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  1. K_Doom

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    will you still tell me how to do these things hehe
  2. K_Doom

    How can I start making classic doom 1 mods

    See what classic map designs look like and copy them, make sure you do it in Doom or Doom2 format compatibility.
  3. K_Doom

    What country are you from?

    I thought the same about yours hehe ;)
  4. K_Doom

    What country are you from?

    I'm from Macau, China, but I'm not Chinese.
  5. K_Doom

    I want a tip to populate a large sector.

    Ok, this week I will make my first map available. Hope you like it.
  6. K_Doom

    I want a tip to populate a large sector.

    Well, I already consider myself satisfied with the sector in question. Just missing some details like brightmaps and decorations to finish the map. Do you want to test the entire map now or do you just want to test the "slaughter" sector?
  7. K_Doom

    I want a tip to populate a large sector.

    So I had the map available but they didn't answer what they thought (there were 7 downloads on mediafire and no one answered). A few days passed and I decided to remove the map from there to avoid 'spoilers'. If you want I can send you the map link by message.
  8. K_Doom

    I want a tip to populate a large sector.

    @Silent Wolf, @Pegleg, Sorry for taking so long to respond, here's the map link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/y0a8hnq3lactwgz/plutsuckerOficial.pk3/file The sector in question is right after the bridge, just kill the three monsters on the bridge and move on.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been working on my first map for a while now, and now I have a question. I created a big sector and I wanted to fill it with monsters, which means putting a lot of monsters. But that would at least turn this industry into a "slaughter map" and I realized that a lot of people don't like that sort of thing. Does anyone have a problem with this if it's just one snippet? Do you have any tips on how I can fill a large sector without looking "boring" like a slaughter map? I can send you the non-ready version of the map for you to test.
  10. K_Doom

    Problem with ACS Script

    It compiles perfectly, but doesn't work at play time.
  11. K_Doom

    Problem with ACS Script

    Yes, it is the same as script 2. I tried another way using a counter, as it didn't work I went back with the old script that is identical to 2. By @Edward850 tip I remembered to compile in UBD, and then it worked. But it's not compiling on final version (pk3). That is, now script 3 compiles, but only inside the UDB. note: it works only after being compiled once.
  12. K_Doom

    Problem with ACS Script

    The square bracket is there but has been hidden by the red band.
  13. K_Doom

    Problem with ACS Script

    Sorry, but I just don't understand why it doesn't want to compile. Since script 3 is practically identical to 2, and the latter works perfectly. note: I had forgotten that it is possible to write these scripts in UDB and I did it directly in SLADE3 haha
  14. K_Doom

    Problem with ACS Script

    Hello guys, I made some very simple code that I made works perfectly in a part of the map. But when copying and modifying it to apply in other parts of the map it doesn't work. Also correctly assigned things to get the code to run. Tried two variations of the same code but the same error persists. I plan to learn more about ACS Script after I finish my first map (this one) so I can solve these simple things and more with greater ease. Where is the error?
  15. K_Doom

    Problem with lag

    Thanks for that, it will help a lot.