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  1. I put DOOMII in the folder called bin and doubleclicked absolution and it starts...then goes back to the desktop as if nothing happened. What do I do about this?
  2. killer9

    A good idea for a ZDoom total conversion

    What, does the fact that I called it a joke wad bother you?
  3. killer9

    Stop the Rock

  4. killer9

    Stop the Rock

    Haha, Just bring it Cyberdemon, come and taste the Rock's strudel!
  5. killer9

    A good idea for a ZDoom total conversion

    Oh. I must have skipped over the word now in your post.
  6. killer9


    So you're saying action doom is like the horse porn? Or the other way around?
  7. killer9

    Scary Doom levels

    Hahaha, I remember back when I first played doom, I was too scared to get past E1 M2.
  8. killer9

    doom 64 for pc

    Before this thread closes, where can I find Doom 64 TC?
  9. A little bit of an overkill don't you think Bashe?
  10. killer9

    Chaos Unleashed

    Looks absolutely awesome.
  11. killer9

    Stop the Rock

    Hell no. Oh god, somebody stop him!
  12. killer9


    I believe we have here, the most atmospheric wad ever made. Dare I say it, I think this wad is almost as good as action doom.
  13. killer9

    A good idea for a ZDoom total conversion

    What? You can't be serious. It's just an idea for a Zdoom total conversion. What's exactly isn't doom here? And this isn't the first time killing god has come up in doom. Just take capn mancubus 2 for example, even though it is a joke wad.
  14. My thoughts exactly (although I didn't post it).
  15. I don't really care what genre it is, it doesn't matter at all. Actually, since I don't have that song on my computer I only listen to that at my friends house (and no, I'm not going to download napster, kazaa, or any of that other bullshit, it fucked up my brother's computer). I usually listen to something with a strong drum beat, like john frusciante's "murderers". Before I played doom I played red faction 2's deathmatch w/ bots while listening to murderers a whole lot.