborate @Dark Pulse ? EDIT: now I got it. I am a bit slow...
  3. next-hack

    port to device with 256k Ram

    Ok, I promised you to give more information on Sunday. It is Saturday, but whatever... I have created a new topic about this here: As the topic says, the final device is an IKEA lamp :) In that topic you will find all the links to the github repository, and the how-to articles. Cheers!
  4. next-hack

    Post Removed.

    Sorry I had a request to remove this post.
  5. next-hack

    port to device with 256k Ram

    You are totally right! :)
  6. next-hack

    port to device with 256k Ram

    Hello! I am not used to be a forum thread necromancer, but I stumbled across this page many months ago when I wanted to assess if the MCU I was considering had enough RAM to run Doom. Thanks to your contributions I found the awesome doomhack’s GBA Doom port, which I took as the starting point. That helped me porting Doom to a device featuring only 108 kB RAM (yes, 96+12 kB!), 1 MB internal flash, and 8 MB external SPI flash, which I added to store the Shareware WAD file (this slows down everything, but that MCU has no external memory bus). With respect to the GBA port, mine lacks music (SFX work well instead), and it has a resolution of 160x128 pixels (however rendered in high detail i.e. no pixel doubling). Furthermore, Z-Depth lighting effect has been restored (it was removed by doomhack to gain some RAM). Moreover, the GBA port used mip-mapping in composite textures, but in my port rendering has been restored to full detail. All the other features are kept as in the doomhack's GBA port. Full source code and link to my work will be released very soon! (probably next Sunday) In the meantime, I have attached a close-up of what I achieved on the development board. The final device where I ported Doom is, let's say, quite unusual (no, it is not a pregnancy tester!), more info on Sunday! In the picture, the ammo shows the current FPS multiplied by 10, for testing purposes. On the github code, it will correctly display the ammo. Finally, the colors are not caught very well by the camera. Cheers!